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Inhibit Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Inhibit Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Knowing about a new word in detail is an exciting learning experience for most grammar enthusiasts. It changes how you see the world and interact with those around you. One of the words you’ll be happy to learn about is inhibit; worry not because we’ll take an in-depth look at the “inhibit definition, meaning, and usage in sentences or conversations.”

Inhibit is a verb that means “to keep someone from doing something.” When you prevent an activity or action from happening, you “inhibit” it. The word can also mean to prevent someone from acting on something. In other sentences, inhibit refers to blocking a process.

Aside from the definition of the word inhibit, you need to learn the difference between other words that sound similar and how the word came to be. That way, you can figure out how to incorporate it into your language and everyday use. Read on to know how to use the word inhibit the right way.

dictionary inhibit definitionWhat Is The Definition Of Inhibit?

The dictionary defines inhibit as “keep someone from doing something or to prevent an activity from happening.” The definition is quite common, and it applies when talking about a person or a substance.

When used to refer to a person, inhibit shows that you can physically prevent someone from doing something. Such a move is due to fear of something terrible happening. The constitutional law also prevents a person or people of a particular group from acting a certain way. Note that when you inhibit a person, you have completely stopped them from doing something or going somewhere.

For instance, we can say,” Mary wanted to attend the local festival, only for the ankle monitor to inhibit her intention to sneak out.” This sentence means that Mary could not leave her home because of the ankle monitor, which prevents her from having free movement from one place to another.

Understanding how the word “inhibit” in respect to this definition ensures you construct the correct sentence. Do not just use the without understanding how it is correctly placed in a sentence because that will confuse the people you converse with.

Here are some of the ways inhibit can be used in a sentence.

  • The schools’ rules inhibit any use of alcohol or drugs on the school premises.
  • Planting most plants too close to each other inhibits their growth.
  • The hostel rules inhibit students from walking outside after dark.

What Is The Meaning Of Inhibit?

The other meaning of inhibit is to slow down or stop a specific activity from happening. In this case, the purpose is to ensure an external force doesn’t affect a particular activity. In most instances, prevention avoids harmful activities from happening.

For instance, in a sentence, “Research shows that many students in one classroom inhibit the academic performance of most students.” That means that a large number of students in a class make studying a challenge, which prevents most students from getting their target grades. 

Use inhibit refers to stopping people from being involved in a particular activity, especially where many prevent or slow down the expected results.

Here are some example sentences:

  • Drugs inhibit the productivity of most students in high school.
  • Mark’s submission at the federal court inhibits the investor from building in the riparian land.
  • Scientists have revealed that the best way to inhibit global warming is through green living.

Can Inhibit Occur Naturally?

You are probably wondering, can “inhibit” happen without anybody facilitating the impact? The simple answer is yes. Inhibition can also be a natural process, and a good example is how the body responds to some reaction. For instance, the human body can naturally inhibit something from happening, whether an allergic reaction or disease transmission.

However, note that when a natural process or catalyst inhibits something from happening, there is always very little a person can do. Another thing to note is that whatever causes the stop or blockage is called an inhibitor. Most drugs act as inhibitors. 

Is Inhibit a Negative Word?

While the majority of grammar users view “inhibit” as a negative word, it can also be used positively. People love living in a lawless manner, and there is a need for limits to stop that from happening. When you inhibit people from acting in such a carefree way, you also guard those who might not protect themselves from the negative consequences of the person’s actions.

How To Use Inhibit In A Sentence

One thing you need to remember when using the word inhibit is that it’s a verb. If you want the noun form, use the word inhibition. You can also use the noun inhibitor when talking about the person or object that prevented something from happening. Knowing whether you are using the word as a noun, verb, or adjective ensures you don’t miss the context. 

Here are some of the ways to use the inhibit word forms in a sentence:

  • Antihistamines inhibition mechanism helps those with allergic reactions.
  • Blocked milk ducts can inhibit effective breastfeeding
  • Clearing mold in a house will inhibit asthmatic attacks.

Understanding Inhibit, Inhibitors, and Inhibition

To understand the verb inhibit better, you need to take your time and figure out what the two nouns’ inhibitors and inhibitions stand for. Many people get confused when they realize that one verb can have two nouns related to it. 

An inhibitor is something or someone that prevents something from happening. An inhibitor can be a person, a building, or a rule. 

Here are some sentences with the word inhibitor:

  • The major inhibitor to her progress was her overbearing parents.
  • Garlic can be used as a blood clot inhibitor.
  • Using inhibitors in research has changed the execution of biochemistry research studies.

On the other hand, inhibition stands for a feeling from within that stops one from acting or being a certain way. It is mostly used when talking about an inner battle that hinders someone from doing something they want to do or something new. 

Here are some examples in a sentence.

  • She wanted to go skydiving, but her inhibitions made her miss this adventure.
  • When Kim drinks, all his inhibitions go out the window, and he starts singing on top of the table.

Many times, people use these two nouns in a scientific context. In medicine, the words are quite common in medical biochemistry, especially when studying enzymes in pharmacology and phytochemistry. 

10 Examples of Inhibiting in a Sentence

Here are some more ways you can use the word inhibit in a sentence

  1. Lack of oxygen to the brain inhibits a child’s growth rate.
  2. Garlic inhibits platelet stickiness which reduces the risk of blood clots.
  3. Increasing traffic rules inhibits a rise in car accidents.
  4. Treating shared medical equipment inhibits the spread of infection.
  5. Using sunscreen inhibits severe sunburn.
  6. Reading every day inhibits poor sentence construction.
  7. Do not let your fear inhibit you from chasing your dreams.
  8. Strict rules on small businesses inhibit positive economic growth.
  9. Not learning a new language inhibits your communication with the people who speak it.
  10. Overusing antibiotics inhibits the development of good bacteria in your gut and might lead to digestion issues.

How Do You Spell Inhibit?

The spelling of inhibit is i-n-h-i-b-i-t.

How Do You Pronounce Inhibit?

The American Pronunciation of inhibit is (uhn.hi.buht).

How Many Syllables Are In “Inhibit”?

Inhibit has three syllables which are in-hi-bit. 

Be keen on the syllable “hi” when pronouncing this word because many write the syllable as “i.” If you also have the habit of leaving out the “t,” ensure you pronounce it. Syllables make a difference in the way people understand what you say.

History & Etymology of Inhibit 

Inhibit comes from the Latin word inhibitus, the past participle of inhibere. The word means to hold back or to keep back. It first came into use in the late 15C. There is also evidence of the word being used in1876 to mean check or hinder.

A deep understanding of the word’s history helps you appreciate how long it has been around. It also gives you a peek into the past; you can see how people related to each other and how the word changed these interactions.

person writing pcWhen Was Inhibit First Used?

According to many sources, the word inhibit was first used in the 15th century. 

Over time it gained traction worldwide, with more people being drawn to it instead of the other common synonyms.

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With all this knowledge on the word inhibits, you will notice a difference in how you talk and string along sentences. The examples will also come in handy when you have no idea how to make a sentence using the word. The easiest way to get used to the word is to keep using it in sentences. You can also switch up the word’s synonym if you are comfortable using it that way. 

Learning a new word is the way to go. Try adding a new word to your grammar and see how your tutors appreciate the effect you have put into improving your knowledge of the English language. It also makes your writings look well researched.

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