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The Latest in Internet Efficiency: Google Related

Just when the technological world thought Google was going to rest on their laurels, and enjoy the glory of their all-encompassing search engine, mapping capabilities and document programs, just to name a few, they have stepped up their game once again with their newest extension, Google Related. Google consistently delivers genius through groundbreaking formats, benefiting the online world tremendously in multiple capacities, but never before in a single extension as accommodating as Google Related. Prior to the introduction of Google Related, individuals around the world, looking for a bite to eat out on the town, would take to their search engines and begin the several step task of identifying a restaurant’s attributes. Step one, the quick and accommodating advantage of locating a restaurant through an online search, eventually revealing the menu, or nightly specials at any number of places of interest, prior to settling on a destination. Never before have individuals been able to choose a restaurant so succinctly, without stepping foot inside, as with the benefit of an online search. After agreeing that the menu is of interest, another search is enacted to map the location, and yet another to survey any available reviews to assess the restaurant’s worthiness of one’s time and money. The simple task of finding a restaurant, even for the savviest of searchers, can uncover a considerable amount of information to review, while possibly interjecting a few obstacles along the way, when clicking on informational links divert from the original source. Spoiled by the information age, and making use of the necessarily acquired maneuvering skills that come with excessive web searching, most individuals make light work of finding what they need on the internet. As the web and the public’s ability to surf it evolve, so does Google’s awareness that everyone’s online experience should advance with time, and in this case, ushering in Google Related to prove it.

What is Google Related?

Google Related is an extension that can be added to your existing Google Chrome or Internet Explorer internet applications. Adding the extension takes only a few seconds, and begins working immediately by providing “related” information in a slim, non-invasive toolbar at the bottom of a company, service, news, shopping or a multitude of other web pages. Once a site has been settled on, such as a restaurant, the toolbar will display a map of the location, reviews, and additional restaurants in the area, of the same category, without leaving the current web page. In fact, by simply rolling over the information with the arrow, a map, reviews or other similar places of interest will emerge for a quick and convenient view, or can be expanded into a new window or tab, never replacing the current page with new information.

How Google Related Works

Google Related takes the available, public information from any given website, and translates it into easily viewed categories in the toolbar. Although most websites have enough accurate information for Google to provide the Related information, not all sites exist accordingly. In any case where verifiable information cannot be accumulated, the Related toolbar will simply not appear at the bottom of that particular page.

Is Google Related Available to Everyone?

Google Related is only available to those whose search site toolbar is configured through For instance, if your home page and search settings are set through or any other search engine, you will not be able to add the extension without first changing your search settings to route through

In addition, the extension is currently only available on mostly English webpages, although Google is working on diversifying the extension. Currently, no timeline is in place, or being made public, for other languages or coverage areas.

Information Dissemination

Planning an evening out for dinner or drinks with friends has never been easier to evaluate online, on one page, as it is with Google Related. The information provided is top notch, and exactly what one needs to determine a suitable destination, no matter their arrangement. In addition to restaurants, Google Related excels in providing easy access to news and shopping categories as well. News outlet websites viewed with the extension allow videos, weather, breaking news and related links from around the web all to be displayed in a simple toolbar at the bottom of the page, using the same, effortless cursor hovering technique to evaluate each interest at a glance. At any time, any of the informative links can be clicked to reveal more, relevant information, always opening a new page or tab, never leading away from the original site. Even more amazingly, shopping websites viewed with the extension will provide like items, pricing comparisons, and designer information from not only the current site browsed, but other websites that offer the same products. For example, after clicking on a pair of jeans on a department store website, Google Related will show the same pair of jeans, and where they can be purchased elsewhere. This practice helps insure the items of interest are displayed in the most positive, and more importantly, if applicable, least expensive light.

Information Hoarding

With all of the beautifully accommodating attributes that Google Related provides, it also administers the proverbial fuel to the ever-growing fire that is the public’s perception of Google’s World Wide Web domination. In addition, a possible side effect of Related’s proficiency could be hindering traffic to websites whose specific purpose is to provide restaurant or product reviews. With Related providing the same information at a glance, it is foreseeable that individuals would be less likely to click on an independent website link to acquire that information. However, in a showing of fairness, Google does list two to three review sites that can be clicked on independent of the reviews they list at a glance. Whether anyone will is a personal choice, and one that would not be deemed necessary out of anything other than curiosity. Google has long been challenged in their attempt to push the little guy aside, and Google Related will only add a notch to their belt in that category. Albeit an incredibly functional, genius notch, it is a notch nonetheless.

Completely Worth It

Picture of Google Related
Google Related is Worth It

In a world of endless information, and just about as many options, Google Related does all of the work without the previously utilized several step search technique, and provides the results in a delightful, yet constructive manner. The toolbar is versatile, unobtrusive, and can be hidden through the “options” link with a single click, allowing the feature to be enacted by page, by website, or merely collapsed altogether with a click of the “x.”

Never before has so much information been available in an easy to view, relative format. The aptly named Google Related invites the available market to become part of their family, providing maximum results for all who use the internet to search for products, services or dining locations. Google continues to evolve with the ever-changing needs of consumers, with Related topping out as one of the more useful extensions to be introduced in the technological atmosphere to date. With an over the top amount of applications available to the masses, Google Related takes search efficiency and functionality to a new, incredibly welcomed level.

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