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How to Write eBook Titles That Grab Attention

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Want to know what these books have in common besides great titles? If you haven’t already guessed, it’s sales figures that make most people wish they had a penny for every copy sold.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll make it onto any bestseller lists, there are several things you can do to ensure you know how to write eBook titles that people will notice. Keep in mind that these tips apply to non-fiction eBooks created for income generation and marketing purposes.

#1: Identify and Leverage Target Keywords

Hopefully you’ve researched the words and phrases people generally use when searching for books like yours. If not, you need to start laying down some groundwork in the SEO department soon. This may sound like an idiotically simple tip, but you’d be surprised how easily common sense marketing flies out the window when there’s excitement around a new book idea.

You’d also be surprised at how many writers focus on obvious keywords—usually intensely competitive phrases—rather than looking for alternatives that may present low hanging fruit. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use those highly sought-after keywords, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t dig deep and use your creativity to rank a little higher. The eBook market is insanely oversaturated in many niches, so you want to find as many easy wins as possible.

#2: Become Acquainted With the Title Formulas Top Copywriters Use

You don’t have to be a copywriting ninja to learn the art of creating killer titles, but it’s good to know the structure of titles proven to work. These are titles designed to capture attention, cultivate curiosity, offer some type of benefit, and pre-qualify prospects. They generally read something like this: 25 Tasty Recipes to Reduce Cholesterol; How to Set Boundaries with Your Difficult Teenager; and The Secret to Becoming a Successful Marketer on Facebook.

Once you understand what a compelling title should look like and the elements that make it stand out, spend time writing some powerful titles for your own eBook. Use the examples you find as templates and adapt them to suit your topic and book content. I do urge you to remember you’re writing a title for an eBook and not a headline for a sales page, so keep it succinct and relevant.

#3: If Appropriate, Consider a Subtitle

Since your prospects can’t physically leaf through and evaluate the book, the only information they have available to them is what you provide. While the blurb, sales page, product description, and other promotional material will likely reveal more, the front cover often provides a great space for an additional snippet of detail. For example, you may choose a title like Avoiding Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Finances in 5 Easy Steps.

#4: Use Language That Resonates With Potential Buyers

A deep understanding of your target audience, as well as what makes them tick is critical to your success. If prospects are searching through hundreds of titles on the same topic, you need yours to jump out at them in a way that compels them to investigate further. Research your audience, understand what they’re looking for, and then use that information to pinpoint words or phrases that resonate with them. It isn’t always easy, but if you pay attention to the needs and wants of the people you’re writing for, your title will trigger a favorable reaction.

#5: Make Your Title Memorable

Memorable titles roll off the tongue. They’re simple, easy to pronounce, captivating, and marketable. These titles make your job a heck of a lot easier because buyers can easily recall them when spreading the word about your book.

#6: Communicate Your Message Accurately

Just the other day I discovered an eBook with a title and cover that suggested it was a book about photography. It turned out to be a poorly written fictional thriller, which buyers had no problem lambasting in the review section.

If all your prospects see is the title of the book without having any other information available, they should be able to identify the topic of the book immediately. Your title absolutely must convey the contents held within or you may experience backlash from readers who have purchased the book only to be disappointed.

#7: Test Your Titles

Select a handful of trustworthy family members, friends, or colleagues and ask them for feedback on your titles. Ideally, one of these individuals will fall within your target market, but it’s not necessary.

Take time to chat with these people, find out what they like and don’t like about a particular title, and then sift through the valuable pieces of feedback they provide to determine which titles appear to hit the right note. You may have to go back to the drawing board several times before you nail it, but the effort will be worth the agony.

Now that you know how to write eBook titles that are sure to grab attention, it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture. Great titles won’t necessarily close the sale, but they form an essential part of the overall package that does. Optimized correctly, they’ll increase visibility. Written compellingly, they’ll increase curiosity.

