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Having fresh content at your disposal has never been as important as it is today. With search engine algorithms changing on a regular basis, the need for informative well-written content has never been so vital. If content generation is not your strong suit, writing services are tailor made to suit your needs.

 Advantages of Services Writing Companies Offer

Picture of Services Writing Companies Perform

Use Services Writing Companies Provide

There are many options that you can use to your advantage. If you need to revitalize your About Us/Me page on your website, then engaging a writing service to carefully craft you the perfect summary just might be the answer you are looking for. If you are too busy running your business to keep up your companys blog then engaging a writer to ghost write regular blog posts could solve your problem. When it comes to handy services writing is one that is easily outsourced to a stable of intelligent articulate writers just waiting to create impressive content for you. Simply by providing a general description of exactly what your needs are, content providers can craft copy to suit your needs. From item descriptions for your website to submissions for an online article directory, ghost writers can fulfill just about any need.

Services Writing Content Include TCA

TCA has become the go-to source for quality ghost-written content online. The staff and writers at The Content Authority work closely on a daily basis to ensure that requested content is delivered in a timely quality-driven fashion. Writers work in a variety of different time zones, so that there is usually a pool of content creators eagerly awaiting opportunities to write. If you need an article crafted on a recent news event pertaining to the focus of your company for your blog, a ghost writer from TCA can make that a reality in very short order. If visits to your website have been trailing off as of late, injecting fresh content on a regular basis might be just what your site needs to regain its search engine placement. If you perform a web search for your company and find that your site is dropping in the search results, it just might be time to implement a new content strategy for your website. Rather than forcing yourself to try to create stimulating content all on your own, you can instead engage the services of a ghost writing firm like The Content Authority.

Services Writing Professionals Offer Will Help Your Site

Think of hiring a ghost writer the same way you would hire any other expert. If you needed a tooth pulled, you would not think of making an appointment with a chiropractor for your dental needs. If your car needed an oil change, you would not visit your local flower shop for your automotive needs. The same theory applies when you need quality written content; you hire a professional. Writing services take the worry out of establishing strong working relationships with talented writers. Services like TCA engage the services of writers and take care of the screening and editorial oversight. They ensure that writers of every level are available, so that no matter what your writing requirements are, they are sure to have a professional available to suit your needs. Quality control is taken care of so that you can rest assured that grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be a high priority. Writers are regularly vetted to ensure that the content they are submitting meets the exacting standards TCA has become famous for. The staff of TCA is in daily contact with writers to ensure that a strong quality driven focus is maintained. The relationship between The Content Authority and its writers is an extremely strong one. TCA loyalists are commonplace when it comes to our writers. When the common goal is quality content, it is easy to understand why TCA and its writers have such a strong bond.

If taking your business to the next level is your top priority, it is time to engage the services of writing professionals. Working with a team of literary craftspeople can take your firm to new heights. There is no reason to put off success any longer. Opt for the best in the business; there is a reason we are called The Content AUTHORITY.

Blog Content

Keeping It Fresh: Blog Content Made Easy


In an effort to keep your website and its online content up-to-date and constantly refreshed, the best practice to succeed in this environment is to build a blog. Writing and updating blog content will help the internet spiders, who seek and return information as search engine results, retrieve your information more accurately through updated content. Keeping fresh online content on your website is a premier way to optimize your site’s page ranking within the search engine results page. It also helps you communicate with your target audience more often, efficiently and effectively.

 How to Build a Blog

Picute of building with blog content

How To Build Blog Content

If you have not already incorporated a blog, which is a combination of the words “web” and “log”, onto your website, contact your website administrator to add a page to your site that allows you to add or update the information that appears there in a blog format. Company blogs are typically maintained by one individual, to cultivate a consistent tone in the company’s message. However, some institutions, such as law firms or medical practices, will allow different affiliates to post entries based on expertise.

