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Degrading Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Degrading Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Your understanding of various vocabulary defines your foundation of language comprehension. Therefore, enhancing your vocabulary and learning unfamiliar words eliminates doubts in your text and understanding of what others say. Today we will learn the “degrading definition.”

Degrading means “characterized by dishonor.” Degrading describes something or someone disrespectful or dishonorable. Degrading also means “something that causes humiliation or is harmful to the mind or morals.” Refer to the term when describing lowering dignity or bringing contempt.

The word degrading has been around since the 14th century. Therefore, it has been featured in many literary works and conversations. Read the rest of this post to learn the definition, meanings, history, spelling, pronunciation, and how to use “degrading” in sentences.

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What Is The Definition Of Degrading?

Degrading is “to lower or wear away something or someone’s dignity.” When that happens, there is an aspect of dishonor or contempt. It can happen because of something underlying or out of hate.

Here are some examples in sentences:

  • The workers held nationwide campaigns condemning the degrading treatment the factory employees receive from their seniors.
  • The chemicals are degrading the organic compounds and will eventually lead to death if nothing is done.
  • The boss should be arrested and punished for degrading the nurses in front of the patients.

Other Meanings Of Degrading

Degrading is a word with diverse meanings. That means you can comfortably use it in different contexts, provided it fits correctly. Here are some of the meanings.

Meaning 1: In Geology, the word “degrading” means to lower or wear away by erosion or weathering. Therefore, a field is degraded when it is affected by weather or natural activities. For example, in a sentence, “The degrading land is no longer of use to the state.”

Meaning 2: In the environmental field, the word “degrading” means to cause an organic compound to undergo degradation or decomposition. Therefore, an organic compound is described as degrading when it goes through decomposition. For instance, in a sentence, “The animal waste has been degrading since the new chemicals were added.”

Meaning 3: Another meaning of degrading is “to sink or lower a person in the estimation of the public.” For example, “The lawyers proved without a doubt that Mary intended to show how degrading Mark’s character has been.”

Meaning 4: The word “degrading” also means to stop operating like before because it is damaged or has been compromised. In a sentence, “The degrading machines are no longer working as they should.

Degrading In Different Contexts

In language, context is the meaning of a text surrounding a certain expression. It can be a word, sentence, act, or phrase. Context also refers to situations when you can use a word, depending on its meaning. Understanding the contexts in which a word applies will help you understand its meaning better. Use the word “degrading” whenever your context allows you to;

  • Describe a demeaning act characterized by humiliation.
  • Cause someone to feel angry, indignant, upset, or angry.
  • Showcase some form of shame, disgrace, or degradation.
  • Show no moral principles.
  • Cause someone to feel uneasy, embarrassed, or like an inconvenience.
  • To lower in position or status.
  • Show an act of contempt or irreverence towards something formerly considered sacred.
  • Expound on the present participle for lowering in standing, disrespect, diluted concentration, quality, or purity.

Below are some examples featuring the different contexts of the word degrading.

  • The managers have been fired for their degrading actions against the workers and suppliers.
  • The chaos started because of the congresswoman’s degrading remarks about the Latin community.
  • He turned into a cold and ill-mannered child because of the degrading treatment he endured from his foster parents over the years.
  • The degrading machines at the factory have caused reduced productivity and several injuries to the employees.

Questions Asked Most About Degrading

Many people have studied the word “degrading.” Below are some questions many of them ask about this word.

Can you use degrading as a positive word? According to its meaning, degrading is not a positive word. Therefore, it is often applied in negative contexts, like explaining embarrassing or disgracing acts. For these reasons, degrading is not a positive word.

Does the word “degrading” have a plural? Degrading is an adjective or verb. Therefore, it does not have a singular or plural form. Note that in the English language, only nouns have singular and plural forms.

What Is The Meaning Of Degrading?

Degrading means “treating someone with disrespect or intentionally doing things to lower someone’s rank or make something not as good as it was.” In other words, it means breaking down, dishonoring, or deteriorating.

Below are examples in sentences;

  • Talking down to someone or insulting him is an example of degrading behavior.
  • Scientists have worked so hard to determine why the chemicals keep degrading.
  • The panelists explained the degrading treatment workers received from the management and how the company had no part in it.

