4 Tips for Creating an Awesome Webinar Invitation That Drives Registrations

4 Tips for Creating an Awesome Webinar Invitation That Drives Registrations

Webinar InvitationWithout a qualified target audience, your webinar is practically meaningless. After all, you can’t reach the business goal your presentation is designed to achieve when there’s no one to take action or convert. Therefore, you want to kick off the registration process on a high note with a winning webinar invitation that builds your list of attendees.

To ensure you get your messaging spot-on right from the start, follow these four easy tips:

Tip 1: Write a Killer Subject Line

One of the toughest jobs you’ll have as a webinar marketer is persuading your target audience to open your email invite in the first place. The sheer volume of incoming mail overwhelms most people, which is why many will often choose to open a message based on its subject line alone. A great subject line should be attention-grabbing (that doesn’t mean ALL CAPS), concise, compelling (but not hype happy), and focused on the core benefit of the webinar. Also, steer clear of language that could be caught up in SPAM filters.

Tip 2: Pick an Attractive Design

You may be limited for choice by the email marketing software or application you’re using, but many providers offer great templates for email blasts. Consider stepping up your game with a design that’s not only in line with your branding, but that also supports the overall look and feel you’re hoping to create for your webinar presentation.

Tip 3: Make It Highly Targeted and Personal

Hopefully, you’ve already segmented your subscriber or lead list and you’ve gathered enough personal information to address potential audience members by name. Not only do you want to be very specific about the people you’re sending this email to, but you also want to ensure you add a personal touch that wins them over whenever you can. A “Hey Joe” can sound a lot more inviting than a “Hey there,” so think about your list targeting and personalization options when constructing your invite.

Tip 4: Get the Structure and Messaging Right

Before you start writing your promotional copy, you want to ensure you have:

  • An outline of your agenda;
  • Details on the webinar title, guest speakers, date, time, and length;
  • Links to your registration page;
  • And the list of key features and benefits of your webinar.

Once you have this information at hand, you’ll want to focus on creating your email body. The important thing to keep in mind here is that you’re writing to your ideal audience members—people who are actually interested in hearing about the topic you’ll be covering in your webinar, and people who can help you reach the business goal you’re longing to achieve. A deep understanding of these individuals will help you identify and use language that’s going to appeal to their senses and convince them to take action and register.

As part of the email body, you’ll need to address the pain point this webinar will solve, introduce the title of the webinar, explain what viewers can expect, highlight the best features and benefits, and provide basic event details. Most importantly, you’ll need to link to the dedicated landing page you’re using for registrations and include a strong call-to-action that encourages people to signup.

Webinar registration and attendanceWhatever you do, make certain:

  • You’ve built interest and a genuine desire to learn more;
  • Your instructions are clear;
  • And you’ve established a sense of urgency in your CTA.

Do that and you’ll be selling virtual seats to your webinar like hotcakes.

As a final note, it’s important to be prepared for no-shows. While you may have written super hot promotional copy even the greats would admire, there will likely be a number of registrants whose interest was only lukewarm. You may need to examine why people dropped out if there’s a massive discrepancy, but at least you’ll know it’s not because your invitation stinks.


Did you find these tips for creating a webinar invitation useful? Perhaps you’re an invitation writing ninja with a few tips of your own to share. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic so drop us a line in the comment section.

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