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The Newest Utility: Facebook Page Insights


Social networking is a real time communication tool that has taken the world by storm. Individuals mass communicate their whereabouts, their current mood, and even what they are eating in their status updates, leaving every one of their “friends” knowing their current condition, without so much as a phone call. One half of a billion, yes – with a B, people in this world have a Facebook page. Within that number, half of those people logon daily, to catch up on, or report, the happenings in the world. This market is not lost on businesses worldwide, who create their own Facebook page, in an effort to be “Liked” by the conglomeration of people who maintain the flow of traffic on the site. The magnitude of marketing possibilities is astounding, considering the sheer volume of traffic Facebook enjoys daily. Businesses across the globe have answered the bell as opportunity knocks in the form of Facebook ads. Facebook has responded in kind by developing a measurement apparatus to help its page owners and advertisers keep track of their page’s traffic through Facebook Page Insights.

 What is Facebook Page Insights?

Facebook Insights is a program that allows Facebook page owners to evaluate the traffic on their page, based on user type and demographics, allowing users to measure their page’s traffic and growth on a day to day basis. Facebook Insights is a free service provided by Facebook that allows its users to view updated information every 24 hours, and allows for easy data exportation from the site to other programs, granting the accumulation of records for review. However, weekly and monthly record accumulations are not yet available, primarily due to the programs infancy. New reports will be established as the program evolves.

 Measuring Success

Picture of Facebook Page Insights
Facebook Page Insights

In all aspects of marketing, it is necessary to measure the benefits of advertising regularly. Although Facebook pages are, in effect, free, Facebook ads are not. If your company advertises on Facebook or even promotes their page by listing the ever famous Facebook “F” logo on their website, emails or marketing collateral, it is important to know who is visiting the page. Facebook Insights provides measurable results to page owners in real time, allowing companies to know exactly who is connecting with them online, through this social media outlet.

 Who Can Use Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights data, much like other behind the scene operations of a website, can only be viewed by page administrators, application owners, and domain administrators, specifically germane to the properties they own or administer. This allows the information provided to be kept within the departments who measure the application’s success. The information provided by Facebook Insights allows its users to collect demographic data on the individuals who visit their page, resulting in increased marketing efforts, targeted at these specific groups.

Facebook is more than a social media outlet. It is an accomplished program that allows its users to marketing their products and services to an extremely large pool of consumers, while still targeting a specific market. Casting a larger marketing net, at very little expense, allows companies to zero in on their target market triumphantly. Target marketing is a large part of any company’s success, and Facebook has provided yet another effective tool that allows companies to employ the data provided to cater to their target markets more successfully. Successful marketing tactics are always those that can be measured, allowing companies to place their money in the correct areas, reaching the largest amount of consumers, benefiting their bottom line. Although companies cannot control who visits their Facebook page, they can certainly benefit from knowing which demographic it should be catering to, if it is not already.

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