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Content Creation

Content Creation

Skillful Content Creation Starts Booming E-Business Success!


Artful integration of pertinent keywords into website text is indispensable to effective content creation. Including relevant keywords with the optimal occurrence frequency and form are no longer optional for online business success.

First Things First

Empirical studies have consistently revealed a very real and positive correlation between keyword primacy within webpage content and search engine ranking. Convey the relevant operative concepts right away by including them within featured article titles.  A major advantage of The Content Authority is a standard requirement that authors include the primary keyword provided within all content titles.

Variations on a Familiar Virtual Theme

In deciding what keywords to include within your overall e-business content creation campaign, do not forget synonyms and alternative phrasing. Also, lend serious consideration to all possible peripheral concepts likely to be included in search engine queries. For instance, do not limit yourself to "term life insurance." Rather, include ancillary phrases such as "premium," "whole life," and "policy."

Proper Form Also Pro Forma

In addition to selecting the ideal substantive keyword content, ensuring optimal conveyance of the underlying operate concept they represent is equally crucial. Thus, proper sentence structure and overall textual syntax are very important. Consider the following examples for the keyword "emoticons."

'Contrary to popular perception, emoticons are nothing new.'
'Most find it hard to believe that emoticons have existed for centuries.'

Both statements convey the same basic concept. The first sentence highlights the keyword much better, however, with its strategic post-comma position. Immediately following pause-demanding punctuation is an ideal attention-demanding keyword placement.

In addition, the first statement's introductory phrase has greater concision and precision. This makes it much easier to follow than the circuitous route of the second expression. Dashes are another dynamic content creation tool that helps maximize desired reader impact.

Modern Web Surfers Much Wiser

"Every generation gets weaker and wiser." This sage Scripture is just as applicable to modern-day web surfing as it was to ancient societies. Illiteracy is no longer commonplace.  Nor do we have to journey long distances to listen to public readings by scribes to glean the latest news. Neither are hours of tedious labor with primitive chisels over thick stone slabs necessary to complete a single page of text.

Instead, immense data transmission occurs instantaneously with the mere touch of a button or click of a mouse. Thanks to compulsory education laws, virtually all search engine users and webpage viewers possess minimal reading comprehension skill.

All these marvels of today's high-tech Information Age have made consumers "weaker" by not having to work as hard to receive data. It has also made them much wiser, however, by facilitating the ability to distinguish between high-quality presentations and superfluous fluff.


A Big "No-No" for Big Business

After major misspellings, gross grammatical errors, and similar lexis gaffes, keyword stuffing is the single biggest error e-businesses commit. This common goof is typically results from attempts at avoiding the tragic mistake of total keyword

Picture of Content Creation

Content Creation No No's


Do not try to overcompensate by stuffing back-to-back keyword occurrences into online content. This seriously detracts from your fundamental message, wastes valuable virtual space, and is a very insulting turnoff to site visitors.


Ideal Sentence Infrastructure Also Imperative

Another aspect of superior content creation is the proper placement of primary and secondary keywords within sentences and paragraphs. The repetitious weaving of required keywords within text while keep them inconspicuous and prominent requires specialized writing skill. Competent execution of this feat is a rare talent. It is liberally available, however, among the collective literary talent of The Content Authority literary affiliates.

"Constant Vigilance is the Price of Freedom"

The ongoing discernment and deducing of optimal keywords is an integral part of your internet-based business content creation strategy.

Changing social trends and rapid technological advances make today's top news obsolete by tomorrow. This calls for constant re-evaluation of most recent, relevant keywords and phrases. Attaining maximum online business success is possible only by maintaining vigilant, ongoing marketplace surveillance.