6 Straightforward Tips for Building a Social Media Management Company

6 Straightforward Tips for Building a Social Media Management Company

building a social media management companyIs the entrepreneur in you ready to take your knowledge, experience, and passion for social media to the next level by starting a social media management company?

If you’re eager to take the next steps, but launching your business and building your initial client base seems like a daunting task, then you’ll want to pay attention to these six straightforward tips for starting a business while maximizing your effectiveness.

Tip 1: Create a Product or Service Offering In Line With Your Skills

As social media evolves, so do the roles and skills required to create, implement, manage, and maintain campaigns. Therefore, you need to identify your competencies and figure out what you’re going to include as part of your service offering. Will you provide online audits and needs analysis? Strategy development and implementation? Educational training? Monitoring and reporting? Social media policy creation? Whether it’s one or all, make sure you develop a framework for your approach to product and service development, as well as define your unique value proposition.

Tip 2: Optimize Your Online Properties for Your Brand

Before you launch your social media management company, you’ll want to ensure your business website, social media profiles, and blog are optimized for search and that your branding is infused throughout these properties. A solid brand that’s recognizable and consistent is going to go a long way in helping you establish credibility.

Tip 3: Leverage Your Experience and Credibility

If you haven’t built your own online communities and you’re not an active social media player, the chances are a potential client won’t trust you enough to hire you. Think of your profiles as your online portfolio, and then use them to demonstrate your effectiveness at growing a loyal following of fans who engage with your insightful content and participate in the conversations you generate.

Tip 4: Know What You’re Worth

Since you’re just starting out, your hunger to nab a new client could overrule the economic aspects of running your own social media management company. Make certain you do your research beforehand so that you charge market-related prices for the types of services you’ll be offering.

Tip 5: Be Prepared To Overcome Objections

Be Prepared To Overcome Objections

The reality is this: most Internet users know how social media sites work. It’s become second nature to them, and younger generations are becoming smarter and smarter at using these platforms. Unfortunately, the widespread adoption of social media has sprung an “anyone can do it” mentality. Therefore, you need to be ready to overcome objections when potential clients underestimate the level of skill required for this job. You need to be ready to explain that you don’t simply tweet or play on Facebook all day. You need to be ready to justify your prices.

Tip 6: Promote, Network, and Get Involved

How do you grow your client base? Ask your current clients, connections, or social media communities for referrals; develop an inbound marketing strategy along with high quality lead generating content; network in business forums; advertise; and tap into your offline network. Building a social media management company is no different to building any other type of company. You have to figure out what works for you, allocate your resources wisely, and pursue the avenues that will yield maximum ROI.

There are thousands upon thousands of social media managers out there, so anyone who tells you it’s going to be easy is lying. However, your social profiles are where your work can speak for itself, and it’s likely to do a better job than you are.

Have these tips helped? If you’ve already established a social media management company, feel free to share your advice and stories with us in the comment section. We’d love to hear about your trials and triumphs.

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