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How To Use The Phrase “In Conjunction” In A Sentence

How To Use The Phrase “In Conjunction” In A Sentence

The use of the “in conjunction” idiom can cause some mayhem among some users. This is because some users confuse the phrase with regular conjunctions and use it precisely in the same manner as the normal conjunctions, which is a grammatical offence.

In your sentence, to properly use it in a sentence you should use one rule to safeguard the interest of “in conjunction.” The rule is that you should ensure the phrase conveys the along with, together with, or in combination with the concept in your sentence.

As mentioned above, the phrase is used to refer to something that has been done together with the other thing. The occurrences should be simultaneous; their results should come out within the same timescale or appear related.


  • The thunderstorm lights in conjunction with fog caused lots of invisibility in the accident.
  • Trust me; there are two essential ingredients for success, passion in conjunction with hard work will take you far in this life.
  • Don’t worry about the whereabouts of the real men; they no longer exist; actually, they are rare. Drugs in conjunction with pornography, have made them zombies. They no longer take challenges and responsibility.

The conversation in your sentences should not be limited to only occurrences; the phrase can also be used to mention people. People can work together and come up with specific results. Therefore, if two people are working together for a specific purpose or situation, you can use the idiom.


  • The team performed so well, Peter, in conjunction with Alphonso, delivered one of the best thesis.
  • We see the biases of the media fraternity since the other culprit is not a celebrity, his name is regularly mentioned than the other, but no what, the fact remains that Andrew in conjunction with Eduardo molested the young girl.
  • Where is the family concept heading to? Back in the days, women used to drink but not that extreme; they were driven with the family concept, that is, they were more indebted to the children’s wellbeing. Nowadays, things have gone south, men in conjunction with their women drink in the morning, who is taking care of the kids?

conjunction word in a puzzle

Definition Of “In Conjunction.”

“In conjunction” can be defined as “an along with” sentence conveyor. In other words, this is a phrase that is used to show that events occurred on a particular timeline, and the results were either simultaneous or similar. Also, the phrase can be used to show that people worked together and came up with some results.


  • Kerry’s family is working in conjunction with the environmental department.
  • The syllabus is designed to be used in conjunction with the laptops.
  • Do you know what your back looks like? If yes, it’s simple, use your hand mirror in conjunction with the wall mirror. You will see every area of your back.

“In Conjunction” Synonyms

Synonyms have multiple synonyms. They include:

  • Along with
  • As well as
  • And
  • Including
  • In like manner
  • On top of
  • Too
  • Furthermore
  • Over and above
  • As well

How To Use The Phrase “In Conjunction” In A Sentence

There are a myriad uses of “in conjunction” in a sentence. As long as the phrase stipulates the together with a hypothesis in a conversation, the sentence is grammatically correct.

 “In Conjunction” Used To Show Concurrence

“In conjunction” can be used to show two or more circumstances or events occurred within the same time. Also, under the same premise, the phrase can be used to show the results of two or more events that came out or were reached within a specific timeline.


  • Earthquake in conjunction with floods hit the city on Saturday- (two events occur within the same timescales)
  • The puppy in conjunction with the kitten died in the morning due to the poison- (results of a particular event, in this case, poison, occurred within the same timelines)

 “In Conjunction” Used To Imply “So As” To The Factor

“In conjunction” can be used to show the “so as” factor. Meaning, that something was done together for specific results to be achieved.


  • Stanley, in conjunction with Alfred, stayed together to avoid the family fall out.

“In Conjunction” Used To Show The Working Factor

The phrase can be used to imply that some people are working together. The prescribed individuals should work together on a similar project for particular purposes.


  • Henry, in conjunction with Judy, will criss-cross the country looking for a recommendation.
  • The presentation was classy, Jessica, in conjunction with ensuring that everybody was delighted in their presentation.

Do Tenses Affect The Use Of “In Conjunction” In A Sentence?

In this case, it should be noted that there are three types of tenses, namely past, present, and future tenses. Does the type of tenses affect the use “in conjunction”? Examples will tell.


  • English linguistic in conjunction with Asian artistic’ participation will take place in the hall- (present tense)
  • I am not wrong; the whole matter was sorted long ago, conflict identification in conjunction with crises management took place last year. I wonder why is bringing the matter now? – (Past tense)
  • The artistic drawing in conjunction with graphic industry will be one of the booming industry by 2022- (Future tense)

The examples above imply that tenses do not affect “in conjunction” in any manner. What is affected is the tenses and some prepositions.

“In Conjunction” Applied With Using

When it comes to applying “in conjunction” with the term “using”, the sentences should show the “association with” factor.


  • The soldiers do this in conjunction with using highly effective binoculars. That is how they know what is happening on the other end.
  • This mentioned framework, in conjunction with using vectors models, will give you accurate answers.
  • To find out what facilitates high populations in ghetto areas, you must involve various factors, especially the race phenomena sample in conjunction with using the number of females per square will give you some leads.

hands shake to demonstrate a conjunction

“In Conjunction” Applied With Rising

When “in conjunction” is used with the word “rising”, the sentences should insinuate the “in tandem with” factor.


  • The partying culture, in conjunction with the rising of irresponsible sexual behavior, will lead to the rise of teenage pregnancy.
  • In conjunction with the rising percentage of acidic in the sea, aluminum will definitely kill the fish.

Can “In Conjunction” Be Used At The Start Of The Sentence?

“In conjunction” can be used at the start of the sentence, but the sentence should relate with other factors within the sentence and cause the said results.


  • In conjunction with the movie, they also produced some music which has propelled them to the highest levels.
  •  In conjunction with the ten academic members, the senate also rejected his application.

Can “In Conjunction” Be Used At The End Of The Sentence?

The answer is simple; you cannot use “in conjunction” at the end of the sentence. This is because the idiom is used to relate two items in your sentence, and you cannot relate two items at the end. If you place the idiom at the end of the sentence, the sentence is not logical and completely ungrammatical.


  • The movie along with the song is so awesome; the two were in conjunction- (Wrong sentence)
  • he beef together with pork can be cooked together, remember they are animals, they are in conjunction- (Wrong sentence)

Other “In Conjunction” Sentence Examples

  • Wheelbarrows in conjunction with a spade, are used to make construction easy.
  • Cooking is so easy if you have passion. Ingredients in conjunction with the menu are the only things you need
  • The matter is so stressing, lack of money in conjunction with illiteracy complicates the whole issue.
  • Our ambassador in conjunction with the military commander visited the victim.
  • Pride, in conjunction with laziness, has made him poor. Tell him to lower down the expectations and walk the talk.
  • Ann, in conjunction with Erick, decides to boycott the meeting. They alleged that goons were hired to heckle them.
  • Politics in conjunction with propaganda, have made the elites so untouchable.
  • The strategic study, in conjunction with preliminary action, discovered lots of underlying issues.
  • Did God create the flesh in conjunction with a skeleton for beauty purposes? Imagine flesh without a skeleton? Or skeleton without flesh? How were we to look like?
  • You should read the reproductive system in conjunction with human physiology that is when you will understand the whole concept.

word conjunction on paper

Bottom Line

“In conjunction with” is one of the idioms in the English language circles. The phrase is used to refer to something that is done together to achieve specific results. The occurrences and results should be simultaneous and within the specified timeline.

The post has addressed various aspects regarding the use of the idiom. You need to polish yourself with various examples to be one of the best users of the idiom. Also, there are situations where the phrase can be used, embrace synonyms.


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