How to Properly Use The Word “Godspeed” In A Sentence

how to use godspeed in a sentence

The term Godspeed is sometimes used to bid or wish someone safety and success. This is especially if they are about to go on a long, or perilous journey. The word Godspeed actually means success, and good fortune.

The word godspeed should be used in sentences when you are bidding someone good luck, safety, and success. It may be written with a capital G or small g, and both instances are correct.

Keep reading to learn the meaning and origin of the word “godspeed”, sentences using the word, and phrases that commonly use the word godspeed. 

Godspeed: Definition

The word Godspeed is quite an old-fashioned saying that’s often used sarcastically or in a humorous fashion, yet expresses genuine, honest, and true concern. It can also be ones meaning when using this expression. Essentially, however, the word Godspeed holds the intention of personal blessing. The intention is to convey hope or the desire for another person to successfully accomplish a difficult and dangerous task or journey mission, either currently underway or about to be undertaken. The endeavor at hand is often complex and arduous if not convoluted, having little chance of success.

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The Origin of the Word

Gingerly the time Godspeed is used which someone good luck or a safe journey. The middle English spelling “God speid” eventually gave way to more modern spelling. “Speid” means prosperity or success. So let’s take a closer look at its origin. Godspeed, goodbye, and good luck. 

Although these phrases are rarely heard these days, and if we do, it is usually ironically or in old movies. It was also famously used to wish John Glenn luck in 1962 as he lifted off in the capsule Friendship 7, and the phrase appears throughout catholic literature. So where did the phrase come from, when did it become popular, and does it actually have any connection to God? It is defined by Merriam Webster as “a prosperous journey, success”. 

There is some debate over when the word first came about, but it was more or less sometime in the 14th the 15th century. Due to the evolution of the English language, “Spied” doesn’t actually translate to our understanding of “fast.” 


Originally, the noun “speed” was used to imply good success, good fortune, prosperity, advancement, profit, and advancement, according to the Oxford English dictionary. It wasn’t until roughly the year 1000 that the word became associated with moving quickly. The Oxford English dictionary estimates the word was used initially in that context in a manuscript of Genesis when God promises to give Abraham and Sarah a child.

Godspeed in the Bible

According to the international standard Bible encyclopedia, Godspeed is found in the Bible. It occurs in 2 John 1:10, 11 the King James version at the translation of chairein, which is the infinitive Chairo, and is it rendered in the revised version “greeting.” 

So this means to be of good cheer, rejoice and be well with one, which was all common forms of greeting, expressive of goodwill, and the desire for the person’s good. This contraction of God without other words was relatively common and also seen in the word “goodbye”. An example is the phrase “so help me God,” often heard in courts of law when taking an oath.

Is Godspeed a Religious Phrase?

Phrases related to God are found throughout the English language; however, the above mentioned two are obviously petitioning God for safety.  “Goodbye” hopes that God will give another person safety and protection while “so help me God,” asks him for strength. So what about Godspeed? 

The online etymology dictionary explains the word was like a part of the phrase, “I wish that God may grant you success.” In this sense, it is indeed petitioning God. The speaker means to say they hope God will look off to someone else. However, this is not to say that any of the above-mentioned phrases are considered religious. It has religious origins and may have been considered pious for 14th-century speakers; however, any connection to God has since been stripped away. 

Nowadays, Godspeed is used to appeal more to a sense of good luck or good fortune.  Further, despite its association with astronauts, the phrase has nothing to do with how fast or slow the Almighty can move.

Phrases and Sentences Using the Word Godspeed

  • Your journey is a difficult one, godspeed, my son.
  • Even though my sister and her family could not make it for the holidays, I wished her godspeed.
  • As the Titanic began sinking, the Captain wished Rose godspeed.
  • Good luck, may God go with you, and godspeed to our brave army. 
  • As we bid farewell to Mrs. Grannysmith, we bade her success and godspeed.
  • We cannot watch over our loved ones day and night, but we can pray and wish them godspeed.
  • Godspeed and goodwill to all those who are fighting to keep our country safe.
  • May our God bestow his blessings to you on your long journey home, godspeed. 
  • As Michelle prepared to write her final exam, I wished her good luck and godspeed. 
  • Goodbye, good luck, and godspeed to all those who are running the race.
  • When it comes to tricky situations with low chances of success, all we can do is wish them godspeed.
  • As Mary sent her kids off to college, she wished them safety and godspeed. 
  • John bade his wife a sad goodbye, goodwill, and godspeed as she went off on her long trip to New york. 
  • Godspeed to all those nurses fighting to keep our people well in the hospital. 

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How to use Godspeed in a Sentence

To ensure that you are using godspeed in the right context, it should be used when wishing someone good success or safety. It can also be used to wish someone prosperity and good fortune. 

The important thing to remember is that godspeed is not petitioning God or is not a religious term, but it is used to wish, bid, or convey feelings of goodwill to another person. It is often used to send someone off in an encouraging way, especially when they are about to begin a long and dangerous journey.

 It may also be used to wish someone a speedy recovery after an injury, or surgery. It could possibly even be used to encourage a friend that has just been through a hurtful breakup or divorce by saying, ” I know you are hurting right now, but soon all will be well and godspeed.” 

So ultimately, you should remember that this word is always used in a positive light and to imply or convey a positive message. It may not be a word that is often heard in this day and age, but you can still use it in your vocabulary when you want to impress those around you. 

List of Examples of the Word Godspeed Used in Sentences

  1. Jeffrey said, ” He wishes you both success and godspeed. “
  2. As a steady shower soaked the crowd, Joh traveled the half-hour from downtown to bid him godspeed.
  3. Toyota has at approximately three new projects on the horizon — the sci-fi thriller Godspeed, Manhunt, about US President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, and Indiana Jones 4.
  4. Not farewell or godspeed, but “Go slowly.”
  5. I wish godspeed to the man who was my former opponent and will be my president.
  6. I knew you would join me in wishing them godspeed.
  7. They bade us godspeed on our journey.
  8. Good luck and godspeed. Thank you.
  9. We bade her godspeed, ie, said farewell to her.
  10. The king learned his soldiers had won a major battle when his messenger returned with Godspeed.  
  11. The anxious wife prayed she would hear Godspeed about her missing husband.
  12. According to the Bible, the three wise men took Jesus’ gifts and wished him Godspeed.  
  13. During the holidays, we send greeting cards wishing people Godspeed.  
  14. On top of the mountain, in Godspeed fashion, an old man recalls a strange and bizarre moving story of how a penguin is gobbled up by a killer whale.  
  15. Rowland at the garden gate was giving his hostess Godspeed on her way to church. 

The Difference Between Godspeed and God Bless You

Wishing someone godspeed is wishing them safety and success on their long journey or difficult endeavor. Saying “God bless you” is often used when someone sneezes. So you clearly know the difference between these two phrases to use them correctly in sentences. 

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So as you can see, the word godspeed is used to convey and imply messages of goodwill and hope. Although you won’t hear it being said very often these days, it once was quite a popular phrase in the English language and one that carried a lot of weight when it came to encouraging and giving people hope.

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