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Google Scraper Update Takes on Content Stealing

If you have ever taken the time to finely craft an article or blog post for your site, only to find it stolen and posted on a scraper site within 24 hours of having posted it, you know first hand how violated you feel. After Google’s original Panda algorithm implementation, you were very likely one of the many site owners left feeling doubly violated when you found that not only had your website rankings plummeted but suddenly the thieving sites were ranking ahead of yours in search engine results.  This unfortunate side effect of the Google Panda algorithm should never have been allowed to happen in the first place, but thanks to the impending Google Scraper update, the hope is that soon scraper sites will be sent to the back of the bus where they belong.

There is no definite date set for the updated Google Scraper algorithm to be rolled out, but it is already being referred to across the internet as Panda 2.2. For many site owners that felt that they were unfairly targeted by the original Panda algorithm implementation in February 2011, Panda 2.2 feels like a little flicker of light on the horizon. While the focus of this update “tweak” is supposed to be to its ability to stop scraper sites from outranking the originating sites, there is rampant speculation that it very well may help website owners that found themselves unfairly targeted by the original Panda pounce. This may turn out to be just a case of wishful thinking, but if all that 2.2 does is to send the scraper sites packing this will be at least some small consolation for website owners.

Realistic cynicism logically tells us that scraper sites will not be completely banished from life on the internet, but the hope is that the Panda 2.2 scraper update will at least send them far enough back in the search engine results that the profitability of these thieving sites will be greatly diminished. With any luck the lack of profitability will be enough to send many of them packing for good, but only time will tell if this hope becomes a reality.

Webmasters with Unique and Original Content Win

The logic behind scraper sites leaves many rational thinking individuals scratching their heads. Whether you are a writer posting articles online for revenue share sites, or a website owner trying to get your original content to rank well and attract customers, the fact that your potential revenue sources are being diverted to splogger sites is enough to make you want to seek revenge on these leeching lurkers. Some scraper sites strictly steal as a means to capitalize on advertising revenue from monetizing their scraper sites. Other scrapers steal content and then sell it to black hat webmasters that utilize it for their own benefit. Regardless of their motivations, the resulting loss of revenue to legitimate websites is drastic and incredibly unfair. Scraper sites have no conscience though; they are strictly in it for the revenue. Copyright laws mean nothing to them. Attribution to original sources is non-existent. Many website owners would be more understanding if the scraper sites at least attributed the content to its original source or included a link back to the original source, but the chances of this happening on most scraper sites is slim to none.

With any luck the Google Scraper update, Panda 2.2, will give website owners and content creators at least some small sense of satisfaction if it does its job, but the proof will definitely be in the pudding. When original content owners and creators start to rank above the scraper sites in the search engine rankings, there may well indeed be a small glimmer of light on the horizon for those that were so severely impacted by Google’s Panda algorithm. It may not have created scraper sites, but it sure did help them rise in the rankings.

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