What Is Growth Marketing? Tips and Examples for 2021

Every business is on the run to find compelling, creative and converting marketing strategies to stand out in the crowded e-commerce space. That’s where growth marketing tips and examples come in; to guarantee organic growth for your business in 2021 and beyond. 

But what does the term growth marketing mean? What role does it play? How different is it from traditional marketing? Let’s have a close look at what it is.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing, first coined as “growth hacking” by Sean Ellis, is an undertaking that involves multiple experimentation in various marketing platforms, and during product development to know the best and efficient business growth approach. 

Unlike traditional marketing that focuses more on specific campaigns and gaining traffic to the top of sales funnel, data-driven growth marketing extends beyond that. It covers all marketing aspects making it possible to attract, engage, retain and enjoy continuous conversions.

Because that’s what your business needs to produce results today and in future; no doubt about that! Let’s now dive straight into the 10 growth marketing tips and examples for 2021. 

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10 Growth Marketing Tips and Examples for 2021

Ready to get started? Glad that you’re here with us! Here are the strategic, tactical, and trendy tips followed with examples to help you hack your business growth.

1. Leverage on Artificial Intelligence Automation

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence is not a secret in the growth marketing space. With time, the volumes of data keep increasing, which calls for an ideal approach to crunch that data and give relevant insights. 

AI automation makes it possible to analyze data quite fast and with utmost accuracy, saving you time and money. It does what your marketers, sales reps, or other employees will take months to complete. 

In your business, you can use AI in ad optimization, nurturing leads, and engaging visitors. For instance, Smart Bidding helps you set and optimize your ads. Facebook also uses AI to know commonalities among users.

2. Give Your Branding a Boost

Due to competition, you need to have a brand that clients can trust. If you have to stand out, then people have to know your brand out there. But first, know the best approach to reach your target to ensure your efforts are not vanity, and people you engage are real customers.

Focus on being consistent. That’s the only way to become relevant and convert more clients. Again, your words need to reflect the actions to win the heart of customers.

Ready to give your brand a boost? Utilize referral programs like it is the case with Airbnb. Some platforms like Adroll and Contento are ideal for PR outreach. Zendesk also helps you maintain a social media consistency experience.

3. Focus on Chatbots and Social Messaging Apps

The use of social media is a common phenomenon. According to statistics, there are over 4 billion internet users, with the majority of them spending much time on social media. Create a page and post relevant content while engaging clients often.


Many clients will engage in posts or through the inbox. Again, you can also have these messaging apps integrated into your websites to serve a large client base. Since human responses might overwhelm you, chatbots like MobileMonkey or ManyChat come in handy.

WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp apps are now dominating with over a billion active users each. That tells you that if you position your brand well, you’ll reap in 2021 and beyond.

4. Try New Content Formats

Take advantage of the new developments that attract a huge following within a short time. Who knows! You might be among the first people to introduce a brand in your category, and before the market crowds, you’ll have an established name.

Take, for instance, TikTok. If you’re targeting millennials, TikTok is the real game-changer. Here, you get to market your brand, and due to its vast organic reach, you’re sure of getting something out of it. More so, you can collaborate with preferred brand influencers. 

Have you tried Instagram Stories? Many are already into it, so focus on being unique to create your space. Consider adding questions, videos, polls, and even social proof.

5. Learn to Handle Customer Challenges

Understanding customer challenges is the first step towards delivering satisfactory products or services. While customer education is one of the ways to impact knowledge about your products, it’s not enough. You’ll have to do more!

For instance, if you’re running SaaS Company, issues with privacy, compliance, security, and poor cloud experience might hinder your customers from operating your tools effectively. You’ll need to act promptly.

Organizing training programs through growth marketing conference helps. You can also go for growth marketing books to help you overcome and retain the users. Trailhead and Vabotu tool will keep your customers content and focused more on achieving their goals.

6. There is Future in Influencers

Ignore the rumors from the naysayers that influential marketing will not see the light beyond 2021. The reality is that influencers are growing, with many joining the industry. Again, brands are leveraging for their services pretty well.

social media influencers

Look at the listing on various platforms to know who to hire. Don’t ignore micro and nano influencers; they engage clients differently, making it possible to raise traffic and conversations.

Based on your product niche, target group, and the type of influencer you engage, your product will stand out differently. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok influencers await you!

7. Consider Selling on LinkedIn and Twitter

LinkedIn and Twitter are among the best user acquisition channels to leverage. Note that you’ll have to take some time and learn how to carry out growth marketing on both platforms. Failure to that, you’ll be wasting your time — that’s what it is.

The two, being B2B platforms, requires you to have quality content and engage your followers fast and wisely. It’s also an advantage when you use any new site features; you might get free traffic.

Lempod and Expandi are some of the tools that help you boost your outreach, increasing the chances of getting more customers. 

8. Learn on Visual Search

Do you know that clients can find your products and where to purchase them through a visual search? Through AI, an online search of an image makes it possible for you to see results because there is an analysis of the queried image’s content and context. 

Among the platforms that you can enroll in and position your brand is Google Lens and Pinterest Lens. In Google Lens, it’s possible to locate over a billion images. The site has an excellent interface with features that enable scanning and translation of images texts. 

The Pinterest tool is fantastic, and you can get more than 2.5 billion images. With clients exploiting multiple ways to find products, you need to optimize your brand accordingly.

9. Community Marketing

There are many online communities to consider. For instance, Facebook Groups generate substantial organic reach, and they’re worth trying out because you can share sessions, opinions, and relevant content.

MeetUp and Reddit also give you an excellent opportunity for growth. Another advantage of these communities is that you can also place your ads to meet the target audience. 

It’s also possible to analyze your brand’s performance, which makes it possible to know the best approaches to use to enjoy maximum benefits.

10. Getting to Marketing Basics

If you follow marketing history, then you know the need for not ignoring the basics. With tech enthusiasts doing everything to outdo their competitors, some marketing trends become obsolete after a short time of discovery.

back to marketing basics

Others get to duplicate strategies, and you’ll not have a unique approach that positions you beyond your competitors. Again, some strategies only work in the short term. We’ve all witnessed this!

Learn to craft specific personas, draft direct messages, and sales copy to your clients when it allows. Since generic specifications are flooding the market, personalization and customizations help you stand out.

Learn Growth Hacker Marketing From the Best

We keep learning every day, and this list is an eye-opener. Again learning doesn’t stop. That begs the question, what next for you? Luckily enough, we have growth leeway for your brand.

Enrolling for a growth marketing conference or webinars is one way to learn and perfect your skills. Many experts will help you actualize the growth hacker marketing journey.

More so, get growth marketing courses, and continue enhancing your growth marketing knowledge. If you need growth marketing books, there are also options for you in Udemy and other places.

Time to Leverage Smart Growth Marketing Like Never Before!

Hopefully, you got a hint from our creative hacks, and you’ll now execute your incoming growth marketing campaign without worries. It’s worth it for you and your business.

With the above cost-efficient and data-driven 10 growth marketing tips and examples for 2021, you’re assured of hand-on experience while solving your startup problems. 

Again, you’ll test and know what works for you and brings substantial improvements you’ve desired for long. If unsure of where to commence, let’s hear from you. We’ll be happy to help!

By Shawn Manaher

Shawn Manaher is the founder and CEO of The Content Authority. He's one part content manager, one part writing ninja organizer, and two parts leader of top content creators. You don't even want to know what he calls pancakes.