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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a huge buzz term at the moment as more businesses are turning their attention to the online world. The basic principles of digital marketing are in line with more traditional marketing; the most important aspects of marketing remain true: have a clear message, know your target audience, identify your competition and create measurable targets. However, there’s more to digital marketing than simply moving an offline strategy online and sometimes it’s important to have the two work hand in hand.

The online field gives you many more ways to interact with consumers than ever before. Previously, interactivity was limited to hoping someone would cut out a coupon. Now, as well as coupons to print out, advertising campaigns can be run through Facebook or Twitter, as games and competitions or as memes that get carried and shaped by those who see them. Do it well and potential customers will happily interact with your brand and tell their friends about what you’re doing. This is the difference between push and pull marketing, no longer do you simply push advertising at people, but you need them to pull it towards themselves. This sort of marketing gives immediate feedback so if something you’re doing isn’t working, it’s easy to change. With Twitter and Facebook, it’s possible for consumers to contact you whenever they want, and if you’re using social media well they’ll expect an answer to their query. Be warned, though, if you set up a campaign or an account to boost your online profile and you do something wrong, then it will be picked up on and blogged about. Furniture chain Habitat is still used as an example of how not to use Twitter.

One of the important things to remember about digital marketing is that, unlike offline marketing where a campaign may be destined to the landfill at the end of its run, anything put online can stay there indefinitely. Even if you think you have control of something at the start of a campaign, it’s simple for someone to lift your work and host it somewhere else, meaning you no longer have complete control. This normally isn’t a problem – in fact, it’s normally desirable – but if you release something that you later decide to pull, this may not be entirely possible. Be sure when you start a campaign that you are fully committed to the message and that all approval has been granted.

Something else to consider is who and how you target. It’s unlikely that all your potential customers can be reached in the same way so splitting up your message and spreading it through Facebook, e-mail and a news page can help reach three times as many people.

No matter how you market yourself online, be sure to make things measurable. As with any marketing strategy, you need to be able to work out if your campaign is actually bringing extra traffic or sales to your company. Analytics packages are vital for this sort of work or if your campaign is Twitter-specific you can use URL shorteners that track clicks and conversions.

Digital marketing is a useful tool but not necessarily a replacement for offline work. Some agencies and companies are treating it as such, and in some instances this may be worthwhile, but it can also be used to complement other work and add depth to a campaign. The more ways you can find to spread a message, a higher number of mediums and through different messages means you’re more likely to make that message stick and make people think of your brand when they need to.

Unusual Internet Marketing Tricks

3 Unusual Internet Marketing Tricks That Work

Making a success of your online business sometimes means digging deep to find unusual internet marketing tricks to boost sales. With competition increasing rapidly and consumers wising up to promotional gimmicks, it’s getting tougher and tougher to get your marketing material read these days. Some promotional methods can prove to be costly exercises that yield dismal results. The last thing you want is a campaign that does nothing more than drain your marketing budget.

The truth is, the best tricks are often the techniques that are not really tricks at all. In fact, many marketers simply fail to make the most of marketing opportunities and communication channels. The good news is you can do plenty to supercharge your income without much hassle or expense. Add your own creative flair and business sense to these ideas and you will quickly fill your pockets again.

Do Something Big

There is no doubt that every website owner should continuously implement marketing strategies throughout the year. However, sometimes it takes something big to grab the kind of attention you need. Kick your campaigning up a notch by carrying out at least one major marketing drive during the year. Brainstorm unique ways to make a memorable impact. Think about the great ads you remember and what made them stand out from the rest.

If your creative juices have run dry, or your promotional team is churning out frustratingly predictable ideas, let your affiliates take care of business. Simply run a contest for the most imaginative advertising campaign. Make your affiliates send in evidence of their efforts and vote on the most effective idea. Presto! More eyeballs see your offer, and you achieve a far greater reach.

Whether your affiliates take to the streets with banners, or create funny and interesting viral videos, they will start to chip away at the awareness of your prospects. They will build curiosity, which is exactly what you should aim to achieve. Make certain your affiliates practice ethical marketing and that they do not showcase your business in a negative light.

Help a Newbie

There is nothing like helping someone out while gaining an ally or two along the way. The potential to gain valuable business is not an opportunity you should pass up easily. After all, the people you help could become strategic business partners in the future.

Besides possible joint ventures and cross promotional deals, your fellow entrepreneurs can offer several other benefits, including link exchanges, advertising exchanges, referrals, and endorsements. You might even develop a complementary product or service together, increasing the profits of both businesses. If you are unsure where to start looking for potential allies, try forums related to your niche. You are bound to find someone who needs questions answered or help with brand development. All it takes is a little initiative, and before you know it, you have an unbeatable offering that brings in the sales.

Write an E-book

This income generator might sound difficult to set up, but it’s not. You do not have to look far for brilliant ideas either. Simply compile a useful report, reveal secrets or tips of your trade, or put together a collection of your interesting and helpful articles. This gives you the opportunity to build your brand, provide readers with links to your website, and get your marketing message out there.

