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Intrepid Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Intrepid Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

So, you have come across the word “intrepid” either from movie reviews (there is a movie released in 2000 with this title) or from your random readings. Either way, if you want to understand what this word means, you have landed on the right page. Let’s start with answering the question, “What’s the intrepid definition and usage?

“Intrepid” is an adjective that means something or someone fearless or adventurous. Use the word when talking about someone or something that showcases fearlessness, endurance, and fortitude.” Simply put, “intrepid” people do not fear or show cowardice.

Now that you know what the word means, it is time to dig further to understand its meanings, usage, pronunciation, and spelling. That way, you will be comfortable whenever you use the word in your vocabulary. Let’s do this.

What is the Definition of Intrepid?

Intrepid (adjective): Feeling of exuding, displaying, or showing self-assurance. When using this word, it is essential to understand that it is an attribute. So use it when describing a quality regarding a characteristic of someone.

Here are example sentences:

  • Several of our predecessors had to make some intrepid decisions.
  • Maxwell is an intrepid traveler, but his last trip took a toll on him when his van caught fire in the middle of the wilderness.
  • The intrepid reporter was not afraid to go deep into the city to gather the truth on the cause of the murder of the princes.

intrepid definition in dictionary

Synonyms of the Word Intrepid

Synonyms are words that have the same or near meaning. Read on to know some words with the same meaning as intrepid.

  • Brave
  • Fearless
  • Bold
  • Gutsy
  • Heroic
  • Confident
  • Collected
  • Daring
  • Dauntless
  • Plucky
  • Knightly
  • Chivalrous
  • Bold
  • Civil
  • Fortitude
  • Ambitious
  • Moxie

Antonyms of Intrepid

Antonyms are words with opposite meanings to a word. Go through the list below to know the antonyms of intrepid.

  • Fearful
  • Coward
  • Spineless
  • Wimpy
  • Afraid
  • Frail
  • Delicate
  • Lowly
  • Humble
  • Meek
  • Unadventurous
  • Lazy
  • Weak
  • Dull
  • Non-enterprising

Words That Rhyme with Intrepid

Some English words might have the same sounds even though the meaning and definition are different. Those are rhyme words. Poets, artists, and writers mostly use them. If you are a person that likes playing around with words like artists and poets, here are the rhyming words of intrepid you should know.

  • Nepad
  • Method
  • Represented
  • Headed
  • Legged
  • Leopard
  • Shepherd
  • Wedded
  • Shredded
  • Deposit
  • Arid
  • Accepted
  • Petted
  • Relented
  • Ebbed

What is the Meaning of Intrepid?

Intrepid (adjective): Difficult to do or achieve or something that requires great ability or effort. It can be a physical or mental activity. Use the word also when talking about a plan or a piece of work that isn’t easy at all. 

Here are example sentences:

  • All the gang members backed out of the plan to kidnap the attorney general.
  • These kids can handle intrepid work despite their young age.
  • The job was not intrepid; I wonder what held you back.

What is the Biblical Meaning of Intrepid?

As a Bible reader, you must have come across the word “intrepid.” If so, you might be wondering what the meaning of this word in the Bible is. The Bible uses the word “intrepid” to mean fearless, brave, or bold.

Is Intrepid a Humor Word?

One unique attribute of the word “intrepid” is that you can use it for humorous effects and less fear, and also in serious settings like the names of warships of a war hero. However, the best usage is in rhetorical settings when used for its humorous effect.

Is Intrepid a Positive Word?

When learning a new word, take the time to understand if it is a positive or negative word. That way, you will know how to use it in your sentences. However, you might also come across some words that are neither positive nor negative. The nature of such words depends on how you plan to use them. A great example is the word “intrepid.” This is a word that can be positive or negative.

Common Phrases with the Word Intrepid

As you exploit the new word, make sure you also learn the common phrases used with it. That way, you will have an easier time knowing how to incorporate the word into your sentences. Here is the list of common phrases with the word “intrepid.”

