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Free Google SEO tools are the backbone to many digital marketing strategies across the globe. Millions make use of services such as their analytics package or webmaster central as they look to rise through the rankings on the search engine.

Using webmaster tools to its full potential will see you optimize your site properly and you’ll soon see the benefits of a few simple procedures. Some tasks take no more than a few minutes and a couple of clicks, but the advantages are clear to see. Adding an XML sitemap in the site configuration section gives Google a quick list of the main URLs on your site to crawl. Once submitted you can see which pages have already been indexed, which pages are easily found by web users. The pages that don’t show up here are those that aren’t easily found by search engine spiders and therefore need a bit of work done to them to make them easier to find and more appealing to the likes of Google.

The “Your site on the web” part is another important section of webmaster tools, showing you valuable keyword data. Looking at top search queries shows you which keywords you’re performing well for and, over time, can be measured against benchmarks to show how successful your SEO work has been. You can also use this to see popular keywords, or keywords on lower pages, that could benefit from a bit of marketing focus.

You can also see the click through rate of each keyword and you can work out which phrases it would be most beneficial to improve. To help with this, webmaster also shows you a prediction for how much traffic your site would receive if it appeared in other positions. This is an easy way to set targets – if you have an idea of how many visitors you want, you can work out where you want to reach on the SERPs.

Niche Site
Niche Website

You can not only get Google SEO training to help with your goals, it can also show you where you’re currently going wrong. Through its diagnostics tab it’ll show you any crawl errors such as broken links and even external links that are going to a non-existent page, leading to lost link juice that could easily be regained with a 301 redirect. Webmaster tools also tests various functions of your site, such as the speed your pages download at – something that many people believe is being taken into search engine algorithms. You can also see how you size up against your competitors to see who’s offering customers the best onsite experience. This part of the site continues to be developed and you can now compare download speeds of pages from different months, showing if changes to your site had an impact and if you’re going in the right direction or not. Google even offers suggestions on what you could do to help cut download speeds, to help improve the usability of your niche website.

Webmaster offers many other tips to make sure your site is doing the best it can – options such as ensuring you’re properly set up geographically, something that is particularly if your TLD doesn’t indicate which country you’re operating in.

Understanding Google SEO aspects is an important part of running a successful website but a lot of what you need to know is set out in an easy to understand manner. So long as you try your best to have a well-run, easy to use website, and you make use of Google’s free tools, you’re most of the way to having a well optimized site. SEO may seem daunting at first, but when you get your head round it you’ll see that a lot of it should come naturally.

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