Smaller companies, consultants, or individuals who have created an idea or product to share amongst the masses, which operate without a company website, can build a blog through a number of online outlets for free. These sites can be promoted through individual efforts such as mass emails or social networking. Websites such as Google’s Blogger or the independent WordPress blogging site are both easy to use blogging hosts that provide its users with step-by-step instructions in setting up a blog, and tips on how to maintain them once they are published. These sites will help afford your product or idea a forum to thrive with its very own webpage that you control with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

 Blog Content and Frequency

Blog content, although different for every industry, should contain information that is relative to the commerce of the company it represents. For instance, if you own a marketing firm, creating blog entries about plumbing would not be beneficial to your target audience, or your bottom line. Blog entries should be informative, allowing its readers to learn more information about your company’s current events, new products and ideas or provide an ideal place to post videos or commentary about special events in which your company participates. Blog content should be succinct, while allowing a maximum amount of information to be revealed, using the least amount of words, conveying your message summarily.

One of the major benefits, and a large reason to build a blog, is to constantly refresh the content, allowing your site to reveal new content for the internet spiders to grab easily. Dormant website content is often overlooked by the spiders, which lessens the page ranking your site receives on a search engine results page. With that said, the frequency at which a blog should be updated is different for everyone. If your particular industry does not allow for everyday updating, do not fret. Updating your site weekly, in an effort to provide informational content is just as constructive. Do not update a blog simply for the sake of refreshing information daily. When creating a blog, develop guidelines regarding how many times a day, week or month you will update the information, and stick to that precedent. If a site visitor knows you update your site on a certain day, they will check in on that day with an expectation of viewing a new post. In addition to posting consistently, maintain a healthy awareness of who visits the site. This includes responding to any questions or feedback posted in the comments section regularly. Individuals who read blogs commonly enjoy being involved with the content through interaction. These commenters appreciate a host who will communicate with them systematically, which again increases the blogs popularity.

Also, be sure to allow the blog to be shared amongst its readers by providing a link to share the information via social media or email. This will drive traffic to the site, while allowing for content interaction and furthering search engine optimization.

Blogging Topics

Although it is important to keep your blogging topics related to the industry in which you participate, blog owners realize that content can become increasingly difficult to come by, especially if you post entries daily. To enhance your blogging content, first look within your company for any information relative to your success that you would like to share with your readers. These topics can include the information from the hiring of new employees to the implementation to new systems implementations and new product launches to the acquiring of new clients. Secondly, look within your industry for informational topics to expound upon. For instance, if you own a heating and cooling company, there are certainly hills and valleys in your industry’s workload, based mostly around the weather. Use your blog to provide tips to improve your customers’ heating and cooling efficiency, or ideas on how to save money by maintaining proper temperature levels, and conducting regular service appointments on their air conditioning and heating units. Whether it is a step-by-step article on how to change or clean filters, or the importance of servicing each unit prior to the season in which it is used, informative topics abound when the industry is placed on display. Once the company and industry have both been exhausted, research related trending topics online, and post informational entries that complement the stories. Sticking with the heating and cooling company model, additional stories can be posted about the extreme temperature changes from region to region. Providing a light-hearted addition to a typically informational topic can help readers feel at ease, while developing a comfort level or rapport that will encourage them to leave feedback or comments, which increases your online popularity; an important tool in search engine optimization.

Blogging can be a lot of fun, and provide its writer with a creative, industry-related outlet that does not exist on its information-only website. Websites are created to allow their users to retrieve valuable company information, instructions or product purchasing power without contacting a person via phone or email. This type of convenience has led to online content becoming more and more powerful and necessary to stay competitive, no matter which market you participate in. Blogs can allow a more personal approach to interacting with readers by not only providing information, but providing a forum for the company’s clientele to interact with each other, while allowing the company to remain involved with the needs or concerns that are being tossed around the comment section.

Content, consistency and consideration are all important parts of blogging, and will provide a starting point for any new blog entry. Considering the concerns or questions posed by users will provide a large amount of content for your blog, and may allow you to prepare entries ahead of time, to release them consistently without having to wrack your brain for new material. Keeping your ear to the ground, and researching industry news will provide the most accurate, intriguing and applicable blog content for your readers to enjoy and interact with. It also helps the host learn a few things along the way, spawning even more research, industry news and blogging topics to emerge with ease.

Checking for Duplicate Content

How To Avoid Duplicate Content


In the world of online web results, frequently referred to as a search engine results page, duplicate content is taken into consideration from a site within a site, or from one site to the next, when the results are displayed. Although not all duplicate content is malicious in theory, which is to say, ripped directly from another site to increase another’s page ranking, even inadvertent duplicate content within the same site can hinder a websites ranking, or how an overall search engine result is displayed.

