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Few jobs sectors have exploded in popularity over the last decade or two like digital media. There is a demand for digital media professionals specializing in many different categories, and it only seems to be going up as time goes on. 

Working in digital media is a pretty broad term, as companies are now dividing work into many different specializations. Looking to get started in digital media? Not only is it essential to know where to look to find digital media jobs, but picking the right path will open up job opportunities as well. Learn a few specialized skills, and there will always be job options available.

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Types of Digital Media Jobs

Here are a few of the hottest digital media jobs out right now. 

Content managers 

Content is king in digital marketing. As algorithms get smarter and consumers get bombarded with content from all angles, it is crucial to have high-quality content represent the brand. Otherwise, the company will not be able to stand out and draw people in as they would like. 

Working as a content manager usually means being in charge of many different levels of marketing in some capacity. For example, content managers must be very proficient in SEO strategy, as every release needs to score well in that regard. Keeping up on the value of social media is also a big deal, as so many people are relying on their feeds to stay connected. 

Different companies need different types of content, so this is where content manager jobs differ a bit in a digital marking world. Some heavily rely on copywriting to spread and connect. What this means is that managers must be able to write well and manage a group of writers. If the company focuses more on photos and videos, a contact manager needs to provide high-quality content on time. 

Finally, contact managers need to work with the rest of the team to ensure that the right message goes out to the audience. Finding a way to sway the audience with words or video while also keeping the company message is a skill that takes time to craft. 


SEO specialist 

For those who want to specialize in search engine optimization specifically, this is a very popular job title in digital media. It takes more than just knowing how search engine optimization works right now, as it is always evolving with updated algorithms and changes in the industry. 

One of the biggest issues some companies run into is not staying on top of the latest SEO strategy. A specialist will be able to monitor any changes and identify them before it gets out of hand.  

Having a favorable position with key search terms can pay huge dividends for any company. It is about dictating the message when people search the company and coming up organically in searches to draw in new customers. 

Companies used to outsource a lot of their SEO work, but more and more are using people on staff to help. It is becoming a full-time job to stay ahead of the competition in new client acquisition with search engine optimization. 

UX designer 

The user experience plays a crucial role in any digital media. People who want to pursue this part of digital media must have a lot of knowledge in the technical field, with a focus on design in particular. 

High-quality UX designers are always in demand because they can incorporate the entire marketing experience in one spot. User-friendly designs make a company look that much better, and it even builds trust. 

A UX designer also needs to problem solve if anything goes wrong on websites or applications. Finding ways to make quick fixes and not hinder the user experience will keep customers happy. 

Becoming a UX designer at first involves a lot of long hours of mostly thankless work. However, once a person becomes more of a manager and controller with UX designs, they can see their salary jump quickly. 

Email marketing specialist 

There are many different types of marketing, but something that has shown to be extremely dependable over the years involves sending out emails. It takes a specialist in a lot of bigger companies to create the right content and market to the proper people when sending out emails. They know what helps a company most with copywriting, and they will add multimedia as well to draw in people. 

The thought process with email marketing is that people opted in since they are interested (to a certain degree). The goal of an email marketing specialist is to get those people to click through and possibly interact with the email itself. That means writing persuasively, keeping things exciting, being short and concise, and thinking in the way of a consumer. 

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It takes time to evolve into a great email marketing strategist. There is a lot of trial and error, and even the best will send out emails that do not resonate with the recipients. Stick with the process, and build off the ones that work. 

Digital marketing managers 

It takes time for most people to get to the level of a digital marketing manager. As one would expect, this is overlooking so much about marketing and business with the company. In some situations, digital marketing managers and creative directors are interchangeable. Others might have slightly different tasks to perform, but it is all about managing the different outlets. 

Not only is managing and planning essential, but there must be some level of forecasting as well to make the right decisions. A digital marketing manager does not need to be an expert in every specialization, but they must know enough to ask the right questions and monitor what is going one. 

Artificial intelligence analyst and specialist 

For people who think digital media is a new sector in general, artificial intelligence is even newer. A lot of companies are just now figuring out just how much they can benefit from big data and processing information from what they pull. 

Specializing in this type of digital media work can pave the way for people to have a very future-proof table job. It is important to have a great understanding of data optimization, machine learning, and programming. 

Those who are very successful in moving up the ranks can earn quite a bit of money with different companies. In the next few years, the digital world will be more dependent on data than ever before from AI. 

Where to find digital media jobs 

Once a person figures out what they want to specialize in and receive the proper education, the next step is finding those jobs that are out there. Some of the ways to land the perfect job might seem pretty obvious, but there are some hidden options out there for people who may be struggling. 

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Online job searching 

It is no surprise to anyone that finding a digital marketing job can be done entirely online. After all, people are spending most of their workday in digital media online. Some companies do not bother posting openings anywhere else. 

The downfall is that these are usually very competitive, simply because so many people apply. Sometimes, it pays to think outside the box, because there might not be as much competition for the spots. Convenience and playing the numbers game works for some, but online job searching can also turn into an incredibly frustrating task. 

Building up a network 

Productivity is a huge selling point for any company looking to make a digital marketing hire. Instead of searching for the right fit in trying to land a job, having a website and updated profiles online will do wonders as well. This could work as a passive way to find job opportunities down the road if it is updated consistently. 

It is tough for people to let work magically come in for that first job, but once a person is established a bit in their field, it makes sense to be marketable.  

Networking within the field 

The more specialized a person gets in digital media, the more critical it is to network. They might only be a select few opportunities that are truly remarkable, so knowing the right people pays off in the end. 

Networking is essential in any business, but it can sometimes be hard to get noticed when a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. For some of the more technical jobs in digital media, it is worth putting in that extra bit of time to network. 

Networking is possible in the traditional way, but also online. Facebook is just one example of a way to network while sitting at home. Make connections, be willing to learn, and do the little things that could open up opportunities later on. 

Create a job opportunity 

It seems like every business has fully embraced digital media, but believe it or not, there are still a lot of places that have not jumped in just yet. If it seems like the digital side of things is lacking a bit for a company, put together a proposal to show how skills could help out. This has worked for plenty of people in the past, and it can be a way to dictate everything from the beginning. 

Final tips and outlook for digital media jobs 

There are so many paths to choose from in digital media right now. The best tip is to find a specific job in digital media that seems the most intriguing and become an expert in that field. There are fewer and fewer jobs out there that are required to do a little bit of everything, so specialization seems like the best selling point for individuals going forward. 

The job world is always evolving, but digital media will be a very steady career for years to come. We are still at the beginning of its growth. 

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