Impact of Steve Jobs On Everyday Life

Steve Jobs Has Impacted Lives Around the World


Like many people around the world, I am beginning to start my day. I have my cup of coffee in hand and am starting to get ready to tackle everything on my to do list. I have a job, which is considered nontraditional, but is a fast growing sector of employment opportunities; I work at home creating content and developing new ideas for SEO marketing. It is a great way to earn a living working online, along with all of the benefits of being at home. You may ask, what does this really have to do with this particular blog site or what kind of tips may you learn today to improve your website or blog? The answer is any of us who have started our day taking a look at our e-mail, responding to comments, developing links or preparing content to be posted as well as researching our keywords to make sure we are meeting our SEO strategic plans, need to pause and reflect. Yesterday the world lost one of the most creative innovators we have seen in modern times, Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs Lost Battle with Cancer

Steve Jobs passed away yesterday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was first diagnosed in 2004 and eventually underwent a liver transplant. Battling the disease took its toll on Jobs, with him taking a leave of absence to take care of himself and after his return, eventually had to step down from the CEO position of Apple in in August of this year. His stepping down from the position sent shockwaves throughout the industry and the Apple stock felt the impact. The co-founder of Apple is credited with the development of personal computers, the Mac, which revolutionized the ability for many people to use a computer with ease. This invention led to not only the use of computers in everyday life but was able to give people access to the Internet.

Innovations Have Changed The World

Image of Innovations by Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Has Changed the World

The iPod has changed how we listen and select our favorite music and his venture into graphics and animation has given us movies, such as “Toy Story” through his involvement with Pixar. The creation of the iPhone and its evolution is perhaps one of today’s greatest achievements for Steve Jobs. It has given true meaning to the word mobile communication. The Apple iPad is quickly becoming one of the most popular items in the Apple line. These are all things that people are very familiar with but his impact on the technology industry is shown through the words of condolences coming in from around the world from leaders of the tech field.

Condolences for Steve Jobs Pour In

The respect from others in the tech field is apparent in the condolences being offered to Steve Jobs’ family. The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, stated on his own Facebook page, “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world. I will miss you.” Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft issued a statement saying, “Melinda and I extend our sincere condolences to Steve Jobs’ family & friends. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, it’s been an insanely great honour. I will miss Steve immensely.” Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, both offered their sympathy. Brin said they often looked to Jobs for “inspiration or vision and leadership” from Jobs.

Tributes are also being released from Pres. Obama, other political leaders and celebrities. Perhaps one of the most touching tributes is on the Apple website itself. It simply has a picture of Steve Jobs, no words, just his image. This image is probably the reason why I have taken time today to pause and reflect on the life of this man we saw at the press conferences, releasing new products or all the way back to a 23-year-old young man nervously being interviewed on television for the first time. Google is paying its respects on their home page by simply having his year of birth and year of death posted and if you click on it, it takes you directly to the Apple home page. This is the first time Google has ever linked to another website.

Steve Jobs has had a hand in the technology that has changed the face of how we do business, work and enjoy our lives. I woke up this morning using my iPhone to check my e-mail and begin to plan my day, I will be listening to some of the music I’ve downloaded from iTunes as I begin to work and later on when it is time to relax, I may even play a few games I’ve downloaded from the Apple app store. To answer the question how has my life changed because of Steve Jobs, it has been impacted dramatically. Even through his death, we can see the impact of his life as the news of his demise spread through many of the devices he invented. It is because of some of his innovations that we are now twittering and searching for news about his life, creations and the footprint he has made in the world of technology. Let me know how his life has influenced you.


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