 What is Duplicate Content?

Content such as copyright infringement statements, contact information or content repetition of any kind that appears in the exact same verbiage from page to page, within a single website is considered duplicate content. This duplication in content can result in mixed search engine results, or the displaying of a website in a non-complementary manner. For example, website owners prefer their site to be displayed on a search engine results page as: When content is duplicated from page to page, the result may be listed as: These types of search engine results, although considered non-malicious, do not favor a consistent company brand or message, and can harm the site’s visibility.

 Types of Duplicate Content

There are a few examples of duplicate content, with the previous example of different pages sharing the exact same copy blocks being the least harmful of the three. Although an extended URL is not the ideal way to present a company’s webpage, the second type of duplicate content can produce a similar search engine result. Duplicate content can be recognized through different mediums on the same site, which carries the same, non-malicious value as the first example. In this example of non-malicious duplicate content a site may contain different formats or alternate views of their original content through printer-friendly, HTML or mobile versions, which may increase inconsistent search results or links.

The third and more detrimental type of duplicate content is content that is intentionally generated from another site’s content – usually from a more popular site – to increase the page ranking of a not so popular or trusted site on a search engine results page. This practice includes deliberately repeating unrelated phrases to increase the non-trusted or potentially spamming site’s prominence on the search engine results page. Thanks to smarter algorithms employed by larger search engines, Google especially, websites that participate in the malicious side of content duplication are often singled out and blocked from the search engine results.

How to Avoid Duplicate Content

Picture of avoiding duplicate content

Avoid Duplicate Content

The first step in avoiding duplicate content it to examine a website’s content carefully to determine whether certain phrases are repeated in the exact same context on different pages of the same website. In instances where this occurs, change the copy, or condense the copy to appear on one page, to avoid duplication altogether. If two products share the same description, try tying them together to avoid two separate pages that share the same content, thereby lessening content duplication. Using a writing service like The Content Authority gives you the opportunity to receive unique articles and lessens the chances of having duplicate content.

In addition, there is software available through online resources that allow for the comparison of content from two different sources. Free downloads such as GC Duplicate Content Checker allows its users to download the application to their computer, so it is readily available for copy entry and comparison. Simply enter one source, either through importing or copying, into one side, and the second source to the opposite side and hit “compare.” This will provide the user with the number of words, phrases or sentences that are the same, allowing ease in changing the verbiage through a highlighting mechanism. In addition, there is a site called that allows users to enter their URL, and will identify replicas of that site’s copy on the Internet. There are several sites that will provide the same service at no charge, and can be found with a simple online search.

Whichever application is utilized to pinpoint duplicate content, it is important that website owners stay on top of the process, and repeat it often to insure the best page ranking available. Individuals who search the internet for information do not enjoy results that list several different websites containing the same, exact information. Unique information or points of view are the way to Internet users’ hearts, and preferred search engine rankings.

Socializing Content Creation

Socializing Your Content Creation – Where Being Fresh Won’t Get You a Slap in the Face


When it comes to social media success, one key ingredient that is often overlooked is socializing content creation. While you can retweet posts until the cows come home or update your Facebook wall with your latest hot deals, the one element that is going to help you to build your audience is to deliver to them a fresh supply of content on a regular basis. How many times have you clicked on an interesting link only to find out that the site has not been updated in ages? That is exactly what happens if you do not continually update your social media channels with fresh, interesting, and shareable content. You want to give your audience the opportunity to find your content useful and informative, which makes them want to share it with their social network too. This is an extremely important factor to bear in mind when you are updating your social media channels; would you share what you are posting with your friends, colleagues, etc.? Give your audience information that is truly informative and deliver it to them in such a way that it is easily shared.

Unique Content Creation Options

Content creation is normally thought of as strictly text content but this does not have to always be the case. With the plethora of unique content creation options that are available for free on the internet, you can now find all sorts of creative ways to share your content with your social media network. It is easy to create a video for your website or blog without having to hire a professional photographer or graphic videographer. Using tools like those found through YouTube’s Create page (, you can easily create your own videos, animated shorts, or even text videos in no time at all. Instead of sharing your latest deal in a basic tweet, you can instead tweet out a link to the video announcement of your deal that you just uploaded to your website or Facebook page. Not only are you networking an interesting tweet that is shareable you are also directing traffic to your website or Facebook page at the same time. Think of it as social media multi tasking. You are sharing interesting information, you are directing traffic to further grow your network, and you are helping to build your own social media reputation as someone who networks in creative ways. The next time you share information, people are more likely to check out your data simply because of how interesting and informative it was the last time.

