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Article marketing is a great way to brand your business and build consumer relations. It is also a fantastic method of building important backlinks to your website. Articles are like rental properties. The more web space you occupy, the greater the exposure of your product or service and the bigger the readership and following.
Article marketing is not difficult but does require time and patience. The more premium content is distributed, the more you are regarded as an authority in your niche.

Every Article Has A Purpose

Article marketing has to serve a purpose. Knowing this objective in advance will determine what kind of information should be relayed to your audience. There are many reasons why individuals choose to market their products and services with articles. Popular motives include backlinking, branding and increased readership.

Backlinking For SEO Strategies

Article distribution is a popular method of gaining backlinks. Link juice can increase the visibility of your website and raise your organic search engine rankings. The higher your pages rank, the more likely searchers will click on your site. Traffic is fundamental to your success. A great product is worth nothing if potential buyers
cannot see or read your offer. Articles used for backlinks should be informative and keyword-optimized. The keywords used to link back to your site should vary from article to article. The Google wonder wheel is an excellent tool that finds similar search phrases.

Become An Authority In Your Niche

Branding is a term used to describe the popularity and authority of a product, service or company. For example, the Nike brand can easily be identified by their infamous logo. This is because the company works hard to position themselves as authority figures in the fitness industry. They have successfully branded their logo and their image. This process applies to all companies big and small, online and offline. Articles used for this purpose should include premium information and multiple search phrases, which target a broader audience. You want to appeal to the masses and build your reputation.

Increase Your Readership With Social Media

Social media is gaining momentum everyday and is the future of online marketing. Tapping into this viral buzz is an important step in gaining a following an increasing readership. Sites like Facebook and SparkPeople have dedicated groups that want to hear and read about your expertise. Contributing to these groups is fundamental in
building trust. Submitting articles or blog posts to these organizations increases your chances of converting hot prospects into long-term customers. Nevertheless, blatantly making a sales pitch without first establishing your authority is not a good idea.

Avoid Content Farms, Aggregators and Scraper Sites

Creating buzz around your product or service should be fun and informative. Never use content farms or aggregators to spread your content. Be diligent when choosing where to host your articles. If your content is posted on another site, make sure you’re getting the most benefits for your writing. If your content is premium quality, it
will naturally spread without any extra effort on your part.

Titles Can Make Or Break The Deal

Titles should be long and descriptive. Never use less than 4 words when labeling your article. The more detail, the more enticing it is for a visitor to click and read. Think about what consumers are looking for and grab their attention by calling out to their desperation, fear or pain. Depending on the purpose of your article, never give
them total satisfaction. Lead them by the hand to take action.

Article marketing is an easy way to interact with the world wide web. When done right, it can brand your product or service, create a huge following of hungry buyers and eventually, money in your pocket.

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