Are there any special techniques you use to develop titles for your eBooks? Does one method work better than another? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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eBooks: One Marketer’s Success

We are happy to have Mike Omar share with us his success with eBooks, now the fun disclosure: The view and opinions expressed by Mike Omar, may not fully reflect the view and opinions of The Content Authority, however, we have known Mike for some time and appreciate that he has something really great to share with us. Enjoy and make sure you share your comments below!

Before Kindle ever existed, I had been making passive income selling ebooks on my own websites. My most prominent (and popular) one is an ebook that teaches you how to buy and sell tickets online for profit (the way I got started in making money from home). That website has been making me about $300 per month for years now – all passive (you can learn how to build a website just like that one at my sample sales page website).

Although my ebook websites make me passive income, remember that “passive” is only passive AFTER LOTS OF HARD WORK! After doing the keyword research and competition analysis to figure out what topic to make an ebook about, I had to write the ebook, build a website to sell it, set up the payment processor, and then get the website to rank in Google for the targeted keywords (by building lots and lots of backlinks). In other words, the “passive” part came after at least six months of effort. It was absolutely worth the effort to build lots and lots of these ebook websites, but it wasn’t easy.

When I first heard of the Kindle platform, I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot (since I already had several ebooks already written). I figured it couldn’t hurt. It took me about a week to convert seven of my ebooks to the proper Kindle format and get them all uploaded onto Amazon.


In my first month I made over $600, with NO PROMOTION AT ALL.

Obviously this was very different from what I was used to, which was a much longer process that takes several months of work and could result in a wasted effort.

With Amazon Kindle, your book is published and is getting eyeballs on it that same day.
What differentiates Kindle from Google is the fact that in Google you are competing with a bunch of websites, a lot of which contain a lot of free information. If someone lands on your website, they may see that they have to pay for your ebook and immediately turn away to look for free information elsewhere.

When someone is on Kindle browsing books to buy, they are already in buying mode. So the opportunity that the person will buy your ebook is much higher right off the bat.

Obviously after that experiment with Kindle, I now use it as my main platform to sell ebooks and try to put out at least a couple each month.

The money I use to outsource the writing for an ebook is usually made back within 2-3 months, so it’s easily a winning model.

I’ve been doing ALL my outsourcing for ebooks and backlink articles through The Content Authority – that’s why I was happy to write about my eBook success story when they asked!

The only reason I haven’t abandoned my old method entirely is because the old method allows me to sell my ebook at any price I desire, so if I can accomplish ranking for my targeted keywords, those ebook websites end up making me more money than Kindle, but again – that model is more difficult and more risky.

With the Kindle model, you can sell at any price you want to also, but remember – you are now dealing with a Kindle Buyer who has been browsing ebooks that sell for an average of below $6 each. If they come across your ebook at $17 or $27, unless it is the most attractive ebook they have ever seen, they aren’t going to buy it!

That isn’t the case with an ebook on your own website…if you make your sales page strong enough, people will buy your book. So the tradeoff is more buyers for less money if you are using the Amazon Kindle, as well as immediate results.

If you have an ebook written that can be sold, I’d recommend selling on both your own website AND on Kindle. Hopefully this idea will inspire some of you to get your ebooks on the web selling for passive income!

Learn more ideas on how to make passive income at the Make Money from Home LIONS CLUB.

5 Simple Ways You Can Use eBooks to Your Benefit

Whether you’re trying to establish yourself as a legitimate author with some serious writing chops, or you’re hoping to take advantage of eBooks as a business tool, there are many ways you can use them to your benefit. Here are five nifty tricks to get you started.

1. Use free eBooks As Bait

Most people love a good eBook packed full of great information or a juicy story. What’s more, they’re often willing to provide an email address or valuable information in exchange for a free download. Consider offering a free eBook to anyone who signups to your newsletter or fills out a survey. This marketing tool is also highly effective for enticing qualified traffic to your site in a short amount of time.

Alternatively, you can attach an eBook as a gift to a purchased product or service. You’ll increase the perceived value, making the deal look sweeter and far more compelling.

