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Incurred Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Incurred Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Different words have different meanings. But how often do you come across a word with different meanings when used in various forms or contexts? The incurred fits this description, and we will look at the incurred definition and other meanings.

The term incurred means to make yourself the subject of something. You may also define the word as bringing an action or event onto yourself. That also means to gain or earn something.

While incurred has wide and interesting usage, it's crucial to understand how it came into being and how best to use it. This article will define the word, examine its history, teach you how to pronounce it, and explain how to use it in its different forms in your writing. Let's get into it!

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What is the Definition of Incurred?

The word incurred simple definition is becoming liable to yourself. Another definition is bringing something or a consequence of specific actions to yourself. The term incurred is the past tense of the word incur, which shares the same definition.

When used in its current definition, the term incurred generally describes a scenario where you come into a most unpleasant situation. The word also describes cases where a person inconveniences themselves because of their actions.

Here are examples of incurred in sentences:

  • The young man thought he was coming into some money after marriage but incurred his wife's debts instead.
  • She's all quiet and gloomy because she has incurred the guilt that comes with having her secrets exposed.
  • Ronald might have injured his reputation after the sex scandal was incurred against him.

What is the Meaning of Incurred?

The term incurred also means to acquire or come into something. Another common meaning is to render something liable or subject to a decision or ruling. However, this meaning is primarily used in law. The term is currently in past tense and is also used in its continuous tense (incurring).

This word is common in business, especially when referring to financial matters. The word describes losing money or having to settle or pay due to an action. For example, if a business has to pay for the unfair termination of employees after a lawsuit, we can say the business incurred a loss.

Here are some sentences with the word incurred:

  • Airlines have always incurred losses whenever they experience delays, either due to natural causes or human error.
  • Since the delivery truck had an accident due to the driver's negligence, the company incurred losses in revenue and compensation.
  • Michael Jackson was a well-known perfectionist who never incurred any losses from his businesses or concert tours.

What Does Incurred Mean in Business?

The word incurred is often used in business, specifically in the accounting department. It describes all relevant business transactions done within a certain business. It does not matter what kind of transactions they are; as long as the money goes in or out of business, it must get recorded. Several terms incorporate the word incurred in them and are also business-related. Here they are below:

Costs incurred. The term cost incurred refers to costs for which a business has become liable. These costs are indicated even if the business has not received an invoice from any supplier as proof or cost documentation.

Claim incurred. Whenever the phrase claim incurred is used, it approximates an outstanding liability for a policy amount over a defined valuation period. The amount estimated includes both all settled and reasonable unpaid utilities.

Period incurred. The period incurred is also an accounting term used to describe the time or moment when the expenses or sales have occurred or been transacted; hence must be recorded.

Common Questions on the Meaning of Incurred?

There is a lot you would like to know about this word if you have come across it in various contexts. This word usually means different in multiple cases, and it's easily confused with its few synonyms. Let's answer three main frequently asked questions on this word below.

Does incurred mean the same as paid? Incurred in the business context refers to any expenses your business bears when receiving goods or services. On the other hand, the term paid means to reciprocate in kind after receiving a good or service from an individual or business. Despite the similarities in meanings, these words are not exactly the same and have different uses.

Can you incur a loss? The answer is a simple yes! An incurred loss is the total amount paid as losses reserved within a given period.

What is the difference between incurred and accrued? These two words might sound similar but are different—incurred means to come into the acquisition or become liable to one's action. Accrued applies in accounting to mean "to become a legally enforceable claim." The word also means to grow naturally, referring to profits or interests. Hence these words should not be used interchangeably.

How to Use Incurred in a Sentence

The word incurred is the past tense of the word incur. Despite its tense form, use incurred as a noun, adverb, and adjective. The word changes meanings when used in these forms.

Learn the different ways of using the words in the sections below to gain confidence in your writing and conversation whenever you use either word form. 

When Used as a Noun

The term incurred changes into incursion when used as a noun. The new word describes a violent or aggressive invasion or intrusion into a specific place. You may use the words incurrence, which means the act of incurring something, and its plural, incurrences.

Go through these sentences below to understand:

  • Many countries have put in place measures to defend their territories in case there's an incursion.
  • The robbers' brief incursion into the workplace yesterday night has resulted in the company losing millions of dollars.

When Used as an Adverb

The term "incursively" takes center stage when incurred is used as an adverb. This word describes something done in an incursive or offensive manner.

Here are more sentence examples:

  • Russia invaded Ukraine incursively, resulting in killings and the destruction of property.
  • The principal was so close when the students came into the school hall and started shouting incursively.

When Used as an Adjective

The word incurred changes into incursive whenever you use it as an adjective. The word describes an action characterized by an incursion, invasiveness, or threat.

Here are some examples for you:

  • I don't know about you, but I do not like how she asked Johnny Depp those incursive questions.
  • The soldiers are armed and ready for their incursive mission to the nation's capital for the rescue mission.

10 Examples of Incurred in a Sentence

Keenly look at the sentences below to learn about this word's usage. From the sentences, you will find it easy to create your relevant sentences.

  1. This issue is beyond deliberations and boardroom talks; you'd be no different if they incurred costs.
  2. The school stated in a press briefing that it has incurred costs and bad publicity since the teacher was found guilty.
  3. He knows his popularity score incurred a hit since he started supporting anti-abortion laws, but he's standing by his decision.
  4. I honestly thought the artist's reputation and revenues incurred significant dents since his public outbursts, but it didn't.
  5. Smart incurred losses when he rejected a contract extension from his team, a decision he's regretting.
  6. My perception of the investment firm has significantly declined since it incurred losses due to the misappropriation of funds.
  7. I have incurred losses in revenue since that man opened his shop next to mine, violating policy.
  8. I wasn't into buying land and building a family home, but if I incurred the costs so far, I might as well go ahead.
  9. I believe most members of the Lakers incurred stained images when their dealings got exposed.
  10. The student did return the books, but they had all incurred significant damage when he had them.

How Do You Spell Incurred?

The best way to spell the word incurred is I.N.C.U.R.R.E.D.

How Do You Pronounce Incurred?

Pronounce the word incurred as uhng.kuhd or in.kurd.

How Many Syllables Are In Incurred?

The term incurred is an eight-letter word with two syllables; in. curred.

Synonyms Of Incurred

  • Obtain
  • Provoke
  • Earn
  • Induce
  • Acquire

Antonyms Of Incurred

  • Discourage
  • Misunderstand
  • Forfeit
  • Lose
  • Miss

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History & Etymology of Incurred

The word incurred is the past tense of the word incur. The original word comes from two Latin words: towards and currere, meaning "to run."

These two words were used together in the 1400s to form the word incurrere, which means "to bring an undesirable situation upon yourself." The term was later used to describe the act of "running into or against or to occur to."

When Was Incurred First Used?

Language experts are yet to figure out the exact date when the word incurred was first used, but it's estimated to be in the 15th century.


Words such as incurred mean one thing in their current form but have different meanings when used as nouns or adverbs. With such words, it's essential to know what word or synonym fits within your context. Otherwise, you might end up misusing the word. Luckily, this will never be an issue when using the word incurred; thanks to this article on incurred definition, meaning, and usage.