Advice on Making Money With Your Blog

Advice on Making Money With Your Blog

Now that you’ve got your blog up and running, you can turn your energy towards something a little more fun – making money with your blog. While it is absolutely great to have a blog that’s out there to help you express your feelings, it’s also helpful to be able to recoup the costs of running your blog. If you run a business online, you can also use that blog as a new revenue stream – a great way to bump up those profits and justify the time that you’ve spent working on this new project. There are many great ways that you can begin making money on your blog, but today we’re going to discuss the five best. These are five tried and true approaches to making money with your blog – the same methods used by the most successful blogs on the Internet.


Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate advertising is quite a bit less intimidating than it might sound. Put simply, this commonly used type of advertising is simply the process of joining a program (Amazon Affiliates is a good place to start) and placing the relevant ads on your blog. There are dozens of affiliate programs out there, so it is usually a wise idea to choose one that sells products that are relevant to your readers’ interests – a company that sells computer equipment, for example, might be a great fit for a programming blog. Affiliate advertising is not an instant payoff, though – your readers have to either click a link or buy a product for you to make money. The fact that these programs constitute a fairly hands-off revenue stream, though, always makes them worth using.



Google LogoIf you’ve spent any time online, you’ve probably run into Google’s AdSense program. As a webmaster, all you have to do is join the program and make use of a simple code to put AdSense to work – Google and the users of AdWords will do the rest. AdSense is the most popular advertising network on the web, creating a series of contextual advertisements that rarely take away from the content of your page. The biggest issue with AdSense for a new blogger might be the payout terms – Google doesn’t pay out until you reach $100, so you might have to wait a good while for that payment if you’ve got a small audience.



If you want the freedom to choose your own ads or you simply don’t feel like AdSense will make you enough money in the long run, you can attempt to find advertisers on your own. This is a fairly difficult process for a new blogger, but one that can pay off quite handsomely for the owner of a blog that is established in its field. In a perfect scenario, these advertisers will come to you to ask for ad space on your page – this gives you a bit of an advantage in negotiating price, but it also requires you to be passive in your approach. If you are new to the scene, though, you might want to do a bit of legwork yourself. Look for appropriate advertisers and ask if they’d like space on your page at a competitive rate, or find an advertising network (BuySellAds is a good choice) that can help to introduce you to advertisers looking for new outlets.


Product SalesProduct Sales

Your blog can be a spectacular platform for selling the things that you make. If you are a musician, for example, it only takes a moment to add a link to the iTunes or Amazon Music stores that can allow you to sell your latest single. Those who are better at crafts or design might want to feature their own merchandise from a site like etsy on the blog, giving you a great chance to increase your sales. One of my favorite types of product sales, though, is the eBook – you’re already spending a great deal of time generating content for your blog, so why not put some of that energy into making a long-form work? You can not only link your blog to your eBook sales page, but you can even use your blog as a space to post promotional chapters and previews. This can help you to generate great new content and earn income at the same time – a perfect method of making money with your blog.


Product Reviews and Paid Posts

There are businesses out there that desperately need their products reviewed, and your blog might provide a proper forum for such an activity. There are quite a few sites out there that will pay you for a sponsored review or post, some of which can provide you with a regular source of income. This method of making money can be tricky, though, as paid posts can alienate some readers. Only try this route if you have a good rapport with your readership and if paid reviews/posts make sense on your blog.

Once you’ve started making money with your blog, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are quite a few ways to turn your blog into a monetized venture, and only time will tell which works best for you. Once you’ve started the process, though, you will quickly find your blog’s income-generating properties indispensable. All that’s left for you to do is to learn how to put your blog to work in a way that works best for your needs – and next week, we’ll discuss how to do just that for small business owners.


Do you have any other ideas about making money with your blog? Let us know what you think by dropping us a line or leaving a comment below.

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