Synonyms Of Degrading

Some words with similar meanings as degrading are;

  • Disparaging
  • Slighting
  • Contemptuous
  • Depreciative
  • Uncomplimentary
  • Detractive
  • Shameful
  • Mortifying

Antonyms of Degrading

Here is a list of words with opposite meanings as degrading;

  • Commendatory
  • Complimentary
  • Laudative
  • Dignified
  • Appreciative
  • Favorable
  • Good
  • Adulatory

Words That Rhyme With Degrading

Below are some words that sound the same as degrading;

  • Becoming
  • Dangling
  • Baking
  • Depressing
  • Battering
  • Debilitating
  • Defacing
  • Bathing

How To Use Degrading In A Sentence

Depending on the context, you can use degrading in a sentence as a noun or adjective. You can also use different forms of this word.

Below is an explanation of the primary word forms of degrading.

  • Degrading is the present participle of degrade.
  • The past tense of degrading is degraded.
  • The third-person singular simple present indicative form of degrading is degrade.
  • The past, present participle of degrading is degraded.
  • The verb for degrading is degrade.
  • Another adjective form of degrade is degrative or degradative.

10 Examples Of Degrading In A Sentence

To enhance your understanding of the word “degrading,” we have prepared the following examples for you. Read keenly and try creating your sentences for a better understanding.

  1. The degrading comments she made at the parade got her fired.
  2. Society has been degrading toward the indifferent for centuries.
  3. Degrading remarks and treatment can negatively impact your mental state.
  4. The degrading machines have cost the company many lawsuits from injured employees.
  5. The press did their best not to include degrading remarks when discussing the former president.
  6. The degrading organic compounds produce a foul smell.
  7. Amara decided to quit the cast of Barbie Hills because of the degrading treatment from the producers and executives.
  8. I left that relationship with nothing but memories of the degrading treatment from the man I loved with all my heart.
  9. The whole industry will burn down if you do not replace the degrading machines.
  10. She has learned to bully people by degrading them in public.

How Do You Spell Degrading?

The correct spelling for this word is “D.E.G.R.A.D.I.N.G.”

The English language has many words formed with the 26 letters of the alphabet. You can expect many similar words. For this reason, any spelling mistake could change the word you intend to write and it’s meaning. You should always make a point of practicing and mastering the correct spellings, especially for new words as you learn them.

How Do You Pronounce Degrading?

According to the International Phonetic Alphabet, the correct pronunciation for “degrading” is “/di-greidin/”

You can pronounce this word by splitting it into syllables. For instance, the right American pronunciation for degrading is “duh – gray – duhng.” Practice pronouncing this word as you record yourself until you master it.

How Many Syllables Are In Degrading?

The word “degrading” has three syllables.

The three syllables in “degrading” are; “de – grad – ing.” Unlike most English words, “degrading” does not have a stressed syllable. Therefore, all its syllables are pronounced the same.

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History & Etymology Of Degrading

The word degrading was formed from the word “degraden,” meaning “deprive of office, dignity, honors, or reduce from a higher to a lower position or rank.”

The word degrading also stems from the word “degrade,” which means to treat someone with contempt. Also, degrade comes from the Old French “degrader,” meaning “to deprive one of office or rank.” The prefix “des” comes from “dis,” meaning “down, lack of, opposite, apart, or away.” The suffix grade comes from “gradi,” which means “to step down or walk away.” From the 1640s, the word degrade has been defined as “lower in character or cause to deteriorate.”

When Was Degrading First Used?

The word “degrading” was first used in the 14th century as “deny of office or decrease from a higher to an inferior position.”

The first recorded application of the word “degrading” was also at the same time. However, its Latin, Old French, and German translation came about two centuries earlier. Regardless, the word has been used the same way since its invention.


“Degrading” means “to humiliate, dishonor, lower in rank, or cause inferiority.” It comes in many forms that you can use in sentences. This article explains everything you need to know to add “degrading” to your growing vocabulary list. Feel free to share your thoughts after mastering this new word.