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Delineated Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Delineated Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Have you heard of the word “delineated” before? If you haven’t, you are not the only one. Luckily, you do not have to worry because you will know the delineated definition and meaning next.

Delineated means “representing something or a finding in images or photos.” Mention this word when describing the image used to explain something or a phenomenon. Another meaning is describing or characterizing something in words. It also means to mark or outline a border or establish a position.

Delineated seems like a complex word when you hear it for the first time. However, you may be shocked by how simple its meaning is and how easily you can apply it in sentences. Read on to learn more about the word “delineated.”

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What Is The Definition Of Delineated?

Delineated is defined as depicting or representing something with pictures. It also means using drawings to represent something.

Below are some sentence examples;

  • He delineated the tree’s gnarled roots in the black and whitewash to give the clients a better look at the issue.
  • The teacher delineated the impact of smoking on the human lungs during the campaign against smoking by WebMD.
  • The students delineated their findings during their research presentation and earned five more points than the rest.

Other Meanings Of Delineated

Here are a few other definitions of delineated and how you can apply them in sentences.

“Delineated” means “to establish the position of a border.” For instance, in a sentence, “The experts delineated the border between the Spanish and American territory in the treaty.”

“Delineated” also means “to show or contain a distinguishing characteristic of something.” For example, “The first tournament delineated the primary differences between the rival teams and helped the coaches form their strategies.”

Another meaning for “delineated” is “form or show the outline of an area.” For instance, “The detectives delineated the area of interest before starting their investigations.”

Use Of Delineated In Different Contexts

Are you ready to exploit this word further? You can use the word “delineated” in various scenarios. Such scenarios are;

  • To describe something represented by an image or photos
  • To explain an area marked in an outline or a border
  • To describe something that is clearly expressed or identified, stated or specified
  • To describe or give a representation or an account of something

Here are sentence examples for the various contexts as indicated above;

  • The geologists delineated the volcanic activity for the scientists to study.
  • The delineated area has been declared out of bounds for the students because of the safety hazard.
  • The students earned extra points for their delineated findings.

2 Questions About Delineated

You probably have a lot of questions regarding this word. Here are answers to the most popular questions newbies ask about this word.

  1. What is the plural of delineated? This word does not have a plural form because it is a verb and not a noun.
  2. What is the opposite of delineated? The opposite of delineated is “unclear, non-vivid details, unspecified or stated.”

What Is The Meaning Of Delineated?

“Delineated” is the simple past tense and past participle of “delineate,” which means “to trace the outline of something or sketch out.”

Below are some sentence examples:

  • The police delineated the crime scene using yellow tape and markers and asked the public to keep off.
  • The geologists delineated the area of interest to ensure they spent time and resources digging the right spot.
  • The homeowner delineated his plot of land with a hedge to keep his neighbors from trespassing and picking fruit from his trees.

Synonyms of delineated 

Exploring the synonyms of a new word can help you understand its multiple meanings. Additionally, it can help your writing come alive and enhance your reading comprehension. Below is a list of words with similar meanings;

Antonyms Of Delineated

You can use antonyms in speech, writing, and various literary devices, like synecdoche and paradox. Antonyms provide a more accurate understanding of a new word. Here is a list of words with opposite meanings as “delineated.”

  • Vague
  • Imprecise
  • Softened
  • Obscure
  • Blurry
  • Indefinite
  • Unexplicit 
  • Distorted

Words Rhyming With Delineated

You have probably heard many rhyming songs and games kids learn at school when teachers teach language and vocabulary. All you need to do is find words that rhyme with the word you want to learn. Here are words with similar sounds as delineated;

  • Complicated
  • Related
  • Separated
  • Abbreviated
  • Associated
  • Celebrated
  • Educated
  • Emancipated

How To Use Delineated In A Sentence

The word delineated is a verb. Therefore, use it in a sentence to describe a subject’s actions.

A good trick for learning to use a new word in sentences is knowing what part of speech it is. In English, parts of speech are significant in sentence construction and syntax. Note that syntax refers to how words combine to form larger units, like phrases and sentences.