Here’s the trick: give the e-book away for free and include giveaway rights. People love receiving free stuff and people love passing on free stuff. Most importantly, people are highly likely to come back for more of your wisdom if your initial offering costs them nothing. Sure, you’re going to lose time creating the e-book, but the results will be worth your efforts. You have the potential to reach a broader target market, increase awareness of your brand, and boost conversion rates through links you include to your website. It’s a win-win situation for you and your prospects.

Ultimately, the most unusual Internet marketing tricks are the ones that let your individuality and creativity shine. You can take a basic idea and turn it into something truly unique and attention-grabbing. Always keep a look out for potential marketing opportunities and tackle them with an open mind.

Successful Online Marketing Campaign

Simple Secrets of a Successful Online Marketing Campaign

Establishing a successful online marketing campaign involves time, effort, and perseverance. Unless you have a killer idea that brings in the crowds overnight and compels them to purchase your goods, you will probably have to work at getting the recipe just right. Every online business owner, blogger, and Internet marketer should tailor their strategies to suit the product, service, or information they are promoting. Although this can be a challenge, it can be done. The result should not only appeal to you, but it should also appeal to your audience.

Set the Right Goals

If your objective is to make one million dollars in 24 hours selling hand-woven baskets online, you are probably aiming a little too high. If you manage something of this magnitude, you better take your secret and run, because everyone will want a piece of your million dollar pie. In the meantime, it is best to keep things simple.

Goals should be reasonable and attainable. Whether you want to see a 5% increase in conversion rates, or you simply want to increase your traffic by 15 visitors a day, you need to ensure the goals you set are not impossible to reach. Do not make the mistake of setting yourself up for failure before you have even begun.

Study Your Target Market

There is no point in developing a successful online marketing campaign if you are reaching out to the wrong people. Sure, you might get a trickle of traffic, but do not expect it to propel you to the level of success you hope to achieve. Without a doubt, research is key.

Internet marketing offers a variety of benefits, one of them being the ability to reach a larger market and different target groups. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to meet your audience where they are, which means taking an in-depth look at how they interact on the Internet. Look at the services they use, what they buy, where you can locate them, and how you can persuade them to visit your site.

Choose Relevant Marketing Mediums

There is no denying the number of outlets available to get your message across is expanding rapidly. Now you can select perfect promotional tools for your campaign. Options range from websites and blogs to online articles, email marketing, social media sites, web videos, and more. Conduct research to find out where your target market is on the web. Determine what type of medium they use regularly and what medium will most likely gain a response from them. You may choose to use one or two platforms to start with, or you may want to use several platforms at once.

Use Content Effectively

Content is your friend when creating a successful online marketing campaign. You can easily tailor your campaign content to suit each of your target groups. Make sure you use relevant keywords and that you implement a sound SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. If you are unsure how to write effective content, then let The Content Authority fill your writing requirements.

Set Benchmarks and Monitor the Results

You need to measure your success through various stages of the campaign. Set a benchmark for each promotional activity and evaluate the results. Unfortunately, there will be times when some things work and others do not. You may need to adjust one element of your campaign to get it on the right track again. Search for other ways to achieve the results you want. This might mean taking a few risks along the way, but the final figures could be worth it. Keeping an open mind about possible solutions is important.

There is a major difference between running an online marketing campaign and running a successful online marketing campaign. You need to decide which one is more important to you. Nearly every marketer can put a promotional strategy together, but it takes savvy thinkers, who pay attention to what their customers want to develop a strategy that boosts their online success to remarkable levels. Ultimately customers should want more. They should be ready and eager to return to your site again and again.

Online Marketing Mistakes

7 Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes

With so many facets to an online campaign, it is understandable individuals sometimes commit online marketing mistakes. Unfortunately, these errors are often detrimental to a campaign. The effects are only seen when it is far too late, and the damage has already been done. Below you will find seven of the biggest blunders you should avoid at all costs.

Being Overly Social

Many marketers forget that an online marketing campaign still needs a professional image. As social media continues to reach new heights, it is far too easy to cross the boundaries that divide your business from your personal life. While it is important to have several points of contact, which could include the use of social media sites, you must abide by a professional level of business etiquette. Keep in mind, your target groups will come from different backgrounds and cultures. Show respect and be sensitive at all times. This does not mean you cannot be open, friendly, or human. People want to feel they can approach you; they do not want to feel as if they are interacting with a machine. Building your brand means making people remember you for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Lacking a Message That Is Relevant

Some marketers are under the misguided impression that one message serves all. This could not be further from the truth. While conducting a marketing campaign, it is essential to tailor your message to each of your target groups. While one message resonates with a specific group of consumers, it may not have the same impact on another. Therefore, you should tackle your message and marketing approach from several angles. First, find relevant information for the various consumers you are targeting, and then create a message that is persuasive to each group.

