5 Effects of Article Marketing On Businesses

Article Marketing

Even though Google’s Penguin update wrecked havoc earlier this year, article marketing remains an incredibly effective and powerful form of online marketing. Although business owners who published their articles purely for the purposes of SEO had to rethink their content marketing strategies, those who used articles with a holistic approach in mind continue to do extremely well.

So, what exactly are the advantages of this practice?

Extend Your Market Reach

Article marketing allows you to tap into multiple online communities without much effort at all. By publishing content to several sites, you potentially put your brand in front of thousands of people who did not know you exist. The key is to make sure your article resonates with each audience by being engaging and relevant. To avoid duplication, you should rewrite your articles so that they are 100% unique, but convey the same message.

Also, keep in mind that you can leverage social media to publicize your content and generate additional exposure. You want to reach as many people as possible, so a quick tweet or Facebook post with a link to your article is a must. Some directories have social features built into their service, making content sharing easy and convenient.

Increase Your Brand’s Market Value and Enhance Your Online Image

Article marketing is an excellent way of building awareness, boosting your credibility, establishing your authority within your niche, and sending a consistent message. Each high quality article you publish to a directory potentially helps you shape and extend your brand. You’ll find that some the most valuable brands consistently produce and publish content linking back to their websites.

Lower Marketing Expenses

The beauty of article marketing is that it won’t kill your budget. While other methods of Internet marketing come with exorbitant price tags, article marketing is an inexpensive solution. Besides the cost of content creation, the only other expense you may have to consider is the cost of distribution. Most article directories are free to post to, but the task of submission is time-consuming and tedious. You may prefer to pay a few dollars to have a submission service do the job for you.

Create Inbound Links and Boost SEO Efforts

One of the most highly valued benefits of article marketing is the ability to drive traffic to a business’s website through backlinks. Each time you submit an article optimized with your targeted keywords, you have the opportunity to include a link your readers can follow back to your main site. In addition, Google places more importance on sites with a higher number of links. In turn, you’ll benefit from prominent search engine positioning and a higher PageRank.

Maximize Your Publishing Mileage

It’s understandable that you want to obtain the most out of any tactic. While you can only create so many versions of a particular ad, articles allow you to produce hundreds of versions without losing their message or effect. By spinning your articles so that each one is unique, you circumvent duplication filters, which will ensure you maximize your impact.

Things to Keep In Mind When Pursuing Article Marketing As a Strategy

  • The keyword rich articles you create should not be blatant advertisements. In fact, most article directories will reject your submission if you outright promote yourself in the body of the content. Therefore, you need to provide general, yet valuable, information in your articles to establish your expertise within your field.
  • There’s no denying that Google’s Panda update hit article marketers hard. However, article directories have responded swiftly, implementing changes to the way the submission and reviewing processes work, as well the way they display new articles.
  • The sweet spot for articles lies between 400 and 800 words, so try to maintain a good length. If you struggle to write or simply don’t have the time, an article writing service is an ideal solution.

For those of you who have been implementing article marketing tactics for years, the five advantages mentioned should serve as validation for your efforts. For those of you who are only just entering the fray, the benefits should cement the fact that you’re heading in the right direction and that there is still a lot to be said for this practice.

Is article marketing part of your content marketing strategy? Let us know your thoughts on this practice in the comments box below.

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