Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Check Out Today

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools You Should Check Out Today


It’s a simple skill. It’s the key to good communication, and it’s a building block for any strong relationship. Knowing how important communication, relationship building, and conserving financial resources is to you and your business, we’ve created a list of free social media monitoring tools designed to tap into relevant conversations and help you mine valuable data about your brand, industry, target market, influencers, competitors, and more.

If you’re wondering why sites like HootSuite and Viralheat aren’t on our list, it’s because we’ve already touted their awesomeness in a previous post on free social media management tools. So without further ado, here are additional tools we’d highly recommend you add to your marketing arsenal.


Social Media Monitoring - Pluggio

Although Pluggio was initially built around Twitter, this web-based social media monitoring, content curation, and management service offers Facebook and LinkedIn integration, Twitter growth data, a bookmarklet, and stats. The free plan allows one team member to manage up to five social profiles, schedule or drip-feed ten posts at a time, monitor ten RSS feeds, and grow a following using five Friend Finder Search Agents. If you opt for the free plan, you’ll also gain access to forum support for those times when you need a little extra help.

Overall, Pluggio is the perfect complement to any social media management software you’re currently using.


Social Media Monitoring - SocialMention

SocialMention is a popular listening tool that searches across the web to find real-time mentions of your brand, products, services, or chosen keywords and then aggregates information into a single stream for your convenience.

Besides digging up and analyzing data from the usual suspects, SocialMention also searches through blogs, comments, bookmarks, images, Q&A sites, news, events, video, and audio sites to provide feedback on sentiment, strength, passion, and reach. Ultimately, it’s a fantastic tool for monitoring and measuring what others are saying or feeling about your brand and targeted topics. If you leverage the tool properly, you can easily filter out questions you can answer to build authority, and address comments where sentiment is negative.


Social Media Monitoring - Mention

Although a free plan will always limit your abilities, Mention is a fantastic, feature-rich tool that allows you to keep tabs on social media activity and listen in to real-time conversations that are valuable to your business. It often picks up things that similar tools like Google Alerts will miss, so you might want to think about using it as a replacement.

With the free plan you can monitor up to 250 mentions, create two alerts with multiple keywords, and receive daily web alerts. Mention will also let you see real-time social alerts, choose two languages, and archive data for a month. The good news is you can use their Pro plan for a 31-day trial period before it reverts to the free plan.


Social Media Monitoring - SocialPointer

While this real-time social media monitoring tool is still in its beta phase, there’s no doubt it packs a punch for individuals and businesses looking to monitor online social conversations. The platform enables users to create groups of keywords and then track and monitor the web for relevant chatter and social mentions.

Besides aggregating content on your dashboard, SoicialPointer offers filtering functionality, tagging capabilities, and email alerts. Overall, it’s a great tool for finding and engaging potential clients, monitoring competitor campaigns, managing your brand’s reputation, gaining real-time user feedback, and more. It even provides stats based on your groups and each keyword within them. In fact, comparing your targeted phrases has never been easier.

Buzz Equity

Social Media Monitoring - BuzzEquity

Similar to SocialMention, Buzz Equity is a free social media monitoring tool that helps users understand what people think and feel about a particular brand. It also shows the level of awareness around a brand and uses analysis and ranking algorithms to provide insight into reach, strength, intensity, sentiment, and passion.

Users have the opportunity to drill down into search results and uncover information and conversations based on time, location, source, and language filters. As a bonus for businesses operating within the Chinese and Japanese markets, it searches social properties based in East Asia too.

Are there any free social media monitoring tools you prefer? Share them with us in the comment section below and let us know why you love them so much.

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