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A Master List Of Places For People To Submit Articles For Promotion And Links

A Master List Of Places For People To Submit Articles For Promotion And Links

Content creation is a skill that is required in every sector of life, with strong content, you can attract people's attention to what you are showcasing. There are lots of writers who create quality content but are not aware of article submission sites that will help them publicize their articles.

Article submission is when you write an article and publish it on a third-party website for it to be advertised, publicized, and marketed, the articles are related to your business or products. Article submission is a very effective off-page SEO technique and it has lots of benefits.

It is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your websites, you also get a high search engine ranking, you generate leads and sales easily, you boost your business credibility, and you get free marketing.

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What Are Article Submission And Article Submission Sites?

Article submission is writing articles that are relevant to the service or product you want to promote and then you submit these articles to article submission sites. You must submit the articles in the relevant category of the article submission websites.

Article submission sites are websites designed to accept articles of various categories and promote them on the World Wide Web. Article submission sites help promote, market, publicize, and advertise articles that are submitted.

These article submission websites are indexed by search engines like google and they improve the occurrence of your articles during searches. They also help increase traffic to your business websites and you get backlinks.

The Most Popular Article Submission Sites

Google Sites

One of the best article submission sites you can find is google sites, it is a page creation tool that allows you to add content to your blog for free. Google Sites is the highest-ranking article submission site, so you are guaranteed a real boost in SEO search results. The beauty of using google sites is other google workspace tools like slides, docs, and sheets are integrated with them and you can also drop projects from your Google Drive into it.


Quora is a site that seeks to connect people and provide a platform for sharing knowledge, thoughts, ideas, and information with the rest of the world. This article submission site is mostly a question-and-answer website that provides answers to different questions asked by users of the site. You can provide answers to other people's questions by creating content on that topic so that your knowledge is shared with every other person.


Github is another article submission site that has lots of good ratings making it one of the best sites to upload your article so that it can be accessed by a large audience. Using this site allows you to be able to upload not only articles but also blogs and you can read other blogs as well. A lot of organizations use GitHub to provide the best services, experience, and products for their clients and to create an awareness of their company to other people.

Bloggers Road

As the name implies, bloggers road is a site where blogs on different topics such as marketing, business, technology, and others are provided and made available to the public. If you are always wanting to read, this site is suitable for you as it will give you the knowledge you need regarding any topic. You can also post blogs about different things like pets, shopping, advertising, and website promotion on this article submission site.


Medium is one of the popular article submission sites where you can share your writings with the world, on this site you can connect with other writers, publishers, and readers as well. This site is one of the best for long-form writing, creating an account on Medium is very easy and once you have created an account, you can start writing and your article will be published. When writing on Medium, your content should be full-length and the use of an original image is recommended.


Wattpad is one of the most popular and commonly used websites where writers are given the privilege to publish their stories and contents regardless of their status of experience. This article submission site seeks to create a social community that brings together both amateur and professional writers and readers, it is a platform where users connect with their favorite authors and have access to books of any genre. This site has over ninety million users and contents available in over fifty languages.


LinkedIn is another platform where you can publish your articles, and connect with other writers and publishers, you will also have the avenue to meet readers for your professional articles. This social media platform can also act as an article submission site and publishing your content there is very easy, this site also gives your content the exposure it needs and features a large audience. To publish your articles, you have to follow the instructions for publishing LinkedIn articles and you are good to go.

Ezine Articles

Ezine articles allow you to have access to thousands of quality and original articles posted by original and authentic content writers. The site is also a suitable article submission site as your articles are well managed by proprietary management software and are exposed to thousands of audiences and visitors of the site. Another amazing feature of the Ezine articles is that you have the right to your article, nobody can steal it from you.

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This article submission site publishes articles on different topics such as health, travel, fashion, technology, gardening, pets, kitchen, business, and many more. So, you can submit an article on any topic of your choice and it will be made available for viewing by the general public. Although this site charges a small fee of two-dollar for publishing content, you can still get the article submission service at a cheaper rate when you purchase more credit.

Article Biz

Another good article submission site is Article Biz, a website that is commonly known and popular among readers and authors as well. This site offers a significant amount of audience that will have access to your articles and refer them as well. There are lists of an extensive database of articles on different topics from education to health, to business, there are over a hundred categories of topics.

Go Articles

Go Articles is another top article submission site that gives authors and article writers a comfortable and suitable platform to submit unique and high-quality content and articles for general viewing. Users can publish their content on different websites with the use of the Go Articles site. This site has an extensive database of articles in numerous and different categories, so content on any relevant topic can be published.

Wall Classifieds Articles

This article submission site is a place for both writers and readers as it provides a platform to read and submits articles that will be available to a large audience. There are different categories of articles that you can about or read such as arts, technology, digital marketing, business, and others hence, you are not limited. Wall Classifieds Articles also provide a platform to buy and sell ads, you can easily find job vacancy, a pet store, a vehicle company and any other thing you need.