Infographics and Content Creation

Another creative content creation technique that you can try is to make your own infographics. These are highly shareable and can be created to share just about any information you care to with a network. With websites like Wordle ( you can create slick infographics to share socially using any words you want. From descriptive words about your business, to services you provide, to contact information for your business, these can all be shared in a visually pleasing way when you use infographics to get your message across.

Socializing Content Creation Using the Right Tools!

Picture of Content Creation Tools

Tools for Content Creation

If you love to tweet and think you out-tweet your competition by a mile then a site like ( might be the perfect way for you to show your network just how much better you truly are. You can create a Twitter face-off pitting your Twitter persona against your competitor. If duels are not your cup of tea, then tweeting out your very own Twitter persona might be more to your liking. It helps your network to see your strengths in an interesting way that will stand out.

No matter how you choose to socialize your content, the one factor that you absolutely need to keep in mind is that you need to share FRESH content. While your mother might have tried to tell you that being fresh was not an admirable trait, when it comes to content creation, being fresh is the only way to be.


TCA Copywriting

TCA Copywriting: Notes from the Other Side of the Desk

Generally, the TCA copywriting projects I work on keep me behind the pen. Frankly, it’s where I’m in my element. Figuring out the best course of action, delving into the psyche of a client’s target market, and constructing smart, crisp copy all form part of a thrilling adventure that also happens to pay the bills.

Although fleshing out ideas in an effort to squeeze every drop of profit out of a product or service is an exciting challenge, it’s refreshing to tackle a project from a different angle. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a dynamic team of writers, providing guidance and feedback when necessary.

Creating a Cohesive Writing Team

Establishing a cohesive team isn’t rocket science, it’s management 101. If you’ve ever lead a group, you know the importance of working towards a common goal. It’s about creating an effective team that works like a well-oiled copywriting machine.

Working with freelancers sprinkled across the globe sounds more daunting than it really is. Yes, time zones do pose a dreadful problem, especially when you’re facing a deadline crisis at 3.a.m. Sometimes, you just have to take a hit for the team, grab extra caffeine, and get to work. After all, it’s not only for the good of the project, but also for the good of the group. Show you are willing to go the extra mile and it’s likely your team will follow.

Although interaction depends on the project, you should respond to any communication within a reasonable amount of time. When you’re addressing questions or concerns, share the information with everyone. It saves time and unnecessary frustration in the end. The last thing you want is several emails asking the same thing.

Be friendly and consistent because no one likes a mean boss. If you’re approachable, you’ll find there are fewer hiccups.

We’re All Just Human

Let’s face it, the sting of criticism burns, and it burns badly. You’ll be hard-pressed to find writers who enjoy having their copy ripped to shreds. However, feedback is still a valuable tool that will inevitably help your team improve the quality of their work.

Evaluate sales copy constructively while keeping in mind you have a client to please. Supply feedback in increments to help reduce a writer’s feeling of overwhelm. You’ll find your team less resistant to changes you suggest, which allows both the writing and editing processes to flow smoothly.

Compromise and Take a Risk

Picture of TCA Copywriting Tips

Introduction to TCA Copywriting

Every now and then, you’ll question whether a piece of copy is suitable for a client’s project. If you’re certain the style of writing simply won’t fly, then don’t let it pass your desk. However, on the rare occasion your gut instinct tells you to take a chance, pitch it to the client as an option. Both you and the client may be pleasantly surprised. If not, then you can easily fix the problem with a fresh draft of copy.

Keep in mind copywriters have instincts too, so you won’t always see eye to eye. No one ever said compromise was easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s your call, but consider sharing the copy with your client, even if it’s only to gain valuable feedback.

Don’t Let the Talent Get Away

There’s no doubt you’ll face a smorgasbord of writing styles when working with a group of talented wordsmiths. Despite the fact you may need to implement some sense of uniformity with regards to style, there’s a good chance you’ll find a few gems among the mix. These writers have a pure knack for selling.

