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Should You Capitalize “Into” In A Title? When to Do It

Should You Capitalize “Into” In A Title? When to Do It

Most grammar enthusiasts experience a hard time navigating the numerous grammar rules of capitalization. But one clear rule is that all titles should be capitalized since they attract attention, tell more about the article content, and give an impression of wanting to know more. But the truth is not all the words in a title should be capitalized. So, should you capitalize “into” in a title?

Even though “into” is a preposition, the general rule is to capitalize it whenever used in a title. The reason is that “into” is a preposition that is longer than three words. A common capitalization rule you should know is that all words longer than three letters should be capitalized.

But the rules vary depending on which writing guide you are using. The major writing styles are APA stylebook, Chicago, AP, and AMA manual, and each has its specific rules of capitalization. The article will highlight more of the word “into” and when it should be capitalized in a title.

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4 Rules for Capitalizing “Into” In a Title

Due to the many English writing rules, it is normal to get confused on whether to capitalize the word “into” in a title. But if you take the time to learn, you will have an easy time writing your topics. So, let’s look at the various rules of capitalizing “into” in a title.

Capitalize “Into” If It’s the First or Last Word in a Title

When writing a title, the rule is that the first and the last words should be capitalized. This is one of the capitalization rules that do not change. In that case, if the word into will be in the first or the last word, it should be capitalized.

Also, note that the first and the last words should be capitalized regardless of the part of speech they fall under. It does not matter if you are writing the title of a song, book, or article; capitalize the first letter of the first and the last word.

Example sentences:

  • Into the Dark: How to Face Your Fears
  • Into the Badlands
  • A Second Marriage: 30 Reasons It Is Hard To Get Into

Capitalize “Into” If Appears After a Colon or Semi-Colon

All the words that follow a colon or semi-colon in a title should be capitalized. These punctuation marks are essential since they give emphasis or clarity to words. For example, if “into” in a topic follows a colon or semi-colon, the first word should be capitalized.

When writing a topic, you might be required to use a colon or semi-colon. The general rule is you should capitalize the first word that follows a colon or semi-colon. If the word is “into,” then ensure that you have capitalized the word’s first letter.

Example Sentences:

  • Get in the Kitchen: Into the Oven
  • How to Manage Your Finances: Into the Mind of an Accountant
  • Put Your Life: Into a Weighing Scale

Capitalize “Into” If It’s After an Exclamation Mark

Another rule of capitalizing a title is that any word following an exclamation mark should start with an uppercase. The reason people use exclamation marks in their writing or topics is to express strong emotion.

If you are writing a title and want to express excitement, delight, surprise, anger, shock, or fear, you must use an exclamation mark. If the word “into” is used after an exclamation mark, do not forget to capitalize it.

Example sentences:

  • Win Your Case Now! Into the Mind of a Lawyer
  • Do Not Eat That! Into Dieting and Being Healthy
  • Pass Your Exams! Into Ways to Get Better Grades

Capitalize “Into” If It’s After a Period

At times when writing a title, you might need to use a period. If so, learn how to write your title correctly. The general rule is that the word that follows a period should be capitalized. The same case applies if the word after the period is “into.”

Full stops are used to show a new idea or concept. Besides, when used correctly in topics, full stops can help make your title stylish. However, before using it, ensure you do some basic research on using it. Here is how you write titles with “into” following the period.

Example sentences:

  • Get Help With Your Finances. Into The Bank You Go
  • How To Deal With Teens. Into The Mind Of Teenagers
  • Manage Your Health. Into Ways To Lead A Healthy Life

Exceptions for Capitalizing “Into” In A Title

Minor words should not be capitalized in a title. However, an exception is that if the minor words have four words or more, you should capitalize them. That being the case, the preposition “into” might be a minor word, but since it has four letters, then it needs to be capitalized.

Example sentences:

  • Ways to Cultivate Conflict Into Resolution
  • A Look Into The Deep Web
  • A Look Into The Impact Coronavirus Had To The Economy
  • Eight Secrets of Getting Into Your Career

More Alternative Rules When Capitalizing “Into” In a Title

As stated before, the capitalization rules depend on the type of writing style you are using. In most cases, the rules of whether to capitalize “into” in a title are the same. But if you are using the Chicago writing style, then “into” should not be capitalized in a title except for a few expectations.

When using the Chicago writing method, you should not capitalize the preposition regardless of the word length. Thus, if the title you are writing has the word “into” somewhere in the sentence, then you should not capitalize it.

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When using the Chicago writing style, you should only capitalize “into” in a title if:

  • It is the first word of a title
  • It is the last word of a title
  • It follows punctuations like period, exclamation, and question mark.

Otherwise, do not capitalize the word “into.”

Example sentences:

  • Getting into The Speed Of Life
  • Stepping into The Exam Room
  • A Look into The Mind Of A Teenager

10 Example Sentences with Correct Capitalization of “Into” in Titles

Did you know that “into” is one of the most commonly capitalized words in titles? Whether it’s a book, movie, or song title, it’s important to get this word right! Here are ten examples of sentences with the correct capitalization of “into.” Enjoy!

  1. Have you read the book Get Into A Deeper Mindset?
  2. After reading Get Into Your Bed: The Importance Of Sleeping, I have changed my mindset.
  3. The lecturer told us to read Get Into Another Mindset and review the book.
  4. The movie Into Dust: Into Ashes Is not suitable for kids.
  5. After reading the book What Has Got Into Your Water System, I only drink bottled water.
  6. The pastor asked the congregation to read From Your Mouth Into God’s Ears.
  7. Have you ever heard the song I Was Never Into You?
  8. My essay topic was getting Into The Right Mindset.
  9. Parenting can be a challenge, but the book Do Not Let Your Child Get Into The Wrong Crowd is helpful.
  10. I had a hard time coming up with an essay topic, but I finally managed to get one: Into The Mind Of A Monk.


In summary, you need to capitalize “into” in a title or not, depending on the writing style you embrace. So we are happy to see you learn from this article, especially in examples of some titles with the word “into.”

Note that English is broad, but did you know that if you take the time to learn and understand the language, you will become a confident English master? One of the things you need to prioritize is the rules of capitalization, especially the word “into” in titles.