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Article Submission Sites Remain Popular

The popularity of article submission sites on the internet has exploded in recent years. For some, the sites are an outlet of creativity, providing a forum for writers to display their literary prowess on the world’s stage. For others, article submission sites allow them to post informative articles that provide backlinks to their websites, boosting their marketing efforts and search engine optimizations from an outside setting. A number of article submission sites only allow articles to be posted after they are reviewed by an editor, insuring the content is not spam related, serving an information purpose, allowing for self-promotion. This means they do not pay their contributors monetarily, but allow them to post links and contact information to the site, allowing an additional marketing platform for those who are published. Others, however, pay authors for their contributing efforts, but have more stringent guidelines for article submission.

Article Directories

Article Directories are websites that allow individuals to submit articles to be used specifically for marketing purposes, allowing a company to provide credibility to their services by submitting appropriate, well-written articles for a niche service. One example of article directories is, which allows writers to submit up to ten articles for review during a probationary period, until they can be fully examined to verify that all guidelines have been met, prior to publishing. Articles are published in exchange for free publicity to a site, service or product in the form of backlinks, which could enhance the amount of traffic the site receives.

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Article Submission Sites

Article Submission Sites


Some of the more popular article submission sites include Post Runner and Go Articles, do not limit their content for publicity trade only, but may get their articles from certified writers who are typically paid for their services. This, just as the editing process for sites such as Ezine, ensures the content provided to these sites is researched, valid and relevant to their subject matter. That is not to say each site does not require high quality content, as each site has a different set of guidelines that should be reviewed in their entirety prior to submitting articles for review. Typically, sites that offer payment for their articles do so to receive content within a specific amount of time.

Other sites, such as, allow individuals to post articles for purchase by other publications, allowing the writer to determine the price, while the site gets a percentage of the revenue once the article has been purchased. Again, these sites have stringent editing processes, protecting their site’s credibility from spam or shameless self-promotion, including hawking goods through articles, or services through unsponsored links within the articles.

Whether you are writing to appear in article directories, in an effort to market your products or services through networking, or showcasing your skills for a little extra cash, article submission sites can help everyone contribute to the internet in a positive manner. Begin by researching the article directories for niche categories that reflect the type of business, products or services that would provide beneficial exposure, relative to your industry. For example, if you would like to try your hand at article submission for a collision repair service, it would suit your interest to submit an article in the “Automobile” category, as opposed to “Arts & Crafts.” Topic relevancy is a key component in article submissions, as well as providing quality, original work. Do not fall into the illusion that all exposure is good exposure. Analyze the directories and their guidelines prior to picking an article submission site that works best for you. Even if you are not writing articles for submission, you may find some beneficial information from those who participate in the same areas of expertise as you.


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