If you happen to find such a gem, then encourage the individual to see the project through to its conclusion. Depending on the nature of the project, writers will drop out or join your team at various stages. Keep as many of them on-board as possible, as long it’s not to the detriment of the final product.

Whether you’re a project manager or writer, we’re interested to hear about your challenges and triumphs working with a group. Share your team’s stories in the comment section below. We’ll also gladly answer any questions you have about TCA copywriting and our other content services.

Content Creation

Skillful Content Creation Starts Booming E-Business Success!


Artful integration of pertinent keywords into website text is indispensable to effective content creation. Including relevant keywords with the optimal occurrence frequency and form are no longer optional for online business success.

First Things First

Empirical studies have consistently revealed a very real and positive correlation between keyword primacy within webpage content and search engine ranking. Convey the relevant operative concepts right away by including them within featured article titles.  A major advantage of The Content Authority is a standard requirement that authors include the primary keyword provided within all content titles.

Variations on a Familiar Virtual Theme

In deciding what keywords to include within your overall e-business content creation campaign, do not forget synonyms and alternative phrasing. Also, lend serious consideration to all possible peripheral concepts likely to be included in search engine queries. For instance, do not limit yourself to “term life insurance.” Rather, include ancillary phrases such as “premium,” “whole life,” and “policy.”

Proper Form Also Pro Forma

In addition to selecting the ideal substantive keyword content, ensuring optimal conveyance of the underlying operate concept they represent is equally crucial. Thus, proper sentence structure and overall textual syntax are very important. Consider the following examples for the keyword “emoticons.”

‘Contrary to popular perception, emoticons are nothing new.’
‘Most find it hard to believe that emoticons have existed for centuries.’

Both statements convey the same basic concept. The first sentence highlights the keyword much better, however, with its strategic post-comma position. Immediately following pause-demanding punctuation is an ideal attention-demanding keyword placement.

In addition, the first statement’s introductory phrase has greater concision and precision. This makes it much easier to follow than the circuitous route of the second expression. Dashes are another dynamic content creation tool that helps maximize desired reader impact.

Modern Web Surfers Much Wiser

“Every generation gets weaker and wiser.” This sage Scripture is just as applicable to modern-day web surfing as it was to ancient societies. Illiteracy is no longer commonplace.  Nor do we have to journey long distances to listen to public readings by scribes to glean the latest news. Neither are hours of tedious labor with primitive chisels over thick stone slabs necessary to complete a single page of text.

Instead, immense data transmission occurs instantaneously with the mere touch of a button or click of a mouse. Thanks to compulsory education laws, virtually all search engine users and webpage viewers possess minimal reading comprehension skill.

All these marvels of today’s high-tech Information Age have made consumers “weaker” by not having to work as hard to receive data. It has also made them much wiser, however, by facilitating the ability to distinguish between high-quality presentations and superfluous fluff.


A Big “No-No” for Big Business

After major misspellings, gross grammatical errors, and similar lexis gaffes, keyword stuffing is the single biggest error e-businesses commit. This common goof is typically results from attempts at avoiding the tragic mistake of total keyword

Picture of Content Creation

Content Creation No No's


Do not try to overcompensate by stuffing back-to-back keyword occurrences into online content. This seriously detracts from your fundamental message, wastes valuable virtual space, and is a very insulting turnoff to site visitors.

Ideal Sentence Infrastructure Also Imperative

Another aspect of superior content creation is the proper placement of primary and secondary keywords within sentences and paragraphs. The repetitious weaving of required keywords within text while keep them inconspicuous and prominent requires specialized writing skill. Competent execution of this feat is a rare talent. It is liberally available, however, among the collective literary talent of The Content Authority literary affiliates.

“Constant Vigilance is the Price of Freedom”

The ongoing discernment and deducing of optimal keywords is an integral part of your internet-based business content creation strategy.

Changing social trends and rapid technological advances make today’s top news obsolete by tomorrow. This calls for constant re-evaluation of most recent, relevant keywords and phrases. Attaining maximum online business success is possible only by maintaining vigilant, ongoing marketplace surveillance.

Written Content

Literary Ingenuity of The Content Authority Ignites Search Engine Success!

Integrating well written content into a company website is the backbone of all online business success.  Currently, back link building and on-page SEO are the craze of Cyberspace marketing.  Heeding such hints can be helpful and highly valuable. Such strategies must be put into proper context, however.