2. Use eBooks As a Loss Leader

While the loss leader strategy is one you’ll have to weigh up before deciding to implement, there’s no doubt it can have its benefits. In addition to boosting ‘word of mouth’ promotion, loss leaders are a great way to increase related product sales, encourage readers to buy your next book, or build a brand people will associate with high quality and bargain prices.

3. Use eBooks to make Cash

You probably won’t get rich overnight, but eBooks can certainly contribute to a healthier bank balance. Blend the right promotion strategy with the right pricing strategy and you’re half way to selling your eBooks like hotcakes. Make certain you copyright your digital book, so that you have sole rights to sell.

4. Use eBooks For Market Research Purposes

Thanks to low production costs, eBooks remove much of the risk other research methods pose. Besides the information you can collect from surveys (see point one above), eBooks also let you learn about target markets, consumer motivation, and habits. This type of input can be incredibly valuable for building your business and readership.

Additionally, you can use digital books as a way to test the potential of your market. This allows you to determine whether the book will readily sell. If not, you can make necessary adjustments to the content, as well as your promotion strategy.

5. Use eBooks To Set Yourself Up As an Expert and Industry Leader

You know the marketing information you gathered by implementing point four? Well, why not use what you’ve learned to solve a common problem and write an eBook about it? You not only establish yourself as an expert, but you build value for your brand and boost your reputation.

Additional eBook Tips

  • An excellent way to extend the value of your eBook is by publishing each chapter as part of course material or as an evolving story. The great news is you can do this by email or on your website, depending on your goals and strategy.
  • Distribute your eBook in several different formats, including audio. This ensures you don’t exclude anyone and allows you to get your message across to prospects and customers.

As far as marketing tools go, there is little to rival the flexibility, potential for expansion, and power of eBooks. Their sales are multiplying on a yearly basis, with the Association of American Publishers reporting that adult eBooks sales amounted to an impressive $282.3 million in Q1 of 2012. That’s a 28.4% increase from Q1 last year.

Based on those figures, it’s clear that if you haven’t started to leverage eBooks for personal or business benefits, now is the time to consider it.

How are you using eBooks to make your mark on the publishing world? We’d love to hear about your trials and triumphs, so share with us in the comment section below.

What You Should Know about eBooks as a Powerful Marketing Tool

If you’re an online marketer or eBook fanatic, you’ve probably heard of Amanda Hocking’s rag to riches story. A 20-something paranormal fiction writer, Hocking has made it big as a self-publisher. She’s even joined the coveted ranks of the Kindle Million Club thanks to her ever-increasing sales numbers.

Although a traditional publishing house now represents Hocking, we can still learn plenty from her experience. In fact, many online businesses are finding huge success by publishing their own eBooks, using them as an effective marketing tool for brand building, lead generation, and revenue creation.

Why eBooks Have Become a Hit with Marketers

Besides the fact that professionally written eBooks can help boost your credibility, establish your authority as an industry expert, and provide your target communities with value, they can also improve your online visibility, increase your chances of going viral, and enhance your reputation. A good eBook can generate profits for years, which is some pretty powerful leverage when you think about it.

While there is no denying that eBooks can amplify your presence and do wonders for your brand, let’s take a look at some of the practical benefits of eBook creation, publishing, and distribution.

#1 – Low Cost, High Conversion

eBook production is relatively inexpensive. Since you eliminate many of the expenses associated with print publishing, you can keep costs at a minimum. In addition, you’ll find that conversion rates are higher than many other tools and methods. Give away an eBook packed with valuable information in return for an email address and you’ll quickly see your list of interested prospects grow.

#2 – No Publishing Barriers

Besides saving yourself from the agony of submitting your manuscript to countless agents, you save yourself from broken-hearted sobbing over rejection letters. Thanks to the freedom and flexibility that comes along with self-publishing, you bypass the hassle and go straight to distribution within the space of an upload and few quick clicks.

#3 – Immediate Download

Forget about heading down to the bookstore and waiting in line to make a purchase. eBooks are instantly downloadable. This means your customers can conveniently access your book anytime, anywhere, and on any eBook reader.

