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Duck Vs. Loon: How Are These Words Connected?

Duck Vs. Loon: How Are These Words Connected?

A loon lives in water has webbed feet, and acts like a duck; most people incorrectly assume that they are ducks. But loons are not ducks; they do not belong to the same family as ducks. Here is an overview of “duck vs. loon.”

A duck is a swimming bird with a short neck, legs, and webbed feet. Their bill is wide and flat, and the sexes are different from each other in plumage. A loon is a large bird of the Holarctic region that feeds on fish.

Though ducks and loons are water birds, each has a distinct feature. We will discuss all these and highlight how these words are connected. More so, we will help you know the difference between these birds.

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Definitions Of Duck And Loon

It is vital to learn the different definitions of the words “duck” and “loon.” One of the things you should note is that these words are homonyms. Homonyms are words with multiple meanings. Understanding words’ various meanings will help you better know how to use each in your sentences.

Here are the various meanings of duck and loon.

Definitions Of Duck

A duck is a swimming bird with webbed feet (skin between the toes) to help them with aquatic locomotion. These birds have short necks and large beaks.

Duck is a friendly way of addressing someone you like or a friend. Another definition of duck is to move your head or the top part of your body quickly to avoid getting hit. A close meaning is to hurry to a place, assuming that nobody sees you. That is when you are hiding or avoiding someone or something. For instance, to avoid answering a specific question is to duck that question.

Other sources define a duck as swindling someone by not paying a debt, especially gambling debt. A unique meaning of duck is a durable and closely woven cotton fabric.

Definitions Of Loon

Loon is a large and aggressive swimming bird of the northern hemisphere, a fish eater, and a diving bird. It has its web-like feet positioned far back, and it’s related to grebes.

Also, loon means a person with confused ideas and incapable of serious thought; someone willy or strange. A loon can also be a worthless, lazy human who lacks intelligence.

How To Use Duck And Loon In Sentences

If you learn one definition of duck and loon, you will likely need clarification when you come across these words in different sentences. That is why it is prudent to learn the various definitions and contexts where you can use luck and loon.

How To Use The Word Duck

There are various ways you can use duck in your sentences, as highlighted below.

Use duck and refer to a swimming bird that has webbed feet. The term talks about the bird itself or the meat of this bird. People enjoy dick meat for its flavorful juices, texture, and taste.

Use the word duck when referring to someone who can address a friend or an acquaintance they like. Giving someone a pet name, duck, means that you like them a lot. Thus, this word has a positive connotation.

Refer to this word when you want to “move your head or body fast to avoid getting hit.” The cause of the hit might be an accident or intentional.

Duck also refers to pushing someone underwater for a long time. In this case, the word has positive and negative connotations depending on the reason for the push. For instance, if people are playing with each other in the swimming pool while ducking each other, then this is positive. On the other hand, if it is a bully doing so, then it is negative.

Another way you can use the word duck is when referring to moving fast into a place so you are not seen. That happens when you are hiding or avoiding someone.

Use duck when referring to the act of avoiding a particular subject or question. This happens when someone is in the spotlight about a matter they do not want to address or are not ready to address. Not commenting on the matter is to duck it. It also means avoiding responsibility.

How To Use The Word Loon

Use loon when referring to a water bird, often confused with a duck. It is a North American bird that eats fish.

A loon is also a person who is crazy, silly, or strange; a kind of person incapable of having a good idea. More so, use loon when referring to someone who does not have excellent intelligence. It can also be due to a mental health disorder.

Duck Vs. Loon: How Are They Connected

Duck and loons are connected because these words refer to swimming birds. Most people confuse loons for ducks because loons resemble ducks when swimming. In addition, both birds have webbed feet. 

However, these birds do not belong to the same family. Also, ducks and loons are seasonal monogamous breeders. They pair up with a partner for one breeding season and can change partners in the next season.

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Duck Vs. Loon: 3 Key Differences

Now that we have already discussed the similarities between ducks and loons, here are some differences you should note about these birds. Note them carefully because these are the main distinguishing factors.


Ducks belong to the Anatidae family. These birds have webbed feet, soft and sensitive bills, short legs, and strong wings.

Loons belong to the family known as Gaviidae. The Gaviidae family is small since it only contains five species. These birds have strong tapered bills, small pointed wings, and webs between the front three toes. Their toes are placed far from the body, thus making swimming easy but awkward walking.


A duck is lighter and smaller in size than a loon. A mature duck is 15-20 inches long and weighs 2-5 pounds. On the other hand, a mature loon can reach 28-32 inches and weigh about 9-12 pounds.


Knowing how to spell these words before using them in a sentence is vital. Luckily, the spellings are easy. The correct spelling of the word duck is “D.U.C.K” pronounced as “duhk.” In contrast, the correct spelling of loon is “L.O.O.N,” pronounced as “loon.”

Examples Of Duck And Loon In Sentences

Do you know how to use the words duck and loon in sentences? By reading the example sentence below, you learn to use each word confidently and correctly.

Example sentences of the word duck

  1. My son cannot bathe without a rubber duck in the water.
  2. Parents should not duck out of their responsibility to their children.
  3. Can’t you do something about your duck quacking? The noise keeps the baby awake.
  4. The main course for dinner will be a roast duck.
  5. She approached teaching like a duck approaching water.

Example sentences of the word loon

  1. We could hear the loons cry all over the forest.
  2. I have come to realize why most locals call the mayor a loon.
  3. Mike loves to take pictures of the loons.
  4. The guests were laughing like loons after my father’s speech.
  5. I just saw loons flying over the horizon.


When talking about swimming birds, it is easy to confuse ducks and loons. But it will be a surprise to know that these birds are different and do not belong to the same family. This article has everything you need to know about these birds and how to use each word in your sentences. After understanding the difference, it will be easy for you to tell these two birds apart.