Despite the most diligent application of the latest high-tech literary adaptations, a basic truth remains unchanged.  The simple fact is that taking an e-business to the pinnacles of profitability requires scrupulous avoidance of being so bogged down in the “trees” that you become blind to the surrounding “forest.”

Compelling Content Is Clearly Key

Why do soap opera viewers repeatedly tune into favored television networks time after time for their next daytime drama “fix“?  Program content, of course!

One 1970s nighttime TV series was so popular that local officials all across American noted detectable decreases in municipal water pressure immediately after its finale episode aired. Millions of simultaneous toilet flushes caused this fascinating phenomenon.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

High-quality written content yields similar results for web-based businesses. Like oxygen and a fledgling open flame, online prominence and profitability are self-sustaining and mutually maintaining.

To ignite a fire, you must first strike a match. Likewise, incorporating superior content into your webpage is the first step to incite phenomenal commercial success.  An initial stroke of literary ingenuity is all it takes to instigate the chain reaction of mutual attraction.

Anatomy of a Beneficial Business Cycle

Picture of Written Content for Business

Written Content For Business Websites

The following illustration highlights exactly what happens immediately after good written content goes live on your commercial website:
First, very intrigued site visitors create incoming back links to your site within other online realms similar to yours.  Such links capture the interest of like-minded internet users. Meanwhile, web spiders and search engines also become very attentive.

Very soon, such voluminous virtual “crosstalk” sends your site’s hit rates soaring. Before long, all of Cyberspace is abuzz with animated discourse about your dynamic virtual platform!

Quality Content Imperative for Internet Marketers

The effective usage of written content is more essential for e-merchants than for other marketers.  Internet-based businesses must rely more heavily upon visual imagery and effectual written presentations than do their conventional commercial counterparts.

Unlike traditional retailers, online merchants cannot depend primarily upon prominent signage and strategic physical location to bring in business.  Rather, pertinent concepts about products and services must be conveyed exclusively via exceptional visual and documentary displays.  These are the mainstays of modern-day virtual business.

Precision = Efficiency + Productivity

When shrewdly employed, written content can be a very effective tool for target marketing. A primary advantage of textual content is its easy adjustability for optimal alignment with audience demographics.  Frequent tweaking and fine-tuning of webpage content ensures proper concentration and market penetration. Such rapid, efficient modifications are not always possible or feasible for other advertising media.

Fundamentals of Fantastic Written Content

Try the following exercise.  Think of your favorite website.  Then, ask yourself the question, “What compels me to visit this URL time after time?” Most likely, your answer to this query will be the relevant, recent, or compelling nature of the site‘s featured content.

Whatever bothers you also bother others.  Similarly, whatever you like usually appeals to many others as well. Thus, the same type of high-quality tutorials, helpful hints, FAQs, and captivating articles you enjoy are also others’ primary motivations for recurrent re-visitations of your own domain.

Following are some specific characteristics of superior website content:
– Back to Basics

The fundamentals of bolstering the fiscal bottom line of any business have remained unchanged since the beginning of time.  Contrary to popular perception, creating a competent, affective online business presence entails far than mere keyword stuffing.  Webpage content must also have many other attributes to keep visitors coming back for more of what you have to offer.

– All-Important SEO

It is true that optimal keyword placement within a site’s written content can boost its search engine rankings.  Do not make the tragic mistake of omitting such terms altogether.  Search engine users and internet spiders rely on such verbiage to locate your site. Inadequate or improper keyword inclusion into your site’s written content will cause its death via “virtual obscurity.”

Maintain scrupulous vigilance into the most relevant, recently used search query terms. This helps you gauge future keyword trends that give invaluable insights and a great competitive edge.
– Evergreen Is Essential

As its titular label implies, evergreen text is truly timeless. Every industry and business has certain features and characteristics that are constant.  Putting fresh spins on familiar subjects featured within webpage content is very prudent.

This is especially true when skillful online creative writing techniques are employed. In fact, exceptionally skilled literary experts at The Content Authority can quickly transform yesteryear’s “stale news” into exciting recent trends and current present-day events.

