How to Set Up a Facebook Page

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

With more than a billion users globally, Facebook is arguably the king of social media platforms right now. Many businesses have taken advantage of the cheap and easy exposure the platform provides. If you are new to the social phenomenon, this post is all about how to set up a Facebook page for your business.

Step 1: Personal Profile

In order to setup a Facebook page for your business, you need a personal profile. Business pages can’t float around out there on their own; they must be administered by a personal profile. If you already have an account, you can use that. If you don’t have one, or don’t want to use your personal account, you can set up a new account by visiting and filling out the basic fields on the home page.


Step 2: Start your Business Page

Once you have a personal profile and you’re logged in, visit At this stage, you will choose the type of page you want to create. Read the selections carefully. You can undo things to a certain extent, but once your page is created, it becomes very difficult to go back and change things.

Beginning of Facebook business page process

Notice that you have 6 choices. If you are a regular business with a physical location, most of the choices are obviously not for you. It can get confusing, though, when you see “Company, Organization or Institution” and “Local Business or Place.”

These two account types are very similar, so if you end up picking one over the other, there may not be much buyer’s remorse for you. If you are a small local business, choose the “local business” option. If you work for a large company or organization, choose the “company, org, inst” option. The bonus with the local business option is that you get to enter address information. Most local businesses owned by sole proprietors benefit from having address and other contact info out there on Facebook. Big companies do, too, but to a lesser extent. Especially if they are not retail locations.

Step 3: Enter Basic Information

Basic information entered on FacebookIf you chose the “company” option, you just pick a category and type your business name. If you choose the “local business” or “place” option, you have some extra basic information to enter. Put it all in and click “get started.”

Step 4: Add More Information

In the next step, you’ll be prompted to enter some “about us” information, a profile image and other basic info. It is important that you add as much information as possible because this will all appear on your business page profile. For example, links to your website, your business address and phone number will all be available to your prospects.

Basic Information on Facebook

After you get through the basic information, you’re done! You will be taken to the admin area of your business page. From there, you can invite people in your network to like the page, write your first post or add more images and milestones to your timeline.


Do you have any tips for first-timers setting up their Facebook business page? Let us know by commenting below.

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