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Development Vs Developement: What Is The Correct Word To Use?

Development Vs Developement: What Is The Correct Word To Use?

If this is not the first time these words confuse you, this development vs developement post comes at the right time. So, which of these spellings do you use? Are you confident that what you use is the correct word?

Development is the growth or development of something or someone or a directed change. This word also refers to the process by which mature multicellular organisms are produced by adding new cells. In contrast, the word developement is an obsolete spelling for development.

It is normal for even the most fluent English speakers to get confused by spellings. Many English words have similar spellings but different meanings. Read on to find out if this is the case with the terms development and developement.

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Definitions Of Development And Developement

Let us start by defining these words to understand their meaning before determining the correct and incorrect ones. The definitions will also give you an insight:

Definitions Of Development

This word has multiple meanings pertaining to different subjects and contexts. Let’s get into that!

Development is the process of directed change or growth. It devotes improvement through expanding, enlarging, or refining—for example, the development of a story.

Another definition of development is the process by which mature multicellular organisms or parts of organisms are produced through cell addition. For instance, biological cells go through a development stage.

This noun also refers to something that has developed. For example, “The latest educational developments are inspiring.” Also, a recent event of some relevance to the present situation. For example, developments in Russia vs. Ukraine war.

In real estate, development refers to a project made up of one or more commercial or residential buildings. The buildings of such a project are also referred to as developments. It also refers to making an area of land or water more profitable, productive, or useful. Another close definition is an active placement of pieces in a series to achieve directed growth.

Another source defines development as applying new ideas to a practical problem. This definition is mostly applicable in research.

In music, development is:

  • The process of transforming previous musical material into a more valuable item.
  • The second section of a piece of music in sonata form in which musicians revisit the original theme and alter it.

The unfolding of a musical theme of the subject 

In mathematics, development is the expression of a function in a series. It also means expanding an expression into another or equivalent value. 

More Definitions Of Development

In Biology, development is a series of changes that animal and vegetable organisms undergo as they progress from the embryonic stage to maturity or from a lower to higher organization stage.

In photography, development refers to processing photosensitive material to make a visible image.

In medicine, development is the process by which a person starts being affected by an ailment—for example, the development of bone brittleness.

Definitions Of Developement

Developement is an obsolete spelling of development. Consequently, it is an incorrect word that does not exist in English dictionaries. Therefore, it has no meaning.

Definition Of “Develop” As The Root Verb For Development And Developement

The words development and developement are products of the root verb “develop” and the suffix “-ment.” For this reason, the verb develop appears severally in its definition. Therefore, it would also help to discuss what this word means. 

  • To develop is “to bring out the possibilities of something by making it more advanced or bringing it to an effective state.”
  • It also means “to cause to grow or expand.”
  • Another meaning is “to elaborate, bring into activity, or expand in detail.”
  • In Biology, to develop means “to cause to go through a natural evolution from a previous lower state to an advanced or mature state.”
  • In music, it means “to unfold by various technical means.”
  • In mathematics, it means “to express in an extended or series form.”
  • In photography, it means “to render visible by treating with chemicals.”

How To Properly Use Development And Developement In A Sentence

The above content should clarify the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article. Next, let us discuss how you can use these words.

How To Use The Word Development

Development is a noun. You can use it as a countable or uncountable noun depending on the context. Use this noun to mean:

  • The buildup to a more advanced state (uncountable)
  • A newly occurring incident in a current affair (countable)
  • The process of maturing (uncountable)
  • The creation of something advanced (uncountable)
  • Process of city formation or growth (uncountable)
  • Advanced cities or land (countable)
  • The product of development (countable)
  • Action or process of correcting something (uncountable)
  • A real estate project with one or more commercial or residential buildings (countable)

You can use this word as a countable noun in its plural form, “developments.” In uncountable contexts, the noun does not take the plural form.

How to Use the Word Developement

This is an incorrect spelling. Therefore, you should not use it in sentences.

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Understanding The Spelling And Pronunciation Of Development And Developement Better

The core difference between these words is the extra “e” in the incorrect spelling. In English grammar, you can add the suffix “-ment” to a verb to form a noun. For example, amaze will become amazement, and deploy becomes deployment. 

However, you do not need to add an extra element to the word. Therefore, develop becomes development and not developement. The suffix “-ment,” originally from French and Latin “mentum,” denotes the result or product of an action represented by a verb.


The word development has four syllables, “de-vel-op-ment.” So, the correct way to articulate it is “/dih-vel-up-ment.” Make sure you remember to stress the second syllable when pronouncing this word.

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Development Vs Developement: More Differences

Besides the spelling and pronunciation differences between these words, let us look at other elements that set them apart.


As explained in earlier sections, developement is an archaic spelling of development. Therefore, while it was once considered a correct spelling, it no longer is. For this reason, this spelling is less popular. Only a few people with spelling difficulties use this word. In contrast, development is a popular word with multiple definitions. Therefore, billions of people use this word in various subjects daily.

Other Word Forms

Apart from development, there are other word forms related to this word, like developmental and redevelopment. In contrast, since developement is an incorrect word, it does not have other word forms.

List Of Examples Of Development And Developement Use In Sentences

Now that the clarity between these words is resolved in the above sections, we can now move to sentence construction. Here are some samples to get you started:

Example sentences of the word development

  1. The development project took longer than expected.
  2. CNN will announce the latest development in the Ukraine and Russia war this evening.
  3. The students wrote notes about the development of microorganisms in catalysts.
  4. My sister’s rapid development shocked the entire family.
  5. The refugee families moved into the development last month.

Example sentences of the word development

  1. The developement cost more money than planned. (INCORRECT)
  2. The boys did not understand how female developement happened faster than theirs. (INCORRECT)
  3. The latest developement was announced in the news. (INCORRECT)
  4. The family moved into the developement after their father passed away. (INCORRECT)
  5. The real estate company made millions of dollars from the developement. (INCORRECT)


This article concludes that developement is an incorrect spelling. Therefore, you should not use it in writing. Instead, use the correct spelling “development.” Feel free to try out this word in as many contexts as possible.