Classifieds Factor Articles

The Classifieds Factor Articles is another popular article submission site where learning and reading articles is easier and more accessible by the public. You can browse through the website and find articles on different topics either about health or business or life in general. Submitting your article on this site does not take any stress at all as it is easier and faster, articles on different categories are accepted at this site.


HubPages is a network of sites where explorers, knowledge-seekers, and writers interact with one another and get information from each other. It is a publishing platform which provides a unique set of tools and resources for writers to easily find and build an audience and also create articles. HubPages is an article submission site where you write not only as a job but as a hobby also, you can create, interact, inform, and talk to your audience.

Bright Hub

Bright Hub is an article submission site whose aim is to help users solve problems without difficulty, make good decisions, and be more informed with the help of informative articles. You are sure to be full of knowledge as a result of the highly informative article provided at this site. This site provides you with all information needed on different topics like mobile, internet, engineering, science, and even knowledge on your daily life.


Another decent article submission site is AbiLogic, which has a quality and professional human edited spam-free website where you can help your blog gain more page rank and domain. With the use of this site, your content or blog can be easily found on different search engines including google and yahoo. All you need to start a job on this site is to have a quality article.

Articles Factory

Articles Factory is another best article submission site that allows writers and freelancers to submit articles on different topics and categories. These articles can be reprinted and distributed for free on other websites, ezines, and print newsletters as long as publishers present the articles in their original form. This site offers an online library of contents and articles including articles to be submitted for submission.

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Article Alley

Article Alley is a site that provides a platform for writers to submit and publish their content and articles and also attract readers, the site is very easy to use. For your content or article to be published, it has to be unique and not plagiarized or used and distributed on other sites, joining this article submission site is free so you do not have to worry about paying any fee. You don't need to have a complete article, you can start a page and then complete it, later on, you are allowed to submit as many pages as you want.

Article Seen

At Article Seen, you have the privilege to submit as many articles as you can, you also have access to other people's content so you can read them. This article submission site allows you to write articles on different topics and different categories from fashion to communications to politics to finance to computers and many more. You do not have to be in a particular country before you can submit an article, regardless of the country you are in, this site you can submit a variety of articles.


wArticles is another top SEO article submission site that helps your content have a better ranking and get to one of the top positions on the search engine. This site is very secure and eradicates any form of spamming so you can be assured that your contents are safe from copywriting, with the use of this site your contents can get more visibility. With this site, you are well assured that your content will get the audience it deserves.

Article Directory

As the name implies, Article Directory is an online directory of articles that allows writers, publishers, and authors to submit their content to be made available for the public. This article submission site has over two thousand published articles and over a thousand registered authors. There are lots of categories such as art and entertainment, diseases and illness, food and beverages, health and fitness, and many more that you can write about.

Jump Articles

Jump Articles is another SEO article submission site that offers an article directory for writers and publishers at a free cost so there are no worries about paying. This site seeks to build a friendly and reliable community with the best authors, writers, and publishers to produce quality content and articles. All you need to do is to sign up for an account, register with a suitable name, learn about the submission guidelines, write your articles and submit it, when it has been approved, it will be published.

Article Catalog

This article submission site is another free article directory that seeks to provide an opportunity for writers and authors to syndicate and promote their content. Article Catalog allows writers either amateur or professionals to promote their content to be read by millions of people, it is also a platform for internet marketing professionals to promote their website. Once you have good content and readers are satisfied with your work, your website can be directly visited with the help of Article Catalog.

Article Side

Another free article directory is Article Side which offers a variety of free articles for users and is also a good site for writers and authors who want to share and distribute their contents. This site helps provide the promotion and exposure your content requires so that it gets the audience it requires and is among the top positions on different search engines. This article submission site has an SEO-friendly URL and a high volume of traffic that makes your article available to the public.

A1 Articles

This is another good article submission site that helps you share your thoughts and knowledge on a topic having been documented as an article to the rest of the world. A1 Articles is a website that also helps promote one's site or business for free, all you need to do is to register as a writer and write articles on a wide range of topics either a professional or as a hobbyist. Although you can write on different topics, it is better to write articles that have relevance to the trending topics on the site.

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Article Doctors

Article Doctors is another top article submission site that specializes in health and fitness, articles submitted to this site are based on different topics under health care. To submit articles on this site, you will need to create an account and register so that your content can be approved and published. Topics under health and fitness that you can write on include drug abuse, anxiety, building muscles, dental care, birth control, exercise, heart diseases, skincare, and nutrition.

