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Degenerate Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Degenerate Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Your curiosity about the word “degenerate” will get aroused when you come across any phrase, sentence, or question with the word. For instance, the question: “Is the world degenerating or getting better?” will have you wondering what degenerate means. But worry not because degenerate definition, meaning, and use in sentences is what we’re all about in this piece. 

Degenerate: An adjective for “to become worse in quality.” The word describes something that has sunk below the standard level. Therefore, it has deteriorated in value in sentences. Replace “deteriorate” with “degenerate” in your speech and writings.

The word “degenerate” describes different people, things, animals, situations, and happenings. Due to its versatile nature, it is not easy to understand how to use the word, especially if you are coming across it for the first time. But the article below will give clear definitions and meanings so that you become confident when using the word.

short hair womanWhat is the Definition of Degenerate?

Degenerate: Adjective “no longer needed or effective.” You might have something like a tool or machine that is no longer capable of doing what it used to do. In such a scenario, use “degenerate” to describe it.

Use the word to describe once valuable things that have lost their value or functionality due to age, overuse, or damage. These are tools or products you can no longer rely on like you once did. In some instances, “degenerate” can be something that is expired and of no good use anymore.

Here are example sentences:

  • Joel is a degenerate member of the noble family.
  • The oranges were so degenerate that no one was interested in them.
  • Over the years, the wings of the bird species became degenerate.

Degenerates: Noun “having a low standard of behavior.” Use the word to describe someone who is morally depraved or sexually perverted. As a noun, the word also describes someone or something that has lost its good and desirable qualities. 

Here are example sentences:

  • The social degenerates are what is wrong with our society today.
  • Ignore those who try to bring you down as they are just social degenerates that do not have any sense of decency.
  • The degenerate nature of the village elders worried us; they did not seem to have anything to say about the situation.

What is the Meaning of Degenerate?

Degenerate: Verb “to deteriorate physically, mentally, or morally.” The word can describe someone, something, or a situation that seems to be deteriorating. It also describes someone who lives or spends a certain amount of time dull, inactive, or unchangeable.

Here are example sentences:

  • I know that the meeting will degenerate into fights and insults.
  • After the prop fell, the show was fast to degenerate into confusion and a blame game.
  • Killing the main character of the T.V. show is not a good idea as it could degenerate the rest of the show.

Degenerate in Various Educational Fields

  1. What does degenerate mean in biology? In Biology, the word degenerate describes an organ or a part of a body that has become functionless during evolution.
  2. What does degenerate mean in mathematics? It means “like having a factor that is constant or close or equal to zero compared to a typical case.”
  3. What does degenerate mean in genetics? It means “having more than one codon represented in an amino acid structure.”
  4. What does degenerate mean in chemistry and physics? It describes having two or more states of subdivision of the same energy or frequency.
  5. What does degenerate mean in astronomy? Characterized by atoms that get stripped of their electrons, they vary greatly in density.
  6. What is the meaning of degenerate in anime? The word degenerate is used to describe people who consume and enjoy sexually themed anime in the anime world.

Synonyms and Antonyms of the Word Degenerate

When learning a new word, take time to find words that have near meaning or are opposite to the word. That will help in improving your vocabulary. Below are synonyms and antonyms of the word degenerate.


  • Depraved
  • Immoral
  • Dishonorable
  • Sick
  • Rotten
  • Vicious
  • Decay
  • Sinking
  • Unhealthy
  • Failing
  • Washed-up
  • Done
  • Ended
  • Corrupt
  • Ended


  • Moral
  • Pure
  • Clean
  • Healthy
  • Good
  • Right
  • Nice
  • Noble
  • Just
  • Principled
  • Ethical
  • Religious
  • Devout
  • Worthy
  • Righteous 

Words That Rhyme with Degenerate

Are you searching for words with the same sound as the word degenerate? It is vital to note that having the same sound does not imply that they have the same meaning. Here are the words that you might be looking for.

