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Online success does not happen overnight. Contrary to what you hear and see from the late night infomercials or the spam messages that proclaim internet riches for $49.99, an online breakthrough takes hard work and commitment. Unfortunately, many honest, hard working people are suckered in by those who make these false claims. And it is a growing trend that will likely continue. However, there is hope for those looking to stake their claim in the internet frenzy. It boils down to understanding some of the most commonly used terms in internet marketing, and most importantly, traffic generation. And no, this does not refer to traffic that you encounter while driving to work, but internet traffic. Traffic to your website or blog is the key to the success of any online endeavor. You cannot drive traffic to your site or blog by simply having it hosted, but must familiarize yourself with some of the important concepts and how they work. The first is what is known as the backlink.

Google is of course the most popular search engine available on the internet today. People who are searching for specific content type it into the Google text box and usually read the first two pages of the results. So, the first two pages of the keyword search results are going to generate the most traffic. This begs the question, “How would you like to have your site or blog ranked on the first few pages of a keyword search on Google”? The answer is obvious, “Of course I would”! Well, it is possible but you must understand some of the techniques that are used to rank websites and blogs that will obtain the highest page ranking possible. And here is why a backlink is so important to your online endeavor.

A backlink is a path from one website to another. Although both sites are different in structure and design, the theme and content are the same. For example, you may have two sites that are both related to the mortgage industry. The content is similar, the theme is similar, but the sites are structured and designed differently. One site may generate much more traffic than the other and rank high on the major search engines. The other site receives little to no traffic, but the content is the same and the topic is the same, the mortgage industry. Since the content is the same and the theme is the same, you are going to try and build a path that will generate traffic from the higher ranking site to the site that does not generate any traffic at all.  This is the process known as backlinking, or inbound links. And the more backlinks you have with sites that are similar to yours, the more the major search engines recognize not only the importance of the content, but the importance of the site itself. The higher the importance search engines such as Google place on a site, the higher the page ranking. That is why linking to a popular site that is similar to yours is so important when it comes to page ranking and traffic generation.

There are many different linking strategies you can try to improve your page ranking. One of the easiest things you can do is to simply ask the webmaster of the similar site to link to your site. How often that works is purely a subjective opinion. If you feel you can get your site ranked high from this technique, then more power to you. Research and understand the term anchor text, which is commonly used to backlink. No matter what strategy you employ, take some time to understand the most common principles used in traffic generation and page ranking.

Shawn Manaher

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