How to Develop Engaging PowerPoint Decks for Webinars

How to Develop Engaging PowerPoint Decks for Webinars

PowerPoint decks are a great teaching tool. They’re super easy to create, and almost anyone can use the software to develop their own.

Perhaps that’s the problem.

With the wrong designer behind the keyboard, a PowerPoint presentation can be an absolute disaster. In many cases, they’re boring beyond belief. Big chunks of text, swooping bullet points, random clipart, and dissolving screens—it’s truly the stuff of nightmares.

To ensure you don’t give your audience a headache or put them to sleep, consider the following tips for developing an engaging PowerPoint Deck that gets your message across.

1. Plan Your Presentation

Plan Your Presentation A little forethought about the way in which you want to present your content can go a long way to ensuring your webinar success. Map out the various elements of your presentation and then decide how you want to bring them to life.

If you’re unskilled in the area of design, consider hiring a professional freelancer or searching for great slideshow examples online. You may find a creative trick or two that would work well for the topic you’re presenting.

2. Create Enough Slides

Don’t limit yourself; this isn’t a situation where less is more. Jam-packed slides simply aren’t pleasant to look at, so don’t be afraid to create lots of slides. Just make sure you keep each one focused on a single concept or talking point. You’ll have a much easier time capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience members.

3. Add an Interesting Welcome Slide

Attendees generally arrive at different times. While some may connect a few minutes early, others will join at the scheduled time. You’ll even have a few viewers who drift in a minute or two late. Whatever the case, every one of these people should see a warm welcoming message on a branded slide that sets the tone for what they can expect during the webinar. A great presenter headshot, sleek design, title text, welcoming message, and embedded background music will ensure viewers don’t drop out before the presentation even starts.

4. Choose Your Design or Theme Wisely

A clean, simple design is definitely the way to go with PowerPoint webinar presentations. Just make sure you subtly include your brand elements on each page so you’re not only consistent in your marketing efforts, but also reminding your audience that the content, thoughts, and ideas offered are linked to your business. If you’re changing the design or theme on a particular slide for any specific reason, make certain it complements the other slides in your deck.

5. Use Relevant, Engaging Visuals

Relevant, engaging visualsThere’s almost no excuse for having lifeless PowerPoint presentations these days. From basic clipart, animations, and slide transitions to screen grabs, graphs, and other catchy visual material, you can keep your audience entertained and engaged throughout the length of your talk. As a bonus, many webinar tools and software solutions allow you to add interactive content, such as polls and surveys, at just the right moment.

As a final note, be sure to add slides that briefly introduce the presenter or guest speaker, provide a quick overview of the agenda, offer additional resources, and end off the presentation with contact info and a call-to-action. You’ll also need to proofread your content so that you don’t stumble upon embarrassing mistakes when you’re in the middle of your webinar. Line up your powerful PowerPoint deck with a great vocal presentation and you’re sure to have a winning webinar on your hands.


Are you using PowerPoint to create your presentations? Are there any other webinar presentation tools you’d recommend? We’d love to hear from you, so share your thoughts, tips, and advice with us in the comment section below. 

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