#4 – You Have Complete Control

Without the limitations of traditional publishing, you don’t have to compromise yourself or your business in any way. You have the last say on every aspect including content, design, editing, pricing, publishing platform, and marketing. Your eBook is yours to do with, as you will.

#5 – You can make eBooks Interactive

Engagement is crucial when you’re trying to impart your message. The good news is you can compel people to keep on reading and enhance their learning experience by making your eBook interactive. Add links, media, and other elements to add value and keep your reader hooked.

If you’re not yet convinced that eBooks are worth their weight in gold, then stay tuned for my next blog, because I’ll share the creative ways in which you can use eBooks to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

Are you creating and publishing eBooks? What hidden benefits can you derive from this marketing tool?

Buy Articles That Make You Money

Making extra cash by jumping on the article marketing bandwagon is easy; finding out who to buy articles from is the hard part. Fortunately, you don’t have to search anymore. Instead of wasting your valuable time looking for half decent writers, you can let The Content Authority supply you with some of the best wordsmiths on the web.

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Without a doubt, writing isn’t for everyone. So, the only solution then is to buy articles, but you’ve probably heard it’s an expensive and frustrating process. Well, that has been true, until now. The fact of the matter is you need a skilled team to eliminate the hassle of article creation. You need writers who deliver fresh, well-written, unique content in a timely manner. You need articles that won’t break your purse strings.

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Why Us:

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Our articles are directory-friendly and original. Most directories have strict guidelines for the content they publish. Failure to follow those guidelines can result in a rejection of your article. The Content Authority team ensures your articles are directory ready, so you don’t need to worry about being red flagged, or banned.

In addition, we offer a first-class submission service that is easy-to-use and convenient. You never have to spend valuable hours signing up to directories, or filling out forms. Simply use our submission service to send the articles you order to all the major directories. Besides benefiting from an increase in exposure, you can build your credibility and your brand.

Now you can buy articles quickly, easily, and affordably. You don’t need to suffer through writer interviews, frustrating delays in turnaround times, or bad writing. If there is one thing we understand it is this: unique, quality content is the lifeblood of your online marketing efforts. This deep understanding compels us to provide you with the best. Make a wise decision and order your articles today.

Best Article Writing Software

Finding The Best Article Writing Software


Finding the best article writing software online may appear confusing at first, with the number of options available, but with a little research through searches, forum conversations, and reviews, the best article writing software to fit your needs will become evident in no time.

What is Article Writing Software?

Article writing software allows any individual to write articles about topics that they may not be adept at reporting on with ease. The software prompts the writer with questions and information regarding the contents of the finished product. For example, the software will ask questions pertaining to the subject matter of the article, and how the writer would like it presented to readers. Questions surrounding keywords and content objectives are key components of article writing software, which will take the information the writer inputs and will create articles based on that information, to the best of its ability. Once an initial article is created, the software can produce several articles at once that are completely different from the initial iteration. Depending on which article writing software you employ will determine the types of articles it produces, and whether you will have to re-write the resulting article. It is always recommended, no matter which software is used that all articles are proofread upon completion to insure that the context and vernacular coincide with your original article’s position.

What is the Best Article Writing Software?

Article Writing Software

Finding the Best Article Writing Software

Simply put, it depends on who you ask. Research and forum conversations on the topic point distinctly towards a couple of different forms of software that produce quality content, while allowing an individual to write a substantial amount of unique articles in a short amount of time.

The Instant Article Wizard is at the top of our list, thanks to its user friendly program that allows you to research applicable content on the web, gather it for perusing, allowing you to hand pick the actual facts one by one, while determining how they are dispersed into your article. For instance, if your article is about web hosting, you can simply type “Web Hosting” into the program’s “Keyword” section, and immediately begin accumulating authoritative research on the subject. After creating a quick introduction on web hosting, which the Instant Article Wizard will do for you, you can add topics that pertain to the subject, while picking the content that applies to each. The wizard will allocate the information under each topic, supplying credible, unique content along the way. Once you have reviewed the article in its entirety, it can then be submitted to article directories across the web. That article can then be turned into a number of different articles automatically, allowing their submission to the same article directories, without being red flagged as duplicate content, forcing a penalty from search engines that may drop your page ranking considerably as a result.

