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Google Plus HangOuts – Businesses Should Use Them To Their Advantage


While Google+ may not yet be available for businesses, the recent changes to the Google Plus HangOuts are reason enough for tech savvy business owners and managers to jump on board. Individuals still have to sign up for Google+ using their real names (no pseudonyms allowed), but smart business individuals who wish to build their corporate profile can easily use this to their advantage. While building their brand online, a wise business owner can become the face and voice of their firm by using Google+ HangOuts to their advantage.

Google+ Updates

Google recently rolled out updates to HangOuts, which include screen sharing as well as the ability to broadcast a HangOut. A recently released Android app allows users to participate in HangOuts from their mobile device. From corporate meetings conducted simultaneously in cities around the country to impromptu meetings broadcast to a network of followers, these changes offer all sorts of opportunities for businesses to make the most of Google+. The Google news is coming fast and furious, so companies that want to make the most out of Google’s new social network are well advised to keep their ear to the ground and their eyes on the horizon. It is rumored that Google+ for business is just around the corner, so companies that make the most out of the current system will be well poised for the eventual Google+ Business rollout.

Is Google+ Losing It’s Share?

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Is Google+ Declining In Popularity?

There has been some online chatter regarding the number of individuals dropping out of Google+ (said to be approximately 40% of initial users) but this gradual slipping away of users needs to be balanced against the Facebook users migrating to the new Google social media network. Following the recent major revamping of Facebook following the F8 Developers conference, a growing number of individuals are balking at the intrusion of Facebook’s social sharing implementations. Unless users are completely aware of the permissions they are granting, a simple click of a mouse can instantly grant third party applications ongoing access to most of their Facebook actions. Click on a risqué song title that a fellow Facebooker shares, and that song title can end up being broadcast in their Timeline for the rest of their network to see. Check out a scantily clad image of a Hollywood celebrity that a cousin shares and chances are good that others in their network will soon learn of the image they have viewed. Unless they completely lock down their privacy and sharing settings right from the start, these unexpected “shares” can have long-term ramifications on both their business and personal relationships. It is due to this automatic sharing of data that Facebook users have to “choose” to opt out of, that is sending a growing number of individuals in Google+’s direction.

With so many social media options available to them, it is easy to see how businesses can become overwhelmed at their abundance of choices. Rather than feeling like they need to choose between the likes of Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the smart business owner or manager will use all of these tools to their advantage. Rather than just having one or two tools in their social media arsenal, a savvy business will team up all of these options together in a multi-pronged approach to cross marketing. By using a multi-faceted approach to social media, businesses can reach customers that they might miss otherwise. Most individuals do not make use out of all of the social media channels at their disposal, so casting a wide social media net is a wise move for business owners. Cross promoting their multi-channeled presence on their websites, blogs, and email signatures is a great way to advertise their contact info regardless of where their customers choose to engage with them. Google+ is the latest weapon in their social media arsenal, but it is by no means the only wise weapon at their disposal.

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