– Interesting Is Imperative

Webpage content presented in a format that is both interesting and informative induces widespread interest.  Whetting would-be customers’ “whistles” is very wise. It keeps “cold” contacts coming back and telling all their buddies about your site. In due time, these prospects warm up and combust into full-fledged customers who are on fire for your product or service.

– Links are your lifeline

High-profile hyperlinks compel visitors to keep clicking your site’s internal hyperlinks for further views of well-written content contained deep within. Meanwhile, the click is ticking as their visit lengthens during their leisurely visit. Simultaneously, web-crawling spiders like well-placed on-page links so well that they carry your search engine rankings into outer orbits.
– Precision pays; concision counts

Research consistently reveals that easily navigable sites which require relatively few mouse clicks to get to desired content has a strong correlation with return visit frequency. Thus, the lesson here is very clear:  Written content displayed on your company’s website must be relevant, conspicuous, concise, and captivating.

– Scannable is Superior

Web surfers hardly ever peruse webpage content word for word. Instead, they visually scan virtual fora for notable quips, quotes, and phrases. To capture their sustained interest with sufficient rapidity, eliminate large blocks of unbroken textual content.  Cluttered pages turn off site visitors by burying pertinent concepts within a bunch of superfluous copy. Not to mention, of course, its virtual incapability of displaying properly on viewers’ computer screens.

– Titles

Titular designations should convey clearly and concisely precisely, what your webpage is all about. Individual content titles should be part of a coherent scheme that fits your site’s overall theme. Do not overdo clichés, puns, or industry slang. Search engine spiders view such verbiage as a virtual nuisance.

“Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold.”

Primitive ink drawings on stonewalls have given way to instantaneous written content delivery about any subject matter desired.  Lengthy horseback rides are no longer necessary to glean the latest news.

Despite the array of modern-day technological advances, a fundamental fact has stood fast since man first devised formal language.  The ultimate impact that any message has upon its intended recipient is directly related to the quality with which it is presented.

Smeared ink or an unclear heralder’s voice irrevocably compromises the substantive communication.  Likewise, if online written content is convoluted, vague, and fraught with grammatical error, its intended message is irrevocably lost.   This does not include the irreparable damage to your business credibility and commercial image.

Your Ultimate Source of Quality Written Content

In recognition these and other timeless marketing realities, The Content Authority pioneered and maintains an impressive array of innovative literary tools to create superior written content for any type of website.

Whether you need a prompt rebuttal to a competitor’s claims, press release coverage for a new product, or a comprehensive written image-building campaign, we stand ready to fulfill your requirements to the letter.

Find out for yourself why the willing, able staff of affiliate writers at The Content Authority is your first, last, and only true source of outstanding literary talent.

Write Sales Copy

Write Sales Copy Effectively


writing sales copy pointersHit the Bull’s-eye

Do you struggle to write sales copy that’s effective, compelling, and hits the mark with your prospect? If your answer is yes, then you might not be laying enough groundwork. It simply isn’t reasonable to throw a few persuasive words together and expect them to sell your product.

Believe it or not, your work begins long before your finger tips even hit the keyboard. In fact, if you don’t spend time on the blueprint, it is a wonder how you manage to write any sales copy at all. Consider the following four pillars you’ll place the strength of your copy on and determine how you can make them stronger.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Product or Service

Whether you’re selling a miracle formula designed to stop a receding hairline in its tracks or cupcake mix, researching your product or service is essential. If you don’t know what you’re working with, there’s no way you’re going to sell it.

The bottom line is that you need to know your product or service inside out and then some. Get down to the nitty-gritty by fleshing out your offering. Make sure you know everything there possibly is to know about the features and benefits. Also, determine what sets this specific product or service apart from the rest. What makes it so unique that your prospect won’t find it anywhere else? Keep in mind, this could be a combination of factors. Sometimes you have to sell the perfect blend of benefits instead of relying on just one.

Sales Copy Tip IconTip! Be truthful when writing your copy and don’t create hype where there isn’t any. Readers can sense when a product or service is masquerading as something it’s not.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Client

If you’re writing sales copy for someone else, there’s no room for misunderstandings. It’s a waste of your time, and it’s a waste of your client’s time. We all know that time is money, so get it right in the beginning. Ask the right questions and you’ll quickly see your copy align with your client’s expectations.