There are literally hundreds of types of article writing software available on the internet, ranging from free to incredibly overpriced. In addition, it is hard to tell which version is going to provide the best results for your needs. It is important to keep in mind when choosing the best article writing software for your industry what your overall needs are. Would you need creative writing software or technical writing software? How many articles are you submitting to article directories, and at what frequency? Everyone’s needs are different when it comes to article writing, so be sure to outline your objectives, and match them to the best article writing software you see fit for your situation. Of course, using The Content Authority will take all of the guess work out of the process as you can rely on the company to provide quality written content. The bottom line, of course, will always be quality written articles, without duplicate content, keeping your company in the good graces of the search engines who return your website to the masses after they have typed in their search criteria.

Write Articles Online

Write Articles Online To Build Your Business


Whether you are an internet marketer or a brick and mortar business owner, learning how to write articles online is a productive way to make your business more profitable. By increasing the amount of information online that pertains to your business, you will be able to drive traffic and increase your profitability. Whether your online articles drive customers to your real life store or to your website, the end result can be an increased customer base.

Write Articles Online Using Keywords

To write articles online, you need to have a venue where you can place those articles. Most individuals will opt to post their articles on their own website or blog. These articles help visitors to their site to find useful information that they can use. The content of the articles can be anything from expert advice to help in purchasing decisions all the way to articles highlighting specific products or services. If you know which types of keywords web searchers use when they are looking for information related to your business, be sure to use those keywords at least a couple of time throughout your articles. By including specific keywords related to your business, you will help customers find their way to your website and to your business.

When you are writing articles, be sure to use alternate phrases related to your business. Rather than use the same phrase over and over again, opt for synonyms and similar words that mean the same but do not sound exactly like what you have already written. You want each post that you place on your website to be a combination of helpful information that does not sound like the same data repeated over and over again. Be sure to write posts on your website or blog on a number of different topics. You can weave all of these different articles together by linking one article to another through relevant keyword links. If you place your content under a number of different headings within your website, the end result is a site that is full of helpful information for your customers. At the same time, you help your website to rank well with search engines as you have used crucial keywords related to your business.

Key Elements for Writing Articles Online

Image of write articles online

Key Elements to Write Articles Online

Another key element to keep in mind when writing articles is the need to socialize and market your content creation. If you can share your content on social media websites, you increase the number of eyes reading your content. If your articles are indeed helpful and informative, chances are good that others will link to your content and share it within their social media networks too. Each time that your content is shared, it helps to create a back link to your website which also helps your site to rank even higher with search engines.

Once an article is created, it is not a matter of set it and forget it. Go back to your content occasionally and update it with fresh information. Change subheadings within your content to keep it fresh. Remember to link to older articles when you are creating new ones. By referencing older content, you not only provide valuable information to your audience but you also help to keep eyes visiting your older content. If search engines determine that your information is valuable due to the number of times your content is viewed, this importance factor will also help your website to rank higher.

You definitely do not need to be a published author in order to write articles online. You do need to be able to spell properly though, as well as you need to be proficient in the use of proper grammar. As long as you can create intelligent content that provides value to your reader, writing articles online might be just what your business needs to take it to the next level.

Writing Articles for Money

Determining the Best Ways Regarding Writing Articles for Money


When it comes to work-from-home opportunities, the legitimate kinds are few and far between. A quick internet search on the subject will net thousands of returns, with hardly a few that will net an actual opportunity to make money. Those that involve the searcher to pay an up-front fee, or order merchandise to start creating revenue are clearly scams, and should be avoided at all costs. In the sea of opportunities that offer the convenience of working from home, one vocation stands out by far: Writing articles for money. There are several things to consider when creating revenue through writing, as well as different ways to match up your skills with the online opportunities that are available.