ProLink Directory

ProLink Directory is not only an article submission site but also an avenue for business owners to provide the exposure their business needs, this site provides a quality free link directory. People in search of services like relocating, attorneys, and personal finance also use this site as provides the information required through the articles and contents of different writers. This site has an article submission page where articles are sent to be reviewed and posted if suitable.

Article City

Unlike some article submission sites, Article City hires only professional content writers because they have high standards so your articles have to be of high quality. Topics in the article you are writing to be submitted on this site have to have been validated by data-driven analysis as a result of your research, so users can get the highest quality content. This site has been on for fifteen years and has twenty-three writers.


Netezine is one of the top article submission sites which is managed by a team of editors, IT professionals, authors, and publishers whose aim is to create a distinct place for quality articles. After articles have been submitted, they are fully scrutinized for and grammatical errors before they are verified for being unique and of high quality in terms of their grammar and knowledge. Articles that have been approved on this site are distributed across a network of a thousand publishers for greater exposure.

WebMasters' Library

WebMasters' Library was created as an avenue for webmasters all over the world to learn the technical, practical, and theoretical skills required to create and maintain a successful website. It is also an article submission site where tutorials and articles on different subjects such as promotion and marketing, running a successful online business, and self-motivation are found. Every day hundreds of articles are submitted which are then handpicked to be placed in the library. is said to be one of the most popular article submission sites that provides effective means to increase backlinks and generate quality targeted traffic to your content and website. This site helps in establishing you as a writer by publishing your content on different websites and increasing the exposure to your website visitors. After your article has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the editorial staff and then published with your name and email address, and there are categories your articles must be related to.

Article Cede

Article Cede is another free article submission site with the highest page rank of the article directory and has lots of articles online because contents are submitted free of charge. Using this site allows you to create your themed or subject-based hub for your niche where you can upload your contents from time to time and keep uploading articles on different topics for free. Submitting articles on this site increases not only your productivity but the volume of traffic coming to your page.


OpenArticles is an article submission site that deals with the collection of high-quality articles on a large number of topics including technology, culture, medicine, science, and career. This site offers a large number of options for writers and reads as well, and also as a definite platform for registered authors to display, edit, and share their contents. Articles on this site are accessed by searching for a specific keyword or keyword phrase, and you can also comment on an article.


Articleswrap is a search engine and article directory where writers and authors seeking to get their articles and content published and exposed to the rest of the world submit their articles. This article submission site offers free articles on over five hundred categories and a large variety of topics, it is one of the great sites for authors to promote their content. On this site, you can provide content for various website owners on different topics across the internet and even develop your article directory.

123 Articles Online

At 123 Articles Online, quality articles are provided for free so that users can have access to them and even reprint those articles on the internet without being fined. Most writers, publishers, and article experts using this article submission site submit their articles to the article directory of the site, there are over nine hundred thousand articles available at this site. Submitting articles to this site helps get you backlinks to your website and after they have been approved and reviewed, the articles are then published.

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SimplySearch4it is an article submission site that was launched on the 25th October 2002 and is now a useful and popular resource for the majority of online users. This site is an article site where you can have easy access to lots of high-quality articles under different categories with different topics. You can also submit articles on any topic of your choice to the directory using the site's article submission form.

Article Geek

Article Geek was launched officially in August 2005 and has since been one of the best free online article submission sites that creates the best free article directory for writers, publishers, authors, and readers as well. This site helps provide the knowledge required to build traffic to your website and make your content a relevant one in the search engine. The site is also a good content-sharing article site that brings together authors, writers, and publishers to work together as a team to produce the desired article required by users.

Other Articles

Other Articles is another brilliant article submission site that aims to publish family-friendly content on different topics such as beauty, sports and fitness, technology, travel, writing, and advertising. There are guidelines one has to follow when writing an article to be submitted on this site, the minimum word count of each article to be submitted is three hundred. Each article submitted must be written with good grammar and correct spelling, ads are not allowed to be posted on this site. 

At, you can post articles on topics like education, fashion, fitness, health, home improvement, photography, real estate, travel, science, animals, and business. This article submission site allows writers and publishers to submit articles on various topics so that they can have the exposure they need. You also have access to the articles other people have written, hence you can acquire the knowledge you need regarding any topic.

Web Wire

Web Wire is one of the sites that deal with the distribution of organizational, business, and personal content on and all over the internet creating awareness to the general public. This article submission site helps deliver your articles and content to the required audience, if it is a news article, it is delivered to internet readers while a press article is delivered to the media. This site is one of the leading online news and press content service providers.


Amazines is an article submission site that works with a network of quality registered authors and writers to provide free articles, web content, and free article feeds. To be able to submit an article at this site, you have to register as a writer or an author, and your article will be proofread by the editorial staff and once it has been approved, it will be distributed. This site seeks to provide a comprehensive article database, where authors and writers can easily manage and submit articles and publishers can use articles on their webpage.