Word Forms Of Delineated

Delineated is the past tense of “delineate,” meaning “to stretch out, draw, or trace an outline.” For example, in a sentence, “Over the past few decades, it has become harder to delineate these borders.” Below are other word forms of delineated and how you can apply them in sentences.

  • The third-person singular simple present indicative form of “delineated” is “delineates.” For example, in a sentence, “This mandate explains how the board delineates its roles and responsibilities.”
  • The present participle of “delineated” is “delineating.” For instance, in a sentence, “The new paper describes the sociological evidence delineating the influence of fatherlessness on children in the Asian community.”
  • The other verb form of “delineated” is “deline.” In a sentence, Cassandra is limited by her job options but chooses to deline her path through business ownership.
  • The adjective form for “delineated” is “delineable.” In a sentence, “The domain fades into less delineable areas like pragmatics.”
  • Another adjective form of “delineated” is “delineative.’ For instance, in a sentence, “The delineative objects and figures are hard to see and explain.”
  • The noun forms for “delineated” are delineation and delineator. In sentences, (The next step is the delineation of various approaches that provide reliable results) and (The primary delineator is the number of coffee buys you need before getting a free cup).
  • Other noun forms of “delineated” are; delineament, delineations, delineaments, and delineators.

10 Examples Of Delineated In A Sentence

Creating sentences using the new word you want to learn will help you fix its meaning and spelling in your memory. The sentences will also serve as a reminder of the new word if it is hard to memorize. Check out the following examples of the word “delineated” in a sentence before you start composing your own.

  1. I delineated the rows of my garden before planting my seeds to make sure the vegetables grow in a precise line.
  2. Jason was petulant with his neighbor that he delineated his property by putting up a fence.
  3. The Wilson parents delineated the house chores to help their kids complete them by knowing what to do.
  4. The constant attacks on social evils were delineated through various folk art forms.
  5. The Mediterranean is delineated with surprising fidelity on the old charts you can only find at the public library.
  6. You must create clean, well-delineated lines with crisp edges to start the project according to the instructions.
  7. I admire how Prince William has delineated the disconnect between his family and his new bride with admirable brevity and clarity.
  8. The difficult elements between Venus and the Moon are not properly delineated for astrology students.
  9. The plants came complete with their own firmly delineated characteristics, making their care and maintenance quite challenging.
  10. The Mediterranean is widely heterogeneous, composed of numerous disparate, sharply delineated microenvironments.

How Do You Spell Delineated?

The correct spelling for this word is “D.E.L.I.N.E.A.T.E.D.”

Learning the correct spelling for new words improves your writing skills, makes sense of language, gives you confidence when writing, and teaches grammar and proper sentence structure. Additionally, correct spelling helps improve your pronunciation and allows you to communicate properly with others.

How Do You Pronounce Delineated?

The correct pronunciation for delineated is “/di-ˈli-nē-ˌā-təd/” or /dee-ˈli-nee-ˌay-tuhd/”

Pronunciation is a vital element in English speaking. However, it is not a skill that comes naturally. It is a physical skill that requires regular practice, especially when dealing with new words. The correct pronunciation of new words will give you confidence when using them in conversations.

How Many Syllables Are In Delineated?

The word delineated has five syllables.

The five syllables are; “de – lin – e – at – ed.” Breaking long words into syllables is a great approach for improving your reading skills and learning pronunciation. Syllables are a fantastic way to introduce your children to new words.

History & Etymology Of Delineated

The word “delineated” stems from Latin “delineatus,” past participle of “delineare,” meaning “to stretch out.”

The root “de” means “completely, down, from, off, or concerning,” and “lineare,” which means “draw lines.” The root “lineare” comes from “linea,” meaning “line.”

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When Was Delineated First Used?

The word “delineated” was first used in 1559 to “represent pictorially.”

However, by the early 1600s, many people, including writers, started using this word as “describe, represent to the mind or understanding, portray in words.”


Delineated is commonly used in Geology, law enforcement, and characterization. Now that you know its definition, multiple meanings, and how you can use it in sentences, feel free to share this knowledge with others, including your fellow English enthusiasts.