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Deposite Vs. Deposit: What’s The Correct Word To Use?

Deposite Vs. Deposit: What’s The Correct Word To Use?

The most visible difference between the words deposite and deposit is one letter. In fact, you may not notice that they are different words if you are not keen enough. Besides the focus on the spelling, this deposite vs. deposit article will reveal much more about these two words.

Deposite is an archaic or obsolete spelling of deposit. On the other hand, deposit has multiple meanings. A deposit is a “sediment or rock that’s different from its surrounding material or not native to its current location/anything left behind. In banking, a deposit is money placed in the bank.

Besides the additional letter “e” in deposite, there are more differences between this word and deposit. For instance, one of these words is correct while the other is not. Read on to learn more about this topic.

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Definitions Of Deposite And Deposit

Confusing similar-sounding English words is easy if you do not know their definitions. So, the best way to clarify them is by defining each term. For this reason, we conducted extensive research on these words, including their definitions from various online and offline sources. Here are the definitions of deposite and deposit:

Definition Of Deposite

This is the obsolete spelling of deposit. Therefore, while it was traditionally acceptable, it is no longer so.

Definitions Of Deposit

The first and most common definition of “deposit” is in the banking sector. In this sector, a deposit is a sum of money you put into a bank account.” It can either be to your account or a different one. Here is an example in a sentence: “The banker took over thirty minutes counting by first bank deposit.”

In finance, a deposit is a sum of money or an asset given as the first or initial payment. A deposit acts as a show of good faith or allows you to reserve something you wish to purchase. An example sentence is, “George put a deposit for the house purchase two months ago.”

More so, a deposit is a sum of money given to someone as security for a borrowed product that will be given back once the borrowed item is returned. For example, “Isaiah asked for a deposit before lending us his guitar for the project.”

In Geology, a deposit is a concentration of sediment or material in a layer. For example, “The iron ore is rich in deposits.”

Also, still in Geology, a deposit is sediment or rock in a location away from its native occurrence area. So, a deposit is a rock or sediment different from its surrounding elements because it is not native to its current location. An example in a sentence is, “This ore is a perfect example of a deposit.”

In other contexts, a deposit refers to anything left behind on a surface. For example, “The flood left a deposit of seaweed in our backyard.”

In UK English, a deposit is “a sum of money wedged by an election candidate that they must forfeit if they do not receive a specific portion of the votes.” For example, in a sentence, “The Gubernatorial candidate lost his deposit after the conservative’s landslide victory.”

Other sources define a deposit as “a facility where you can deposit items for storage or safe-keeping.” Let’s look at an example in a sentence, “The deposit does not take electronic goods because they are fragile.”

As a verb, the word deposit means “to put or set down.” For example, “Kindly deposit that package on my doorstep.”

As a verb, deposit means “to lay down or leave behind thanks to a natural process.” For example, “The wave will deposit the sea shells on the seashore.”

To deposit means “to give over or entrust something for safe-keeping.” For example, “We will deposit the cash at the bank tomorrow.” It also means “to put money in a bank or financial institution” or “to give a partial payment or security.”

How To Use Deposite And Deposit In A Sentence

The definitions of deposite and deposit prepare you to start using these words in sentences. However, if you are still unsure about how to do this, this section is for you. Here are a few considerations you should know before using these words in sentences:

How To Use The Word Deposite

Since this word no longer exists in the English language, discussing how to use it in sentences would be misleading.

How To Use The Word Deposit

Use this word as a noun in sentences in the following contexts:

  • Referring to the first installment or pledge on a contract or product purchase, like a deposit on a house
  • Money saved in a bank, a bank deposit
  • A show of good faith in a contract or with a lender
  • Accumulating something into a mass, like a deposit of rock samples
  • Accumulated organic matter
  • Organic waste left behind by natural processes, like a deposit of minerals after a flood

This word is also a verb. So, you can apply it as such in the following contexts:

  • Referring to the act of positioning something in a specific spot, like depositing a package
  • To accumulate compactly, like to deposit rocks
  • To unload
  • To give security on a loan
  • To deliver an item to someone

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Deposite Vs. Deposit: What Matters Most About These Words?

The most important thing you should know about these words is that one is correct while the other is not. The correct word here is “deposit.” Something else you should know is that this word has multiple meanings. So, you can apply it in many contexts. Below are other essential details you should know about these words:

Their History And Origin

The word deposit came about in the 1620s from the Latin word “depositum,” meaning “to be placed in safe-keeping.” In the 1660s, this word took on a new meaning “something laid or thrown down.” In 1781, its applications in Geology came up, and in 1737, its applications in finance came about. In contrast, the word desposite was the first English variation of the Latin “depositum.”

Pronunciation And Syllables

Both words have three syllables. However, their division differs. The syllables for deposit are “de-pos-it’ while the syllables for deposite are “de-po-si-te.” Interestingly, they have similar pronunciations “/duh-paa-zuht/.”

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List Of Examples Of Deposite And Deposit Use In Sentences

The sections above explain all the core details you should know about these words. Here are examples of sentences with the word deposit, since it is the correct word form.

Example sentences with the word deposit

  1. The bank did not allow me to withdraw my initial deposit.
  2. The total deposit was not sufficient for the lender.
  3. The lender asked for a deposit to seal the contract.
  4. The mineral deposits attracted many experts to the region.
  5. An ore is an excellent example of a deposit.
  6. Jane accompanied Mary to the bank to make the deposit.
  7. My husband put down a deposit for our new house without my knowledge.
  8. The lender will give us back our deposit after we bring back the borrowed machine.
  9. Will you pay the deposit from the loan, or are you ready for penalties?
  10. June does not make enough money to cover the house deposit, so her mother will take care of it.


Deposite is an incorrect English word, and at the same time, it is archaic. This means that it is no longer applicable, so you may not find it in many online and hard copy dictionaries. So, the correct word between the two is deposit. Whether in formal or informal settings, get used to using the correct form of words.