The Free Library

The Free Library was officially introduced to the public in 2003 and has since been one of the best sites that offer free, full-text contents of classic literary works of different authors whose biographies and images are on the site. This article submission site has a wide collection of articles on different topics which are added by different writers to the site daily. This site has a massive collection of articles and publications covering topics on entertainment, politics, health, communications, business, and industry.

Article Cube

Article Cube is one of the most popular online article search engines and websites where millions of articles on a variety of topics are deposited daily. This article submission site is a top provider of high-quality articles which are supplied by experts, writers, and talented authors. This site was launched in October 2005 and has since been well used by lots of people, everyone including people who write as a hobby can submit their article on this site.

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Academia is an educational article submission site just as the name implies, it is a platform that allows users to share their academic research. At the Academia site, over twenty-two million academic articles and essays have been uploaded by professors, writers, researchers, and students. There are over a hundred and fifty-three million users who visit the site every day so you are well assured that your content will be viewed by a lot of people.

Sooper Articles

Sooper Articles is an article submission site that seeks to promote high-quality writing and content and provide a platform for writers, authors, and publishers to publicize their content writing. For your articles to be published on this site, there are guidelines you are required to follow when writing before submitting the articles, every article to be submitted must be written in the English language. Articles submitted must be authentic, unique, and not plagiarized before they can be published.


Another article submission site where discussion between users and writers, publishers, and authors takes place is Let's Discuss, at this site questions are asked and answers are provided. This site seeks to build a social community between the users and the writers, hence bringing them together and creating a platform for communications to share knowledge with the world. Blogs are also posted on this site, articles on education, health and fitness, exercise, fashion, and technology are discussed on the site.

Street Articles

Street Articles is another useful article submission site that helps writers become publishers and helps them get the exposure they need to promote their content. This site helps the writer in many different niches build a good reputation online, become a professional author and publisher, and gain free traffic for their works. All you need to do is write an article under a category from the site and submit it, if approved, it will be published.

Easy Articles

Easy Articles seeks to help enhance the distribution network of articles and promote content through the distribution channel of the site, using this site is free of charge. This article submission site provides advanced article placement strategies and promotion for writers, authors, and publishers, you can even display your gallery on the website. At this site, it is illegal to post articles from the site to another website that are illegal or perform unlawful activities.

Gigantic List Articles 

Gigantic List Articles is another popular article submission site that categorizes different topics such as shopping, home improvement, career, and business startups. To submit an article on this site, your article has to be under one of the categories listed out on the site and you must provide the information requested so that your content can get the exposure it needs. You can submit a variety of articles on different topics of your choice and they will be published and exposed on and over the internet. is one of the article submission sites that bring together writers, authors, publishers, and readers, and allows the use of articles from the site on other websites free of charge. Every article at this site is of high quality, unique, and authentic, the editorial staff of this site have direct contact with various offline and online publishers that helps in the publishing of articles. This site receives lots of inquiries for articles making it a great avenue for authoritative exposure.


Articlization is an article submission site that deals with content topics on medicine, business, sports, education, health, fashion, art, home improvement, sci-tech, travel, and digital marketing. All you need to do is create an article and write on any of the topics listed on the site, once your article has been approved, it will be published and placed on the internet providing the exposure you need. This site helps provide a community of writers and readers thereby sharing thoughts and knowledge with the world.

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WordPress is not only a popular article submission site but also an online publishing platform where you can start a blog, submit an article, and also build a website within a few seconds. This site has over four hundred and nine million users and about 41.7 million posts and contents that have been published, every day new updates are added to this site. Everything on WordPress is free including upgrades, products like anti-spam software and VIP hosting partnerships are available for free.

Insert Articles

Another well-known article submission site is the Insert Articles where only high-quality, unique, and authentic articles are accepted, and you can get more traffic, exposure, and more income for your website. At this site, published articles are managed by the editorial team that will review the articles for two working days before they can be published and posted on the website. There is no limited amount of articles you can submit, you can submit as many articles as you can write.

The Article Buzz

The Article Buzz is an instantly approved article submission site where articles under different categories and different topics are published by the editorial staff and presented to the general public. Writers and authors post millions of articles on a variety of topics from health and fitness to education to fashion to business, every day on this site which is published after review. Once, you have created an account on this site, you can start uploading your articles and they will be published.

Final Thoughts

This article intends to help writers and authors have a full understanding of the different sites to submit articles for promotion. Based on the analysis above, you can conclude that there are thousands of sites where you can submit your articles, both for promotion and for link building.

With this knowledge in mind, you can write articles and still get the promotion you need for your content as long as you submit them to meet the standard of each site used. You can now promote your products and services in the best way, by using article submission sites.


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