Evaluate Your Skill Level

Although the majority of individuals spend their days composing emails, writing memos, business reports, or even correspondence to friends and family, writing articles is a completely different type of writing. When you begin evaluating your writing skill level, take into consideration the following points: Do you write with perfect spelling and grammar? Do you understand, and abide by, MLA or APA guidelines – depending on which one the company prefers you to use when writing? Are you able to follow directions as they are specifically provided by the client or company that is paying you, whether you agree with their stance or not? Are you willing to research and write articles on topics you have no previous knowledge of? Are you comfortable writing about products, services and ideas that may not reflect your taste or interest? Are you able to meet deadlines are they are assigned, without fail? These are just a few of the question you should ask yourself before applying for a position in writing articles for money.

Locating Opportunities

Picture of Opportunities regarding writing articles for money

Writing Articles for Money Opportunities

There are scores of opportunities online for writing articles for money. Some are more reputable than others, while some have more stringent guidelines than others during the application and approval process. Compile search results through the keywords “writing articles for money” and research each company’s process thoroughly. Some ask you to submit a writing sample for critiquing, while some supply a test in grammar and spelling, before they will assign you with projects that pay. Some ask you to write several articles for submission, but only pay you a percentage of the rate you assigned to the articles, once they are purchased from a third party. These sites are considered consignment sites, and will only pay when your article has been purchased. It is very important to read all of the guidelines under which each article writing company operates. No two are the same, and you should never be asked to pay anything up front in order to write for any company. In addition, avoid scamming sites that ask you for too much personal information to get started, such as your social security number, or any bank account or credit card numbers before they assign you any articles. Although there are a number of distinguished online article writing sources, you may have to sort through the masses to find them, and you may be disenchanted along the way. Stay focused, keep a positive outlook, and you will find the respectable sources that you desire.

The Benefits of Writing Articles for Money

There are a number of companies that run legitimate content supply services that will pay you for the articles you submit, once they are approved by the editor and the client. In some cases, the more quality articles you submit, the more you will be considered for additional work, and possibly paid at a higher tier level than lower level writers. It is incredibly important to note that consideration and compensation are solely based on quality – not quantity. Writing articles for money allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and write about topics, products and services you may have never known existed. This requires research, coordination and the ability to combine the two, creating an informative article that the client can post on their website, or through article directories. It is a rewarding experience to see your articles get published, especially when you have gone the extra mile to learn something new, giving you takeaway knowledge, as well as bragging rights.

The Cons of Writing Articles for Money

There are a few things that can break the common individual’s spirit when writing articles for money. First, it is important to know that most writers are used to rejection. Those of us who have been writing for a very long time have heard time and time again that we have missed the mark, and it can be for several reasons. One, maybe we really did miss the mark. Maybe we erred in not asking the right questions, or simply taking the directions too literally. Two, maybe the client asked for one thing, we delivered it, and they simply changed their mind. It happens both ways more than you could imagine. In addition, sometimes writing styles do not fit within an article writing company’s make-up, so they will reject you as a writer altogether. If you are a first time writer, do not be discouraged by rejection, as it will only make you better at writing for the next company. Lastly, depending on which company you are writing articles for money for, you may or may not receive credit for your article. Some simply supply the article anonymously to their clients, and they are used in whatever way they see fit, without your name attached to them. This is simply part of the business, and not at all a reflection of your writing skills.

Writing articles for money can be a very fulfilling way to work from home, while creating revenue, doing something that you love. If writing is not your passion, and simply something you want to pick up in your spare time to make a few extra bucks, you certainly can without question. However, the results of your articles may reflect that position. When writing articles for money it is important to apply yourself to the process, and create an article you are proud to submit. That includes proper spelling, reading the article aloud to be sure the context and content flow accordingly, and that it is grammatically correct throughout. Next, make sure your facts are in line, and that you have not slighted anyone in the process. Article writing is an informative process, not an opinionated briefing. Also, once an article is written and submitted to the client, they may use that one article as a source to spin several different articles from, so the content needs to be strong and consistent.

