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Whatever keyword research tools you use, Google Insights is a program that covers all the basics as well as offering many functions that other services don’t offer. If you’re familiar with Google Trends, you should be able to work your way around Insights. The two are similar in basic function, although Insights makes things a lot more customizable and useful for online marketers, showing the change in data over time, different search methods and across the world.

The main function of Google Insights is to compare search terms and trends from 2004 onwards. As well as searching by year or month, you can choose to look at certain geographical areas or different methods of search, such as images, news or products.

This is useful if you’re a business looking to extend your offering of online services. You can use Google Insights to chart the progression of certain terms and phrases to see what people are becoming more interested in. If you’re not sure of the best name or phrasing for your product or site content, you can compare a few related terms to see what is most popular. You may also notice that certain words are more popular at certain times of the year, in which case all you need to do is remember to change your bio at certain calendar points to make sure you best reflect what people are looking for.

You can also look at the results for different locations across the world or in a country to make sure your different geosites are optimized for the best terms possible. If your company is slightly smaller and makes use of just one website, another option for looking at different regional search tendencies is for marketing reasons. If you’re going to run an AdWords campaign, it’s best to customize it for different countries in an attempt to pull in as many visitors as possible. If you’re not currently focussing on separate markets, Insights may be able to help you work out if it’s possible by showing you the countries, and the cities, that are particularly interested in certain products.

Insights can be used in addition to your regular keyword research. The “Top Searches” section displays a list of the best related terms, which can give you some useful keywords or long tail phrases to target that you may have previously missed. The “Rising Searches” section shows terms related to your main phrase that are fast becoming popular and the the phrases people are likely to be targeting now or in the near future. If you see anything on this list that you can target, it’s best to not only create a page focussing on it, but also to create a blog post or two about the phrase as this is more likely to rank quickly. This can be particularly useful when you’re preparing material for certain times of the year, you can compare previous years’ searches to see when terms peak, and be sure to target these just before that time comes round again.

One thing that marketers see that worries them is a constant drop for a phrase, especially if it’s one that is central to their website. The answer is often that searchers are just getting smarter. Previously, many people would search for very broad terms and work from there. Nowadays, with so many niche websites available, people are able to search very specifically for what they want. Rather than using broad umbrella terms, it’s better to target as many long tail keywords as possible. Insights should be able to give you an idea of the related terms that people are looking for.

Google Insights is a valuable tool for marketers looking to capitalize on as much keyword data as they can get their hands on. As Google seems to respond well to improving its most popular products, it’s likely that this one will be receiving regular updates in the future.

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