  • Accelerate
  • Generate
  • Certificate
  • Duplicate
  • Participate
  • Replicate
  • Penetrate
  • Surrogate
  • Passionate
  • Evaporate
  • Emulate
  • Innate
  • Parade
  • Relate
  • Rotate
  • Grate

Degenerate vs. denigrate: A common word that gets confused frequently is degenerate and denigrate. Generate means to lose good or desirable qualities, while “denigrate” will mean to treat as worthless or degraded.

How to Use Degenerate in a Sentence

Be careful when using the word degenerate in your sentences. Note that the word can be an adjective, noun, or verb. So, you need to think carefully when using the word to ensure that you use it correctly. 

When using the word “degenerate” in your sentences, remember that this is a negative word used to show the bad quality of character. In most cases, this is a word that shows something morally bad.

Family Words of Degenerate

Degenerately (adverb): In a degenerate manner.

Here are example sentences:

  • The wife wanted a divorce because John plasters himself degenerately in immoral behaviors.
  • His addiction to drugs came in degenerately; it is no wonder it surprised everyone.
  • Due to the high temperatures, the plant degenerately died.

Degenerateness (noun): A sinking state of low moral standards and behavior.

Here are example sentences:

  • The degenerateness of the artist during his last party days.
  • The degenerateness of the building is due to negligence.
  • It was the degenerateness of how he lived his life that made him not have friends.

10 Examples of Degenerate in a Sentence

Are you looking forward to learning more about this word? Here are 10 example sentences to start with. They will motivate you as you start your sentences.

  1. Get a clear understanding of this historical structure because it can easily degenerate into something else.
  2. It is not his character to be so degenerate during a meal.
  3. The ancient tribe could have degenerate offspring.
  4. His feelings for her will easily degenerate from love to lust.
  5. His mother cried because his child proved to be degenerate.
  6. If you look at this theorem presented in the classroom, the triangle can degenerate into many shapes.
  7. If he continues to study aliens, his mind may degenerate into madness.
  8. Is it true that the human species will degenerate morally in tropical climates?
  9. After looking at his trophies, he was first to degenerate into his chair, sad to know who he had become.
  10. All his peers from town are degenerates; I do not know how he managed to make something of himself.

How Do You Spell Degenerate?

Do you know the correct spelling of “degenerate?” It is “D.E.G.E.N.E.R.A.T.E.” 

When spelling this word, do not forget to add the last “e” in the word. This is a common mistake most people writing the word make.

Poor spellings could lead to people not understanding your message or disregarding it. So, it is vital to learn the correct way to spell the words you want to write down so that people who read your speech or message understand what you are saying.

How Do You Pronounce Degenerate?

The spelling in American English is “dih-jen-uh-reyt.”

The word “degenerate” is one of those words with different spellings in American and British English. So, learn the best way to pronounce the word to avoid mistakes. 

If you want to be a pro in English, you need to know the best ways to pronounce the word. Otherwise, people will not take you seriously, and some might make fun of you due to improper pronunciation.

How Many Syllables Are In Degenerate?

The word “degenerate” has four syllables divided into “” The stressed syllable of the word is “gen.”

History & Etymology of Degenerate

The word “degenerate” comes from the Latin word “degeneratus.” The word’s original meaning is “to be inferior,” or “to become unlike, or one kind.”

The original Latin word is “degenus,” which, when divided, “de” means “off or away from,” and “genus” means “birth descent.” 

woman checking walletWhen Was Degenerate First Used?

The first use of the word “degenerate” was in the 1540s. 

When the word was introduced in the English language, it had the meaning “to lose or suppress impairment to the qualities of the proper race or kind. It was also used to mean decay in quality or pass an inferior state.


Now that you have learned the word degenerate definition, meaning, and usage, practice and memorize the word by using it in various sentences. Note that the only way to understand and memorize a word is by practicing it often with your friends and peers. We would also like to hear from you by sharing some constructive sentences that you have used with the word “degenerate.”