Individuals who order articles through the companies you are writing for expect to take the resulting article and use it to increase their online marketing efforts, mostly in the form of search engine optimization. What they are paying for is a clear, concise, informative article that will represent their company, or the keywords they provide the article to be written around. When you are writing articles for money, you are not simply creating revenue for yourself; you are creating opportunities for the companies or individuals that you are writing the article for.

Article Writing Rates

Invest In Article Writing Rates Appropriate To Your Needs


If you are looking for quality content for your website, it is best to investigate article writing rates to ensure you get the best content for your site. There are different rates that are available, depending upon exactly what the needs of your site are. By being aware of what your options are, you can make the appropriate purchasing decision for your written content.

Consider Article Writing Rates When Hiring

Image of article writing rates

Article Writing Rates and Hiring Writers

When you are hiring a ghost writing service, your best course of action is to have a clear discussion with the writing agency’s sales team. Discuss thoroughly with them the specifics of your needs so that you can decide upon a writing plan of action. Different levels of writers can create your content according to your requirements. Some websites only need brief overview articles with no research at all. Other sites require thoroughly researched articles complete with relevant source data. The specifics of your needs will have a significant impact upon the cost of your articles. While some webmasters may only require articles with a very low keyword density, other sites will need keywords placed in certain locations within the content. The more detailed and precise your needs are, the higher the price will be for the creation of your content.

Key Factors to Article Writing Rates

A key factor in determining what your needs are, is to consider what results you hope to gain from your articles. If you are simply are looking for the opportunity to place a back link to your website within the content, you may not need to be overly concerned with the actual content of your article. If you do not think that many human eyes will actually be reading your articles, you just might be able to opt for a lesser edited article. While the quality of your article will be good, it might be better suited to search engine crawls than it is to intensive reading by an interested audience. The same theory holds true if you are hoping for content for your site that is shareable with your social network and business community. If you want articles that are going to make your readers sit up and take notice, you are well-advised to invest in a higher priced article. That investment will be returned to you many times over when your business picks up simply because of the additional readers that are being brought to your website. The better the quality of your content is, the better the chances are that it is going to result in an engaged and profitable audience. If your website delivers value to web searchers, they will return to your site again and again. They will network your content for you and share it with their peers. If you can become the go-to source within your niche, others will link to you which will also help to boost the rank of your website within search engine results.

Quality Content and Article Writing Rates

With so many changes lately in the world of search engine rankings, it really is worth your while to consider investing in quality content for your site. One of the major global search engines made hundreds of algorithm changes to their search parameters this year alone. With each tweak to how websites are ranked in search engine results, the need becomes ever greater for quality content. It is no longer good enough to just throw a website together and hope that it draws an audience. If you want your site to be found (and remain found), you are going to have to invest in quality content that keeps your audience coming back time and time again. Unless you are a wordsmith junkie who does nothing but create scintillating content all day long, chances are good that you are going to need to use the talents of a ghost writing service. By being aware of the differences in article writing rates, you can make the wisest investment decision for your own specific needs.

Automatic Article Writer

Employing An Automatic Article Writer


Staying on top of your company’s search engine optimization is a never ending task. There is a menagerie of ways to increase your page ranking on search engine results pages, but some seem to come and go as quickly as you institute them. Some you simply do not have the time or manpower to maintain, so outsourcing the work may be the next best thing. In the case of article writing, there are several avenues that are beneficial to your company’s exposure. Hiring a freelance writer is one way to maintain unique content, and another effective way is to employ the services of an automatic article writer.

What is an Automatic Article Writer?

An automatic article writer is a program or software that allows you to enter guidelines or information you would like to appear on your website, that is then collected from existing website articles, and rewritten – a form of article spinning – to make it at least 80% unique, and representative of your company. This process allows those who have little writing prowess access to industry related articles that help represent their company through refreshed content, increasing search engine optimization.

