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Bohemian Vs. Hippie: When To Use Each One In Writing?

Bohemian Vs. Hippie: When To Use Each One In Writing?

Do you work in the fashion industry and wonder what the fuss on the bohemian and hippie trends is all about? These unconventional fashion styles are making a coming back, and they seem to be here to stay. The challenge is that most people cannot distinguish between these two fashion trends; if you are in this dilemma, this bohemian vs. hippy article suits you.

Bohemian (noun): a person like a songwriter or an artist living an unconventional life, usually with a colony with others. Hippie (noun): someone who ignores society morals through unconventional and controversial dressing. They advocate for nonviolent ethics.

You might not clearly understand these fashion trends from the above definitions. That is why this article will give more explanations of the terms bohemian and hippie. We will also discuss the connection and difference between these words and explain when to use each one.

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Definitions Of Bohemian And Hippie

As a fashion designer, you might wonder how learning these words’ definitions will help you in your career or improve your skills. First, note that definitions help give you a clear understanding of these words. That will make it easy to learn why the fashion industry infiltrated these words into jargon. 

Additionally, an effective way you can use to distinguish between words that you confuse is by learning how to define them. That will help in clarifying any confusion you have.

Definitions Of Bohemian

The first thing that comes to mind for classic hard rock lovers when they hear the word “bohemian” is the famous Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody song. But that is not what we are talking about today. 

Bohemian has numerous definitions, as discussed below.

  • A native or inhabitant of Bohemia or Romani. The Czech dialects used in Bohemia
  • Something or someone connected to Bohemia, its people, and its language
  • Someone who lives a wandering or vagabond life
  • People interested in artistic or unusual things (art, music, or literature). These people ignore the usually accepted way of behaving
  • A person who lives an informal or unconventional lifestyle and is different from how most people live
  • Someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct

Definitions Of Hippie

The definition of a hippie is a young individual who ignores the morals of an established society. They can do this by the way they dress or how they live.

A hippie is also a very haired and unconventionally dressed person. Also, a young person, especially one who lived in the 1960s-1970s, had long hair, believed in peace, and opposed numerous accepted ideas about how people lived.

Another meaning is someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle. Hippie is also a spelling variant of the word hippy.

How To Properly Use Bohemian And Hippie In A Sentence

You have read the various definitions of bohemian and hippie, but is that enough for you to use these words in your sentences? If you still need clarification about how to use these words, here’s more on that.

How To Use The Word Bohemian

The word bohemian is a noun that describes a person who lives an unconventional lifestyle. In most cases, they have few permanent ties that involve the musical, artist, or literacy pursuit.

Bohemian can also be used as an adjective to mean belonging or relating to bohemia or its people.

You can also use bohemian when;

  • You are describing an artistic person who lives informally
  • Referring to people or things that relate to Bohemia or its people
  • Referring to an unconventional artist, for instance, one well-known for wearing filthy coveralls
  • Talking about an eccentric, odd person
  • Describing an itinerant person suspected of living from dishonest practices and theft

A fashion style mainly used in clothing mixed with different cultures and artistic expressions; the design has a mixture of patterns and materials

How To Use The Word Hippie

The word hippie has a different definition in the English Language. As an adjective, hippie is mainly used in a humorous sense to describe someone who does not want to conform to the geranial or accepted standards. As a noun when defining someone who rejects morals, it also means someone who defines an established society.

Here are some of the things you mean when you use this word.

  • A long-haired 60s flower child was referred to as a hippie
  • A person who does not follow the established conditions
  • People that are confined in their way of life or values when connecting with people, living, dressing, expressing love, and expanding their consciousness
  • Use hippie when referring to someone with wide hips    
  • A traveler on a budget whose luggage consists of a backpack
  • A person with unconventional or slightly strange behavior
  • Contrary to what is usual, traditional, or accepted
  • Something new, radical, and extreme

In fashion, use hippie to refer to a unique style that favors long hair and unconventional dress, and at times, the unit could have psychedelic colors. This fashion required men to wear large beards and women to wear sandals and beads.

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Bohemian Vs. Hippie: 3 Key Differences

By now, you probably know how “bohemian” and “hippie” are connected. Of course, you also know these words are not synonyms. So can you tell their difference? Here is a look at three key differences between these words in the fashion industry.


Though both bohemian and hippie are unconventional fashion styles, they do not represent the same thing. Bohemian fashion requires the wearer to mix their clothes and accessories, irrespective of the time and origin. Hippie is more of an ancient style of dressing. In this style, the wearer wears what they want and styles it in a hippie form.

Reason For Origin

There are various reasons why style or fashion comes to origin. For bohemians, the reason is mainly aesthetics. This fashion trend is to enable people to express their inner selves. The style lets people wear what they feel comfortable in their skin and express themselves without feeling guilty.

On the other hand, hippie fashion was first a political statement before becoming a fashion statement. The fashion was worn by a group whose aim was to fight the things they considered not right in the community. So, even today, hippie fashion is not just a style; many people use it to express freedom.

Which Is Popular?

Though these styles are common, the bohemian style seems more popular than the hippie fashion trend. That’s even though hippie fashion came into existence before bohemian. But both of them are fashionable in their own way.

Example Sentences Of Bohemian And Hippie

Now that you have understood the various definitions of these words and how they are used in the fashion scene, it is now time to read example sentences of these words.

  1. Martha is nervous about introducing her fiancé dressed in bohemian to her cousins.
  2. Can you believe that your parents once led a bohemian lifestyle?
  3. All the hotel rooms had bohemian chandeliers.
  4. The bohemian family in our block does not like socializing with other people.
  5. The bohemian immigrant is one of the friendliest people I know.
  6. Please speak proper English to me; I do not understand hippie slang.
  7. The DJ played hippie songs all night.
  8. I’m not too fond of the hippie male fashion trend.
  9. He was making a hippie statement by not cutting his hair or beard.
  10. She is the kind of hippie who lives to think and talk to others about her thoughts.


There are various definitions and usage of the words bohemian and hippie. But these words are mainly used in the fashion industry. The article has discussed in depth all you need to know about these words.

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