How To Email Market

How To Email Market

At symbol and TabletIf you’ve read other posts on this blog, you’ve probably noticed that we get pretty detailed with our posts. If you are looking for a bare-bones guide on how to email market effectively, this post is for you. I’ll give you a broad overview of what steps you should be taking when reaching prospects through email. This is how you email market.

You Need Contacts

You can’t push out messaging and you definitely can’t sell anything to anyone if you don’t have contact information. If you want to market through email and you have a limited amount of contacts, get more. Get them through newsletter signups, ebook downloads, buying them, ecommerce transactions or any number of other places.

If you are out in person meeting with people, get their names and emails. Anywhere you see potential customers or clients is an opportunity to get their contact information. Focus on getting high value contacts, the ones you think will bring you the most business or help you accomplish your goals.

Advanced Segments in Google AnalyticsSegment Your Lists

Odds are that you communicate with prospects about different things. If you sell multiple products or offer multiple services or even if your offerings change throughout the year, you need to have different messaging to cater to different markets.

Segment your email lists into different groups so that it is easy to design messaging and send it out. Organizing your prospects in this way helps you to deliver more targeted messaging and be more effective each time you reach out. Your prospects will also thank you for getting messaging that is relevant to them. If you don’t use a third-party email marketing program to organize your contact lists use something like an Excel spreadsheet.

Messaging Design Your Messaging

Based on how you have your lists segmented, you should develop separate messaging for your different market groups. It helps to develop different templates that you use for different purposes. Maybe you have general messaging that applies to a broad range of your contact lists and more specific messaging that only applies to some of them.

Make your messaging actionable by having some kind of task for your recipients to perform. This could be calling a number, clicking a link, watching a video or something of that nature. Your messages should have a goal and shouldn’t be the only step in the process for communicating.

Set up Tracking

You  should have a method for measuring your success. If you are sending out emails with a regular email account (which isn’t recommended), you should at least have Funnel Visualization customized URLs if you are driving people to your website.

If you aren’t driving people to a website, you should seriously consider using a third-party email marketing program that will provide metrics on opens, bounces, opt-outs and other actions. Tracking in marketing is a huge part of success. You can never truly know how much of an impact your messaging has but you can get a pretty darn good idea.

If you are looking for more detailed information on email marketing you can check out some of our other posts. If you just want to get started quickly, the steps above comprise the birds-eye view of what you should be doing.

What are the basic steps of your email marketing program? Is there anything you would add to ours? Join the conversation by commenting below. 

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