Types of Automatic Article Writers

Type One: Actual Writers. There are a number of companies that employ freelance writers who will be given keywords, company information, or an outline of how they would like the article to appear, with the content written in a unique manner, so as not to mimic any existing articles from another website. For example, if you are a realtor, you would hire a company or individual to write articles on your behalf, to help increase your page ranking, and drive additional traffic to your site. Once you have decided who you would like to write these articles, you would need to provide them with information such as keywords, which is the verbiage internet searches enter to find a realtor. In this case, it would include the words, “realtor” “selling a house (or home)” “buying a house (or home)” and the cities in which you operate. So if someone types into a search engine: “selling a house in Chicago” those keywords would be included in your article. Once the article is completed, it will be passed back to you for approval or revisions, and used on your site, or wherever else you see fit, as it now belongs to you.

Type Two: Automatic Article Writer Software. The writer software requires the person or company in need of the article to outline their information more explicitly, so the software understands the difference between their business and another company, to avoid any confusion. The software will ask the user to enter a title, and answer several questions along the way, to help it understand what type of article you would like it generate. Questions begin easily enough asking what you would like the reader to gain from your article, or how you would like to introduce the product or services. In addition, the software will ask a few questions to accommodate the body of the article, asking for an outline of what sets you apart from other products or services, or why an individual should pick your company over another. A conclusion will be generated based on the previous round of questioning. The software will allow you to enter keywords, to increase the chances of your articles appearing on the search engine results page, and will supply you with a word count, while allowing you to export the completed article into different formats, to be submitted as you see fit.

The largest question when it comes to using software as an automatic article writer is, how it will know what to write, based solely on the few simple questions you have answered. Simply put, the software will take the keywords you have provided, while taking the title and answers into account, and will search the World Wide Web over for articles that contain similar information. The software will ingest each of those articles into a database, and rewrite them to effectively supply you with a unique version of the same content. Most automatic article writer software will guarantee a percentage of uniqueness when supplying articles per your specifications, which is important so as not to plagiarize, or defile your site with duplicate content, which could land your site alongside spamming websites.

Why Use an Automatic Software Writer?

Automated article writer

Check Out an Automated Article Writer

Creating smart, unique content is something all website owners pride themselves in committing to, especially when they find their page ranking or web traffic diminishing. The problem is, it takes time, and imagination to create unique material for your website, blog or Social Networking profiles. This is something a lot of companies cannot afford to employ an individual to do, and when it is contracted internally, they run the risk of less creative prose, jeopardizing their overall branding or marketing initiatives.

Using an automatic software writer – whether it is an actual company, person or software – can help your company produce material to increase traffic to your website, without disrupting another employee’s position within your office. Deciding which outlet will work best for you depends on your industry, your budget, and how comfortable you are with allowing software to do the talking for you.

Research both sides of the industry before making a decision on which you are willing to let speak for you or your company. If your industry is not a niche industry, one that provides a very specific product or service, software may be the best avenue for your article writing needs. Common industries, such as plumbing, HVAC or swimming pool maintenance companies, to name a few, share target markets, industry knowledge, specifications and company details that perform consistently across the board, deviating very little from company to company. These types of industries can benefit from the bevy of online information that exists within their categories, easily allowing the software to pick up the information, and rewrite it with accuracy and ease, while supplying a unique spin.

However, if you are in a niche market, you are targeting a very specific audience, which may not exist en masse on the internet, allowing the software very little information to pull from, possibly producing an article that is more harmful than helpful, due to the lack of culminating information. If this is the case, it would behoove you to use a service or individual who can take keywords germane to your industry, along with a brief description or outline of what you would like to convey, in order to write something unique and reflective of your specific business category. This approach will help you stand out in a crowd of few that practice the same services as you, or sell a similar product.

Although the software version operates quickly and effectively, which is one benefit its users enjoy, it comes with a price: Duplicate content and possible monthly fees, or a one-time purchase price, in some cases, can hinder your marketing capacity more than help it. Be sure to research the available lines of software with care, prior to making a decision on purchasing one that will work best for you or your company. Hiring a company or person can be just as quick, by stating expected turnaround times, and allocating a budget will help the writer understand your needs and goals, while also providing truly unique content.