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Benefits of an Editor

Benefits of an Editor

Having an Editor proofread and edit your website content is an intuitive time saver for you as a writer. Honestly, I can tell you—this goes out to my full-time editor—you save me so much time.

By having access to a professional editor you can write the way you want to without the worry and headache of producing anything less than top-notch blog posts, articles, and columns.

It comes without the worry of making sentence structure mistakes and opens up the door of being able to write daily. Writing daily attracts first-time visitors and gains you returning visitors.

Having a full-time editor does not mean you shouldn’t proofread and attempt to edit the most obvious mistakes you make though. I make it a point to review what I author at least two times before sending it off my Editor to catch those grammar and sentence structure mistakes.

What your readers think of you is an important part of your success online. The old saying goes, ‘appearance is everything’, and for serving content, it should be worded ‘perception is key’.  This applies even if you do not write your own content. Maybe you buy your content. If that is the case, then this advice still applies.

If you are looking to attract college graduates, then you had better make sure your writer and editor can publish content that attracts those college-level graduates. The educated will place less value on your recommendations and advice if you make the most simplest of mistakes. That is the world we live in. Whether we personally like it or not should not matter in the least.  What matters the most is when they click away, which equates to a loss altogether.

Let us talk about writing for your readers based on their geographic location and how an editor can help. American and British English differ on many levels. For an example, here is something I found interesting.

Words ending in ‘-or’ American English end in ‘-our’ British English.

E.g. color, colour, humor, humour, flavor, flavour, etc.

Words ending in ‘-ize’ American English end in ‘-ise’ British English.

E.g. recognize, recognise, strategize, strategise, philosophize, philosophise etc.

If you are British, but the majority of your readers are from the US, then having an Editor that knows American English will gain you results that are more favorable from your American readers. The opposite is true for British readers that read American content.

Recap on the benefits of an Editor

  • Allows you to serve daily content
  • Attracts and gains the trust of educated readers
  • Helps in serving content based on the reader’s geographic location
  • Eliminates grammar and sentence structure problems
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Builds your website authority
  • Editors are intuitive timesavers

The Content Authority has on call a staff of professional college level Editors that proofread and edit your articles you purchase. This editing service is dependent on what tier article you order. All orders that are of “great quality” and above are edited (this is subject to change soon).  If you find yourself strapped for time and want to publish thousands of high quality articles for your readers, then you will not be disappointed. You are just a click away from ordering high quality articles and taking advantage of the benefits of an editor.