Hire a Copywriter in San Antonio: Finding Freelance Writers

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In a world cluttered with a lot of mediocre content, many people are looking for quality copywriters for various needs. Some business owners need sales copy, blog articles, or general high-end website content. Others only need articles for marketing purposes. Whatever the case is, there are many ways to hire a copywriter in San Antonio and other parts of the world for that matter. 

Businesses in the past relied on someone in-house to do a lot of the writing. These days, going the freelancer route is extremely popular. It is easier than ever to find freelancers with specializations in particular niches, and there are actual websites out there that make the process as simplified as possible.

Why use a freelance copywriter?

The biggest reason why people end up hiring a freelance copywriter is that they do not have someone to do a particular writing job. Maybe no one is an expert on a topic enough to write confidently. Perhaps no one has time. There is also the possibility that no person feels confident enough to write at a high level. Whatever the reasoning, going freelance is easy on a per-assignment basis.

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Finding Copywriting Pros in San Antonio and around the world

Some copywriting assignments might be specific to a particular city or region. When that is the case, it is best to hire someone local. That is why searching in the San Antonio area might be the best bet for people who want to feel authentic when using the finished article. 

There will always be some benefits to stay in local, as writers in the San Antonio area will be able to make distinct connections to local spots. For example, a writer in a different country probably is not going to know much about a family-owned business in San Antonio. For any type of writing that relates to something very local, it requires specialized knowledge.

Not all businesses need to be so localized. That is where online platforms that open up assignments to everyone in the world can help. There might not be an expert that fits the right price range locally, but there is someone out there with knowledge on a niche. Not only will people get a competitive rate, but they will be able to decide who fits their style most.

What are other advantages of using content websites like The Content Authority?

Having a direct connection to skilled writers is a huge advantage, but there are several other advantages to using a service like this. Some people do not understand until they go through the process, but it can end up being a massive game-changer for any type of business.


Less money spent overall

Using a freelancer means that money goes towards copywriting only when there is work that needs doing. Having someone in-house in charge of copywriting can end up being pretty costly if there is not enough work for them to stay busy all the time. Most freelancers are working with a few different clients, so it is a win-win situation for all.

less money spent

With competitive set prices, there is no need to bargain every deal and set up a payment structure. Just add funds to the account, pick the writer tier, and wait for the finished content to be submitted.

New perspectives

There are times when businesses get a little stagnant, and that could be the perfect time to bring someone new in for a fresh perspective. Instead of having the same writer all the time, some businesses will opt to use several different riders to keep everything fresh.

A lot of content websites like The Content Authority have tens if not hundreds of writers who all have similar writing skills. That means content stays fresh and different. Of course, if a person does end up loving a particular writer or two, they can submit direct orders to them as well.

Unique solutions

Is it possible to have someone on staff capable of handling any type of new writing? Yes, but even the most talented individuals need help at times. Since there are so many freelancers with certain levels of expertise, there is a way to make the perfect hire every single time. That allows businesses to show that they have in-depth knowledge on a particular topic, even if no one currently on staff understands.

The internet even offers opportunities to hire writers fluent in different languages. Using these writers can open up a whole new world for businesses as they try to expand and reach different areas.

Customized turnaround times

Need something very quickly? A freelancer can get the job done. There might be some additional fees for quick turnaround time, but it is very easy to get something done in 24 hours or less in a lot of cases. It can take more time than that just to find a capable writer without the assistance of a website like The Content Authority. Whenever there is a deadline, a writer is available sooner than most people think.

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How content websites like The Content Authority help

Even as recently as just a few years ago, finding a writer online was a major challenge. It involved doing a lot of the vetting process without any assistance and spending a lot of time finding writers of a certain skill level. In that amount of time, a lot of people could end up getting the content completed themselves.

Content websites have many different active writers in every tier, ready to take projects on right away. By placing an order, it is dropped into a pool for any writer to take if they qualify. They have a set amount of time to get the article done, and it is released to the client to review as soon as they submit.

Clients have the opportunity to accept the article submitted to them or request an edit. If an edit is asked for, the original writer has a limited time to make the changes to still be eligible for payment. The process moves quickly and prevents writers from getting too overworked. It also works as a checks and balances system to make sure that writers are in the proper tier.

There are also opportunities to hire writers directly through websites like these, which opens up a chance to get to know a specific writer in particular. After accepting a rate, it is going to drop into their queue every single time a new article order comes in.

What are the different copywriter pricing levels?

Once a person decides that they need to hire a copywriter in San Antonio, or any location around the world for that matter, the next step is to think about a budget. It cost money to get quality content, and most websites that offer content writers have different pricing levels depending on what a person needs.

On The Content Authority, there are four tiers of writers, depending on quality. This is the breakdown of the different tiers, and general expectations for any type of work order through similar sites as well.

Tier 1 – Basic

Tier 1 is the cheapest option for people in need of standard content writing. A lot of people use this tier for articles used for marketing more than anything. It is generally not recommended for these articles to go directly to clients or used for website content.

Tier 2 – Great

A very common choice for bulk orders, Tier 2 is an excellent solution for those who are on a tight budget and want a little more quality compared to what is available above. It still might not be the highest of quality to be posted on a website or shared as a business, but there are generally uses for this type of content in other ways.

Tier 3 – Excellent

Another very popular tier is this excellent option for people needing quick turnaround times as soon as possible. It is very affordable for a lot of business owners, and they do not have to sacrifice much quality at all. It is not going to be quite the same level as Tier 4, but still extremely high-quality.

Tier 4 – Expert

Tier 4 is the premium article solution for people who are looking for the best of the best. Only seasoned writers have the opportunity to pick up these articles, and they have proven themselves time and time again to be the best on the website. Anyone looking for sales copy or an overall high degree of authority will benefit from the expert here.

Paying for Tier 4 articles is pretty expensive compared to the others, but those needing premium content still find it very worth it.

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Is a freelance writer ultimately worth it?

A lot of work goes into running a business, and copywriting is just one key component. Quality content is a real difference-maker online. There are so many options available to find a freelancer these days that it only makes sense to go this route.

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