5 Things You Need to Know about Developing a Webinar Registration Page

5 Things You Need To Know About Developing a Webinar Registration Page

When it comes to webinar marketing, there’s little more soul crushing than setting up what you believe to be an elaborate presentation only to have your registration page turn into a complete flop. Why isn’t your beautiful landing page converting?

While we could try to answer that by pointing out common mistakes many webinar marketers make, we’re going to give you five tips for developing a killer webinar registration page instead. That way you can compare your current attempt and make necessary changes, or start from scratch the right way.

1. Customize It

Webinar Landing PageAlthough many hosting services provide built-in tools for the creation of signup pages, they usually aren’t as effective as a customized landing page and form. Yes, you’ll need to do a bit more work, but the number of registrations a user-friendly page with relevant fields and a powerful call to action can yield is often well worth the effort. You can also embed the registration form directly on your website and track the performance of your signup page.

2. Keep the Content Simple

By simple, we mean clear and concise. You want to answer the who, what, when where, and why questions, but you also want to ensure your language is devoid of jargon and that you set the right expectations for potential registrants. Whatever you do, don’t use this as an excuse to create a page that’s thin on information. Your webinar registration landing page is a great place to provide brief and compelling bios of your presenters, as well as other morsels of information that explain the value of the webinar’s content. Use this space to build anticipation and encourage people to reserve their spot. Also, don’t forget to include the price of your webinar if you’re charging for it.

3. Keep the Form Simple

Have you ever come across someone who enjoys filling out long forms that require copious amounts of information and a crowbar to jog his rusty memory? Neither have we, so please don’t force your attendee to provide unnecessary detail right off the bat. Unless, of course, it’s crucial to your presentation. People will bolt in the other direction if your complicated registration process takes more than a few clicks, so plan it out properly before you put your landing page and signup form together.

4. Don’t Forget Optimization Basics

You’ll never drive enough registrations if your page barely registers in SERPs. Therefore, you need to consider all SEO factors while ensuring the content is still fit for human consumption. That means eye-catching headlines that contain a keyword or two, compelling copy that delights both readers and search engines, and optimized code.

5. Become Design Savvy

Webinar Registration Page DesignIn order to maximize conversions, congruency and the placement of certain elements is essential. You’ll need to test your page once it’s live, but be sure to follow best practices for things like CTAs, directional cues, supporting video, messaging, social sharing buttons, navigation, etc. All elements should align with the topic of your landing page, as well as your goal to generate registrations. You’ll also want to pay attention to branding elements during the design phase so that your page looks like it belongs to your business.

Ultimately, a targeted webinar registration page can make or break your event. Have a look at examples on the web and then figure out how certain elements may work for your page. You may find you like the idea of soliciting questions for presenters with an extra field in your signup form or that you have social proof you can incorporate into your copy. Keep your post-registration follow-up and reminder emails in mind, too, as you can use these to build excitement and provide additional details to signups.



Are there any tips you’d add to our list? Do you use the built-in tools provided by a hosting service or do you develop your own customized pages from scratch? Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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