Find out what your client envisions for the copy and what message he or she wants the potential buyer to receive. This type of information will help you craft copy that not only fits in with the client’s brand, but helps sell effectively. Build trust and credibility and you’ll be well on your way to higher conversion rates.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Prospect

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You have to know who your buyers are and why they’re buying. The importance of target market research cannot be stressed enough. Besides information on target demographics, geography, culture and economics, you need to look at aspects such as behavior and trends. Qualify your prospects; they must have a need for your product, or service, they must have the money to spend, and they must have the authority to buy.

When you write your sales copy, make sure you write from the perspective of a potential buyer. Then ask yourself whether or not you would buy the product or service. If not, you should assess the reasons why and revise your copy.


writing sales copy pointersUnderstand the Project

Before you embark on any project, always make certain you understand what it entails. Sales copy comes in many different formats and styles. Often the wrong mix spells disaster. Determine where your copy will be used and how it will be used. Are you writing direct mail letters, marketing emails, sales letters, forum ads, etc.? Whatever type of sales copy it might be, have a look on the Internet for examples of successful pieces. Study why the piece is successful and find ways to improve yours.

Reassess these four pillars whenever you write sales copy that doesn’t produce results. Always make sure your copy is built on the information each pillar provides. You will find you’re producing effective and powerful copy in no time at all.

Writing Sales Copy

Writing Sales Copy: Crafting Words that Sell

Writing sales copy is tough work. It requires an immense amount of research, plenty of brainstorming, and a good dose of marketing savvy. These days you can’t turn a corner without seeing some form of sales copy, especially on the web. The simple fact is that it’s a very necessary part of creating success. No matter what type of website you own, you need impressive copy to get people reading and most importantly, buying.

Why Writing Sales Copy Is So Important

Copywriting isn’t about fancy verbiage and a driving call to action. It’s about promoting yourself and your website in such a way that you build your brand, boost traffic, and generate leads. It’s about establishing credibility and trust, and connecting with your prospect on a personal level.

Writing exceptional sales copy is a vital part of a marketing strategy you cannot afford to ignore. You need copy that demands the attention of the public and motivates them to visit your website. Copywriting helps you present a clear and consistent message to your prospects. You can tell them who you are, what you’re about, and why they should listen to what you have to say.

In addition, well written SEO copy improves your search engine rankings, resulting in an increase in eyeballs viewing your offer and a push in revenue. Ultimately, you need promotional copy to give you a competitive advantage over rival sites.

When You Need Sales Copy Written By a Professional

Sales copy is somewhat temperamental. Chuck the wrong ingredients together and your conversion rates start throwing a tantrum. This is when you might consider investing in the services of a professional copywriter.

Launching a new product or service – You need to send new products or services out into the world with the right message. Copywriters can help you craft a message that not only promotes your offering, but stays true to your brand. They understand your product or service, and they understand your target, which puts them in a position to pitch your offer successfully.

A sign depicting the idea of how to write good sales copy

The How-To of Writing Sales Copy

Implementing a marketing campaign – Running a marketing campaign is a major undertaking. Your copy needs to be pitched at many different levels, using many different platforms. A professional will adapt your promotional material to speak to a variety of audiences through several different marketing mediums.

  • When you need an expert’s advice – You’ll need to rely on a copywriter if you have no clue about the art of writing sales copy. These talented individuals have the tools and know-how to push your promotional material in the right direction.
  • When your current sales copy stinks – Let’s face it, you rely on good conversion rates for revenue. After all, you have business expenses to meet each month, and your family can’t starve. When your conversion rates are at rock bottom, it’s time to think about what a professional can do for you. A copywriter can adapt the wording to meet current trends and consumer behaviors, while putting the sparkle back into your copy. With a few changes, you’ll have fresh copy that sells.
  • When too much is at stake – Sometimes the risk is far too high to write your own promotional material. There’s no sense in taking a chance when it could cost you dearly. Rather look at a copywriter as a valuable asset to your business and spend the money on a skilled individual.
  • When you need a fresh perspective – There are times when you are simply too close to your offering. You have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to speak to your audience. As a result, you could entirely miss the point that hits home with your target.

Writing good copy that sells is a skill copywriters spend many years studying and practicing. Their talent can bring your business far more revenue than you’ll spend on their fees. The bottom line: don’t settle for mediocre writing when you can have brilliant copy that boosts your profits.