Ignoring Technology

The Internet is an ever-changing beast, one you need to placate with an ever-evolving campaign. One of the biggest online marketing mistakes you can make is being rigid towards change. You must be able to adapt if you intend to survive. You need to remind your customers continuously of what your business does, what it stands for, and why your business is the solution to their needs. You do not want your buyers to forget your brand or leave you for your competitors. Sometimes this means mixing up your mediums to convey your message in a creative, innovative way. Being willing to adopt new Internet technology is one key to success.

Posting Stale Content

As a way to gain traffic, convey your message, and turn browsers into buyers, content is a highly effective tool. As a result, the content you post to your sites or use in your marketing campaign should always be fresh. People do not want to read articles that have been rehashed a million times, they want something current and unique. It is your responsibility to give that to them. Use content to grab attention and engage your audience. Your favorable bank balance will reflect the outcome of your efforts.

Confusing Results with Web Traffic

Unless your aim is to attract more readers, an increase in traffic does not necessarily mean the results are in your favor. Gaining more traffic is a crucial part of increasing conversion rates, but do not mistakenly think that more people automatically results in more profits. Your marketing strategy only works when you turn browsing traffic into buying traffic. Keep this in mind during the time you measure and evaluate the effects of your campaign, so that you are able to obtain a true reading of the impact your message has on your target audience.

Being Inconsistent With Branding

Your company brand is not something you should compromise on at any stage of your marketing campaign. Your brand is what your business is known for and what your customers recognize. While changing your image can sometimes be a good move, you need to ensure you change your image in every area. Do not run the risk of alienating loyal clients by confusing them. Be consistent when adapting your brand, so you maintain a professional image and continue to build a strong and loyal customer base.

Neglecting To Measure Results

Believe it or not, there are many marketers who forget to measure the results of their efforts against the benchmarks they set. By neglecting to do this simple task, they run the risk of losing profits. You should check your success on a regular basis so that you can adapt your campaign if needed. You might only require a small tweak here and there, or you could find you have bigger problems. Do not let a potential issue slip away from you, take immediate action by monitoring your progress regularly.

You may cringe just thinking of these online marketing mistakes, but the truth is you could be guilty. Now that you are equipped with this information, you should make every effort to avoid these blunders. Do not let the damage become widespread. Limit the effects immediately and watch as your campaign becomes more profitable.

Online Marketing Mistakes Recap

  • Being Overly Social
  • Lacking a Message That Is Relevant
  • Ignoring Technology
  • Posting Stale Content
  • Confusing Results with Web Traffic
  • Being Inconsistent With Branding
  • Neglecting To Measure Results


Internet Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things a person can do when developing an online business is to employ a successful internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing strategies cannot be taken lightly at any point throughout the endeavor. Some key ingredients to a successful strategy lie in a few key areas. First you find a great product you can get behind, or find a way to provide valuable information to potential visitors of your site. The website or blog must be designed in a way to either sell the product or built around providing specific information. Once these factors are in place, then you find a way to build a truly successful internet marketing campaign. If one is thinking it is easier said than done, well it really isn’t.

Well, the reality is any type of business does take time and effort. You cannot expect results to happen overnight. Profits don’t come falling from the sky, although everyone wishes they would. But understanding a few simple tips will certainly make the process go much smoother. Taking aggressive action in the areas outlined above will certainly help generate profits at some point during the campaign.

You must first begin by developing a strong product or providing very valuable information. This can easily be done by using what you already know. An example would be if one is an avid golfer, you can then start to build a solid product based on what you know about the game of golf. You can specifically tailor your website around the game and begin to gradually take it to the next level. In regards to information, once again you build a site based on what you know. Your site could provide valuable information that web users are constantly looking for. If you are continuously updating the site with rich content that focuses exclusively on your area of expertise, web users are going to want to visit the site. Believe it or not, one of the most valuable commodities on the internet today is information. And the words which back up this commodity can be described as one of the most important marketing tools available on the web. Good, solid, rich content and extremely well written articles with proper keyword usage continues to be an effective tool in the entire internet marketing world. This is an absolute proven fact.

Understanding just how important content is to your site would lead one to employ this marketing strategy. First, a very effective short term plan would be to post articles in forums that are directly related to your site. You will find that there is an endless supply of forums and blogs related to yours which can help generate traffic to your site. If you simply do not have the time to continuously post content, you may want to consider using an article writing service, such as The Content Authority. They will produce rich content at an extremely affordable price and guide you in your traffic building efforts. One of the most important factors with a service such as this is they will show you exactly what to do with the content and how it will help in your overall internet marketing strategy. Again, in any web based marketing endeavor, content is king.

A final note would be to let you know that two of the biggest sellers on the web today are software and information. Using what you already know and turning that into a strong software product would be a key ingredient to web success. Build a site that is geared around the software and continuously provide rich content about the software. The same theory holds true with information. Understanding these simple tips and using them in all of your internet marketing strategies will help lay a foundation of success for today, and into the future.