How to Properly Use The Word “Karma” In A Sentence

how to use karma in a sentence

“Karma” is a Hindu word that means one’s present life’s actions and choices will affect his or her entire future lives. This implies that your present deeds have inevitable consequences in the near future. The consequences come along if you act or choose. The term has been wrongly used in various arenas, making it difficult for listeners and readers to know the exact meaning.

The correct way to make a sentence with the word “karma” is if the sentence refers to the previous deeds. The past deeds should be either negative or positive. The outcome should also be either negative or positive. 

Also, when making sentences you should prove that the current occurrences are due to the past behaviour. Therefore, in your sentences, you should connect one’s actions and choices with the current consequences. The consequences should appear mysterious, deep and natural. And the repercussions can lead to an individual’s destiny. Destiny could be full of goods if the previous actions were good, or they can be torturous if the previous choices and actions were torturous.

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“Karma” Definition

It should be understood that “karma” is an expression that sums an individual’s past actions and choices. In anecdote, choices have consequences. The word suggests that if one fills his or her life with humanity and good things, he or she will be blessed with plenty of happiness in future. But if one is used to doing bad things in the current life, then he or she will encounter difficulties in future. In other words, you reap where you sow.

From the above explanation, it means that any expression or sentence of “karma” should meet two conditions, the cause and the effect. Thus, what you do now will affect your future. For instance, “I donated to a children’s home, I expect good things later on”.

Synonyms Of “Karma”

Apart from using the term “karma”, which other words should you apply? Well, some words can replace “karma.” They include:

  •  Predestination
  •  Predetermination
  •  Lot
  •  Kismet
  •  Fate
  •  Aura
  •  Feeling

How To Properly Use The Word “Karma” In A Sentence

“Karma is a bitch”, is the most common sentence in pop culture or social media. But is this the only sentence in the “karma” universe? The answer is big “no”, “karma” can be applied in many sentences in many ways.

There are two types of “Karma”, the bad “karma” and the good “karma”. It’s best to deal with the bad “karma” first. Bad “karma” implies wrong deeds. They include abusing power, oppressing people, stealing, cheating, and others. Once you have created a bad “karma”, you should expect bad results. The results may include one losing self-sense, enfeebling society, society punishing the doer, relationship destruction and others.


  •  Tim growled, “Seems like Karma is getting back at me after all the years I have abandoned my family.”
  •  I knew that was my fault, Bad Karma
  •  Don’t worry with Jim’s grieve, that’s Karma, he killed Obed’s daughter.

On the other hand, there’s a good “karma”. The actions of good “karma” include loving other people like yourself, choosing moral over evil, and volunteering in communal duties. The results of such actions include an increase of wisdom, healing one’s soul, keeping out negativity, and strengthening the society.


  •  Enock’s kids are all educated, maybe that is Karma; he used to be an outstanding teacher in his teaching days.
  •  Because he was a kind-hearted man, everybody in the community contributed to his medical bill, talk of good karma!
  •  Spread humanity, love and unity, and karma will follow you.

Incomplete “karma” Sentences

Now, it’s a matter of getting detailed for you to understand better. And for you to get the proper grasp of the word, you need to understand “karma” sentences. But why sentences? Like words, sentences are stories, thoughts, and ideas. They build language and provide personality. Without sentences, communication will no longer exist. Assume you only have the word “karma” in a sentence, what next? The answer is poor sentence and communication.

For example

  •  Karma- (Poor sentence/communication)

It should be noted that sentences include two parts, subject and verb. The subject is the thing or person that does something or which is referred to in a sentence. On the other end, the verb refers to an action. If the sentence doesn’t include a verb and subject, it is regarded as incomplete.

For instance,

  •  It is Karma (incomplete sentence)

The above sentence is incomplete since it doesn’t show what led to the prescribed “karma” or what the consequences are.

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Four Types of “karma” Sentences

At the moment, the chances are that you already have a clue of sentence composition. The next step is understanding the categories of “karma” sentences.

Simple Sentences

Simple sentences imply those sentences that contain “karma” as a subject and a verb. The sentences may also contain objects and modifiers. But they only contain a single independent clause.


  •  Karma is a bitch- (Independent clause)
  •  He always has good Karma- (Karma is used as a subject and verb)
  •  Karma will always follow you- (Karma is both a subject and verb and the clause is one and independent)

Compound Sentences

Compound sentences mean those sentences that contain “karma” but have two or more independent clauses. The independent clauses are combined with either a comma, coordinating conjunction, or a semicolon.


  •  He has good karma, that is why he keeps on succeeding in life.
  •  Always be good to people, jealousy has cost Aisha a lot, what bad Karma?
  •  Newell loves kids, and many people love Newell’s kids, maybe that is good Karma.

Complex Sentences

Here is when a sentence contains “karma” in at least one independent clause and also on one dependent clause. The dependent clause in most cases refers to the subject (which, who), casual elements (if, because), and time/sequence (while, since) of the independent clause.


  •  Because it was karma, he lost all the possession, karma is so lethal.
  •  If it weren’t karma, humanity would have been in dustbins, karma boosts humanity.
  •  Talk of karma, he keeps on failing every test, don’t steal people’s book, karma will strike you harder than you expect.

Compound- complex sentences

This applies when a compound and complex sentence are combined. The sentence must have two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.


  •  We all expected karma to hit him; I mean, how can you insult your mother? Look at him now; his children are vagabonds. They insult him like no one’s business.
  •  Religious and social doctrines emphasize respecting the widows and orphans. But that was not the case with William, after the death of his brother, William took all the brother’s wealth and left the widow and orphan without anything. Once William died, karma did its best, William’s children used all the wealth on alcohol. Now they are street urchins.
  •  All the success, I attribute them to my father. I think it’s good karma. My father installed a sense of responsibility in us. He wanted us to know everything. He hated the idea of sitting and waiting for the house help to do everything for us everything. He ensured we had to wake up early, wash our clothes, cook our breakfasts, and collect our eggs.  Thanks to him, till today, I use his schedule in my daily operations.

Learning “Karma” Faster

When it comes to the English language, learning is an unending process. It would be best if you polish your language to be at the top. For “karma”, you should involve talking and writing. Daily you should talk and write at least ten sentences, mind you, practice makes perfect. In this way, you will beat so many challenges that are associated with “karma” usage.

Other examples of “Karma” sentences

  •  That is karma; her life is irreparable.
  •  Graffiti on church walls creates bad karma.
  •  Noah said, “you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around, karma is real.”
  •  I believe, and I won’t be changed easily that helping the unfortunate, especially the orphans, leads to good karma.
  •  Once we moved into the store, our businesses failed terribly, no matter how and what we tried, our businesses always failed, the building must have had bad karma.
  •  The rapist was stoned to death today, seems karma met with him, even though it was a bit harsh.
  •  Everyone was born with karma; you must resolve your past to have a happy future.
  •  The reason why I took the beggar’s child to hospital is that I figured out that I needed good karma, I mean what is the point of having money and somebody dies while you are watching?

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Final Thoughts

“Karma is a bitch” is not the only phrase in Karma’s use ministry. The word can be used to interpret various issues depending on the situation. The sentence should incorporate both the cause and the effect. And the two-dimension must relate to each other.

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