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Do You Capitalize The Phrase “Good Morning” Ever?

Do You Capitalize The Phrase “Good Morning” Ever?

“Good Morning”- A phrase that was invented by Cheery John Smiley, was primarily used to make workers feel appreciated and valued as they start their daily activities. When capitalizing the phrase, it should be noted that it cannot be capitalized in the midst and at the end of the sentence.

good morning written in the sky

Saluting someone in the morning with the phrase “good morning” is one of the greatest caring ways. You can respond by either “Good Morning” or “Morning.” Knowing when and where to capitalize can be a challenge to many. Multiple mechanisms apply when it comes to the capitalization of “Good Morning.”


  • It was a Good morning session when everything went south- (incorrect sentence)

It was in a good session when everything went south- (correct sentence)

  • My pet was killed, and you claim it was a Good Morning? – (incorrect sentence)

My pet was killed, and you claim it was a good morning? – (correct sentence)

  • My neighbor is not used to saying Good Morning- (incorrect sentence)

My neighbor is not used to saying good morning- (correct sentence)

From the above, you can see that various grammatical errors are committed when it comes to capitalizing the phrase “good morning.” To be on the right side of the English language in as far as the salutation’s capitalization is concerned, you must be keen on where it’s positioned or applied in the sentence. Always be keen when capitalizing the phrase.

“Good Morning” at the Start of the Sentence

If you do your search in Google, you will come across four types of “Good morning,” They include:

  • Good Morning!
  • Good morning!
  • good morning!

Between the four categories, which one is best to be applied at the start of the sentence? That is the question that ponders many minds. The answer to the prescribed question is that if one is writing a dialog, what is supposed to capitalize is the first word only.

  • “Good morning!” said Peres
  • “Good morning, Edward!” Sharon replied

The English language’s common practice is that at the start of the sentence, the first word should be capitalized, “Good” inclusive.  If “Good Morning” is used in the first sentence, you should capitalize the word good but not both words.


  • Good morning John! – (correct sentence)
  • Good Morning, John! – (incorrect sentence)

But if “good morning” is used anywhere in a sentence, you should not capitalize on it. This is because words are only capitalized if they occupy the space of proper nouns; in this case, “good morning” is just a common noun.

“Good Morning” Used in Emails

This is another area that you should be keen on the capitalization of “good morning.” Emails are different when it comes to the application of salutations. But what is the difference? Salutations or greetings in emails are capitalized. This means the two words, good and morning are both capitalized. And this applies only when “good morning” is used as an email greeting and at the start of the correspondence.


  • Good Morning,

Please respond to this email as soon as possible.

  • Good Morning,

Still, I have not received the report; what is going on?

good morning capitalized letters in wooden blocks

Can “Good Morning” Be Capitalized At The End Of The Sentence?

“Good Morning” is a complex phrase. This is because it can adhere to grammar rules depending on where it’s placed within a sentence. At the start of the sentence, it can be capitalized; how about at the end of the sentence? This can be well expounded in the coming examples, but before anything, it should be noted that it has to meet the proper noun credibility for any word or phrase to be capitalized.


  • We arrived very early; everyone was jovial, it was a Good Morning- (incorrect sentence)

We arrived very early, everyone was jovial, and it was a good morning- (correct sentence)

  • The game was won at 7 am, what a Good Morning?- (incorrect sentence)

The game was won at 7 am; what a good morning? – (correct sentence)

The above sentence implies that “good morning” cannot be capitalized at the end of the sentence because the phrase does not meet the proper noun standards at the end of the sentence. Observe this rule in your sentence.

Can Punctuation Affect Capitalization Of “Good Morning?”

Punctuation is one of the important components of sentence structure. If poorly used, they bring confusion within a sentence, which leads to grammar issues. The room’s animal is punctuation that does punctuation affect the capitalization of phrases such as “good morning?”

This situation depends on which kind of punctuation is used; first, commas are the most important punctuation as far as “good morning” is concerned. It would be best if you place a comma between the greetings and the saluted person. And commas do not affect capitalization of “good morning.”


  • Good morning, John!
  • Good morning, Timothy replied

How about the exclamation mark (!)? Does it affect the capitalization of the phrase? Exclamation marks mean that “good morning” is used at the start sentence, and the phrase is a greeting. The punctuation can affect capitalization of the phrase.


  • Good Morning! – (plays the Email greeting role)
  • Good morning Erick! – (plays the starting sentence role)

Full stops and question marks do not affect capitalization of “good morning.” In the case of these two punctuations, capitalization is incorporated as per the rules of regular sentences.


  • When is a good morning? Joyce has given birth to two bouncing baby boys – (like every other sentence, good morning in this sentence is a common noun; hence, it is not capitalized. In other words, the question marks and full stop does not have input on the capitalization factor)
  • Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Today we are going to look at the reproductive systems – (the sentence has used exclamation marks and full stop. The word “good” is capitalized because it has started the sentence; this what happens in every other English sentence)

“Good Morning”  as Used as a Title

“Good Morning” can be used as a title of an article or literature work. Titles should be capitalized, but that does not apply to pronouns and conjunctions. “Good Morning” is capitalized because it is a proper noun, and also the word “morning” can be a noun since it refers to or says about something, that is the particular time of the day, the “morning.”


  • The Benefits of Saying Good Morning- (an article’s title)
  • How to Say Good Morning Properly with the Right Voice and Tone – (an article’s title)
  • The Power of Good Morning- (The title of a book)
  • When Good Morning Became a Mandatory Rule in Jimmy’s Den – (The title of the book)

“Good Morning” Was Used as the Name of a Place, Group, or Business

Do you think that “good morning” can be used as the name of a place? Businesses nowadays use various names to brand their businesses. And the names of anything are nouns and should be capitalized. Regarding “good morning,” the two good words and morning are capitalized.


  • Today we are visiting Good Morning ABC Centre
  • We were invited by Cherishing Good Morning Singers
  • We waited for the Good Morning Traveller Bus


“Good Morning” is a common phrase; you don’t need a rocket science degree to capitalize it correctly. It would be best if you get well acquainted with the phrase’s position, where it’s used, whether it meets the proper noun status and the punctuation factor.

When the word “good” starts in any sentence, it must be capitalized. When the phrase appears within the sentence, it’s a common noun, and it should not be capitalized. If the phrase is used at the start of an email as a greeting gesture, the two good and morning words should be capitalized. As mentioned above, the only punctuation that affects the capitalization of “good morning” is the exclamation mark.

smiley face in morning coffee

Other “Good Morning” Sentence Examples

  • Martin, the coupon master, is also the CEO of Good Morning Products.
  • Good morning and welcome to our program; we promise not to disappoint you.
  • Baby is missing the Good morning kiss.
  • The choice was educated and bold; imagine being interviewed on The Today Show and Good Morning America?
  • People tend to see things from a different perspective; to some, without a morning prayer, it can’t be a good morning.
  • The glory she used to have is all gone; people claim that she is so envious, she doesn’t even wish her colleagues a good morning. What kind of boss?
  • Peter’s girlfriend left because she claims that Peter demands a lot of attention in the morning, instead of participating in making a good morning.
  • There’s so much fun in the club in the morning; everyone has hangovers, no one cares even to say good morning.

Final Thoughts

Capitalization of English words and phrases is one of the contests within the English corridors. Some phrases follow some rules while others stick to the normal English criteria of capitalization. “Good morning” has its own capitalization, and you should stick to the guidelines.