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Article To Video SEO Accelerates Virtual Business Success!


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Since time immemorial, the above words of wisdom have consistently proven accurate within innumerable contexts. Space-age article to video SEO inventions are no exception to this timeless rule.

In many ways, Cyberspace is both boon and bust for business. The Internet has enabled incomprehensible speed and efficiency of marketing message delivery. Insatiable consumer appetites for pertinent information have also developed, however. Consequently, prudent e-marketers must position for maximum market penetration by optimizing online business platforms for visual media.

Exploit basic human eyesight bias

In addition to creatures of habit, most humans beings possess a sensory orientation that is primarily visual. This physiological fact makes interactive displays mandatory implements to incite a positive consumer response.

Superb advantages of article to video SEO

Pictures of articles into video
Impact of Article to Video

Following are a few ways in which turning articles into video directly equate into higher online business bottom lines:


– Videos = terrific virtual magnets for site traffic

Search engines are increasingly incorporating “blended search” customization. This process combines all pertinent content categories into standardized search result lists. Imagery, news, or video content are now equally likely to appear within query “hits.” Business sites rapidly rise to first-page Google Alert or Google News rankings by optimizing for this algorithmic model.

– Video = very interactive

Studies show that video and pictorial displays within large social network fora like Facebook and Twitter have far higher click rates than plain-text content. Sites users are thus more likely to share videos than other content types. Videos are also more user-friendly, as viewers receive all relevant info with a single click. This starkly contrasts with extensive hyperlink clicking and perpetual page scrolling to glean tidbits of desired data.

– Video = greater longevity

Seeing a product or service in action makes it much easier to appreciate its merits. Video clips give viewers realistic, three-dimensional demonstrations that are otherwise impossible. They may even duplicate or pause the show as needed, desired, necessary, or required to fully satisfy their curiosity so as to facilitate final purchases.

– Site age and size irrelevant

Unlike conventional SEO, site longevity is not a factor in Google’s video-based rankings. This allows smaller web-based entrepreneurs to effectively compete on an equal basis with bigger and more established concerns.

– Reduced plagiarism

Turning articles into video enables electronic content embedding that makes misappropriation of proprietary displays virtually impossible. Video content cannot be copy-pasted as readily as text.

– Cost-efficient content recycling

Integrating article to video SEO into your current marketing campaign permits raw ad re-usability. Rather than paying for expensive rewrites, you may merely re-present identical information by turning written articles into video content. Uploading an otherwise complicated boring discourse as a YouTube or video accomplishes unparalleled prospect outreach.

This writer has recent first-hand exposure to the high effectiveness of video demos as an alternative marketing approach. I became very intrigued with a free energy device after completing a very technical content assignment on the subject. Being severely challenged in both technical and mechanical respects, I was confounded by written instructions on how to build the device that most sites displayed.

My confusion faded only after I located an online video that demonstrated how to construct the device. As a result, I am on the verge of building a Tesla fuelless generator for less than US $100 to become free of electricity bills for life! This windfall would have been impossible without web-based video to show how easy it is to build that item.

Article to video SEO is favored winner for foreseeable future

Without a doubt, search engine sophistry will continue its video content evolutionary bias. Be the first to arrive in your business or professional field via the high-performance vehicle of video SEO. Backed by the superior expertise and lexis talent of The Content Authority literary agents to provide the raw material needed to turn articles into video, you cannot go wrong.

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