  • Intrepid reporter
  • Intrepid adventurer
  • Intrepid explorer
  • Intrepid traveler

How to Use Intrepid in a Sentence

Use the word “intrepid” as an adjective (a word that names an attribute of a noun.) The best use of the word is when describing anyone who bravely ventures into unknown territories to explore the world.

Intrepid is a word whose definition is simple and easy to understand, while its usage is complex. For starters, this is not a word with a positive or negative connotation. Instead, the nature of the word relies on how you use it. So ensure that you understand the meaning and use it correctly.

Can Intrepid Be a Noun?

In some cases or settings, you can use intrepid as a noun. However, to use it this way, you need to talk about someone or a group of people titled “intrepid.” This is one of the instances where you don’t have to use other noun forms of the word.

Here is an example sentence:

  • Only the intrepid dare to take their kids to china stores.

This is an example sentence when intrepid is a noun or another name given to the people who are (superrich). But note that unless the people you are addressing understand your lingo, sometimes using this word as a noun with the said meaning can confuse the people you are communicating to.

A Look at Various Word Forms of Intrepid

You are not restricted to using “intrepid” the way it is. You can comfortably use the different word forms that come mainly as nouns or adverbs. However, you shouldn’t force the term where it does not fit because it will not come out naturally. Here are some of these words.

  • Intrepidity (noun)
  • Intrepidation (noun)
  • Intrepidly (adverb)
  • Intrepidness (noun)

fearless intrepid woman jumps

10 Examples of Intrepid in a Sentence

You know quite a lot about this word from what we have looked at so far. It is now time to look at various sentences with the word “intrepid.” Read these sentences out loud so that you can feel the word’s sound and better understand the word’ context.

  1. To be a sailor, you need to be an intrepid person who is not afraid of deep waters.
  2. The intrepid mouse strolled in front of the two lazy cats.
  3. Even with a gun held to his face, the intrepid bank manager did not panic.
  4. The intrepid adventurer climbed the mountains without fear.
  5. Unlike her sister Grace, Bela was intrepid and not afraid to go deep into the thick forest.
  6. Some people argue that most intrepid people die at a young age.
  7. None of my kids are intrepid; they are all fearful and shy.
  8. No one has heard from the intrepid reporter for years.
  9. The intrepid wrestler got arrested for bad-mouthing the producers.
  10. My husband is the least intrepid person that I know.

How Do You Spell Intrepid?

Learn how to spell “intrepid” as “I.N.T.R.E.P.I.D.” 

One mistake that most people in this generation make is underestimating the power of learning proper pronunciation. They mostly rely on auto-corrects and other applications to help them when they need to write certain words.

But remember, these are just software, and sometimes they might not be accurate or even fail when you need them most. While the software is helpful, it is also essential to learn how to spell words naturally to improve your written English.

How Do You Pronounce Intrepid?

The proper pronunciation of the word “intrepid” is “\ in-ˈtre-pəd|, or in·treh·puhd.”

A familiar struggle people have when learning English is determining the accent they will use. It is vital to choose a particular accent and perfect it before you know others. That way, you can practice your pronunciation with ease. Interestingly, some words like “intrepid” have the same pronunciation in British and American English. That makes it easy to practice the pronunciation of this word.

How Many Syllables Are in Intrepid?

The word intrepid has three syllables divided as in-trep-id. The stressed syllable in this word is “trep.”

Most people hardly ever take the time to learn about the syllables in a word, and that is where they fail. Learning syllables and dividing them correctly will help you memorize the spelling and pronunciation. That way, you will have an easy time understanding the word.

History & Etymology of Intrepid

The word “intrepid” is from the Latin word “intrepidus.” The word “intrepidus” has the roots “in- translated as not” and “trepidus- translated as “alarmed, fearful, or timid.”

When Was Intrepid First Used?

Records show that the word “intrepid” was first used in 1680. The first use of this word was to describe someone fearless, and the original meaning is still used to date.


Learning a new word is never easy; it is a journey that needs effort and dedication. Take the time to read about “intrepid definition” and also learn how you can use the word in your sentences. As we always remind you, make sure you practice the word as often as possible.