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5 Simple Ways You Can Use eBooks to Your Benefit

Whether you’re trying to establish yourself as a legitimate author with some serious writing chops, or you’re hoping to take advantage of eBooks as a business tool, there are many ways you can use them to your benefit. Here are five nifty tricks to get you started.

1. Use free eBooks As Bait

Most people love a good eBook packed full of great information or a juicy story. What’s more, they’re often willing to provide an email address or valuable information in exchange for a free download. Consider offering a free eBook to anyone who signups to your newsletter or fills out a survey. This marketing tool is also highly effective for enticing qualified traffic to your site in a short amount of time.

Alternatively, you can attach an eBook as a gift to a purchased product or service. You’ll increase the perceived value, making the deal look sweeter and far more compelling.

2. Use eBooks As a Loss Leader

While the loss leader strategy is one you’ll have to weigh up before deciding to implement, there’s no doubt it can have its benefits. In addition to boosting ‘word of mouth’ promotion, loss leaders are a great way to increase related product sales, encourage readers to buy your next book, or build a brand people will associate with high quality and bargain prices.

3. Use eBooks to make Cash

You probably won’t get rich overnight, but eBooks can certainly contribute to a healthier bank balance. Blend the right promotion strategy with the right pricing strategy and you’re half way to selling your eBooks like hotcakes. Make certain you copyright your digital book, so that you have sole rights to sell.

4. Use eBooks For Market Research Purposes

Thanks to low production costs, eBooks remove much of the risk other research methods pose. Besides the information you can collect from surveys (see point one above), eBooks also let you learn about target markets, consumer motivation, and habits. This type of input can be incredibly valuable for building your business and readership.

Additionally, you can use digital books as a way to test the potential of your market. This allows you to determine whether the book will readily sell. If not, you can make necessary adjustments to the content, as well as your promotion strategy.

5. Use eBooks To Set Yourself Up As an Expert and Industry Leader

You know the marketing information you gathered by implementing point four? Well, why not use what you’ve learned to solve a common problem and write an eBook about it? You not only establish yourself as an expert, but you build value for your brand and boost your reputation.

Additional eBook Tips

  • An excellent way to extend the value of your eBook is by publishing each chapter as part of course material or as an evolving story. The great news is you can do this by email or on your website, depending on your goals and strategy.
  • Distribute your eBook in several different formats, including audio. This ensures you don’t exclude anyone and allows you to get your message across to prospects and customers.

As far as marketing tools go, there is little to rival the flexibility, potential for expansion, and power of eBooks. Their sales are multiplying on a yearly basis, with the Association of American Publishers reporting that adult eBooks sales amounted to an impressive $282.3 million in Q1 of 2012. That’s a 28.4% increase from Q1 last year.

Based on those figures, it’s clear that if you haven’t started to leverage eBooks for personal or business benefits, now is the time to consider it.

How are you using eBooks to make your mark on the publishing world? We’d love to hear about your trials and triumphs, so share with us in the comment section below.

What You Should Know about eBooks as a Powerful Marketing Tool

If you’re an online marketer or eBook fanatic, you’ve probably heard of Amanda Hocking’s rag to riches story. A 20-something paranormal fiction writer, Hocking has made it big as a self-publisher. She’s even joined the coveted ranks of the Kindle Million Club thanks to her ever-increasing sales numbers.

Although a traditional publishing house now represents Hocking, we can still learn plenty from her experience. In fact, many online businesses are finding huge success by publishing their own eBooks, using them as an effective marketing tool for brand building, lead generation, and revenue creation.

Why eBooks Have Become a Hit with Marketers

Besides the fact that professionally written eBooks can help boost your credibility, establish your authority as an industry expert, and provide your target communities with value, they can also improve your online visibility, increase your chances of going viral, and enhance your reputation. A good eBook can generate profits for years, which is some pretty powerful leverage when you think about it.

While there is no denying that eBooks can amplify your presence and do wonders for your brand, let’s take a look at some of the practical benefits of eBook creation, publishing, and distribution.

#1 – Low Cost, High Conversion

eBook production is relatively inexpensive. Since you eliminate many of the expenses associated with print publishing, you can keep costs at a minimum. In addition, you’ll find that conversion rates are higher than many other tools and methods. Give away an eBook packed with valuable information in return for an email address and you’ll quickly see your list of interested prospects grow.

#2 – No Publishing Barriers

Besides saving yourself from the agony of submitting your manuscript to countless agents, you save yourself from broken-hearted sobbing over rejection letters. Thanks to the freedom and flexibility that comes along with self-publishing, you bypass the hassle and go straight to distribution within the space of an upload and few quick clicks.

#3 – Immediate Download

Forget about heading down to the bookstore and waiting in line to make a purchase. eBooks are instantly downloadable. This means your customers can conveniently access your book anytime, anywhere, and on any eBook reader.

#4 – You Have Complete Control

Without the limitations of traditional publishing, you don’t have to compromise yourself or your business in any way. You have the last say on every aspect including content, design, editing, pricing, publishing platform, and marketing. Your eBook is yours to do with, as you will.

#5 – You can make eBooks Interactive

Engagement is crucial when you’re trying to impart your message. The good news is you can compel people to keep on reading and enhance their learning experience by making your eBook interactive. Add links, media, and other elements to add value and keep your reader hooked.

If you’re not yet convinced that eBooks are worth their weight in gold, then stay tuned for my next blog, because I’ll share the creative ways in which you can use eBooks to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.

Are you creating and publishing eBooks? What hidden benefits can you derive from this marketing tool?