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Adhere Definition – Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Adhere Definition – Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Sometimes you may not know how to use certain words, and other times, you might just assume and not follow the grammar rules of the word in sentences. For instance, when the word “adhere” gets mentioned, some may think of a sticky tape while others may not know what it means. Don’t worry; this article will help you better understand “adhere definition,” meaning, and how to use the word in sentences.

“Adhere” means to follow through with a laid-out plan or operation without any deviations. The term also means to stick fast or continue being attached to something or someone. Use the word to describe the ability of something to stick to a surface, for instance, adhesive tape. 

We understand that using the word adhere may not be as simple as others explain it. In this article, we’ll take a step by step approach until you fully understand how to use the word. Are you ready? Let’s get into it.

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What Is the Definition of Adhere?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of the word adhere is to offer support or maintain loyalty to someone or something. It also means to comply or bind oneself to observe regulations. The term can also mean to hold either by grasping, fusing, or gluing firmly.

You will often use the word adhere when talking about rules, commands, or requests. That’s why the phrase “adhere to” is popular in such situations. The word also applies when describing a person’s devotion to remaining in support of something. For instance, use “adhere” when describing supporters of a leader; people tend to adhere to a particular leader.

What Is the Meaning of Adhere?

The word adhere also means to come into close contact, cling to, or resist separation. That also means to stick firmly to something. In some instances, the word can also mean complying with or carrying out a plan without any alterations.

When you want to describe something sticking to a surface, use adhere. For instance, a bandage adheres to the skin; it attaches firmly to be effective. Another example is when you’re required to follow some rules laid out. In such instances, we can say that you’re adhering to the rules.

Example sentences:

  • I like eating at this restaurant because the meat they serve comes from farms that adhere to strict health practices.
  • As long as you live under my roof, you’ll have to adhere to my rules.
  • Adolf Hitler adhered to the rules but changed them immediately after rising to power.

How to Use Adhere in a Sentence?

The verb “adhere” exists as a noun, adverb, and adjective. Despite these variations having similar meanings, they have different uses. Here are the various forms of the word adhere and their multiple uses. 

As a noun (adhesion)

When “adhere” is used as a noun, it expresses the state or ability of something. The word is also used in medicine to describe the merging of a surface through an inflammatory process. Adhesion can also be used to mean an agreement to become loyal.

Have a look at the following sentences to learn more:

  • The substance will achieve excellent adhesion on all surfaces except water.
  • We hope that following the adhesion of both parties, the country will enjoy lasting peace and prosperity.
  • The adhesion nature of the liquid is what makes it a popular substitute for glue.

As an adjective (adherent)

When used as an adjective, the word describes the qualities of the noun next to it. In this case, adherent refers to the quality of sticking quickly to something. Use this word form to also refer to the process of sticking or pressing against a different organ.

  • Here are some more sentences with the word adherent:
  • The substance they use has adherent qualities.
  • Iron produces a much more adherent and shinier plating.
  • Children brought up in the Islamic faith love being adherent to their faith.

As an adverb (adhesively)

When used as an adverb, it describes the execution of a certain action. For instance, we can say a substance is stuck adhesively. 

Here are some examples of how to use adhesively in a sentence:

  • Tattoos are a great work of art, but if you don’t want something permanent, you can get an adhesively applied tattoo.
  • The word adhesively is not frequently used in a sentence.
  • These two materials are adhesively bonded to bring out a high-quality product.

Synonyms of Adhere

Knowing the synonym of a word comes in handy when the word you have does not fit in the sentence. Synonyms can also help explain the meaning of a specific word better. That’s why we’ve come up with the various synonyms of the word adhere below:

  • Heed: Pay close attention to.
  • Comply: Do something following command or request.
  • Observe: Follow through something. Primarily used concerning rules or regulations.
  • Abide by: To accept terms of or obey.
  • Cleave to: Stay highly close to or stick to something.

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Antonyms of Adhere 

An antonym is the opposite of a word. Sometimes you may need the exact opposite of the word to adhere but don’t know where to start. Here are some antonyms of adhere you can use right away.

  • Disregard: Pay little to no attention to something.
  • Overlook: Fail to observe.
  • Disobey: Failure to comply with rules.
  • Ignore: Refuse to acknowledge someone on purpose.
  • Not conform: Inability to live by the rules or commands.

10 Examples of Adhere Usage in a Sentence

Now that you’ve known the various meanings and usage of adhere, let’s now move to sentence examples. The following ten sentences contain the word adhere to show you better how you can use the word in your communication. Read the following sentences and practice how to use the word adhere often.

  1. In Finland, all drivers must adhere to the speed limits or risk a hefty fine.
  2. Before putting the bandage on, it’s best to make sure the area around the wound is dry: otherwise, the dressing won’t adhere well to the skin.
  3. Parents need to train their children to follow the rules; otherwise, they’ll have trouble adhering to them.
  4. This is a prestigious learning institution, but strict adherence to the rules happens at all times.
  5. The doctor told Ben that he must adhere to the vegan diet prescribed to recover and stay healthy.
  6. She said her husband was an the zenith of an abusive person and subjected her to physical violence, but she adhered to the torment till his death.
  7. Because each country’s boundaries are well defined, failure to adhere to these boundaries may result in war between countries.
  8. The sanctions against Russia will make the country adhere to the rules laid down by the United Nations.
  9. In soccer, you either get a yellow or a red card when you don’t adhere to the soccer rules.
  10. The show, on the contrary, has always reflected the zeitgeist while managing to adhere to the regulations.
  11. Adhere to the advice from someone who has failed a class in the past it usually comes with a caveat
  12. Different types of glue suit different surfaces, but only this type of glue will allow the plastic to adhere to itself.

How Do You Spell Adhere?

Adhere is quite easy to spell. It’s spelled as /a-d-h-e-r-e/ or \ ad-ˈhir , əd- \ according to the phonetic alphabet.

Adhere may be an easy word to spell, but there are some things you must remember about the word. For starters, when spelling the word, pay close attention to the letters that sound the same but are different. An example is ‘e’ and ‘I,’ which sound the same but are different.

You should also remember that the word adhere contains some silent words that you must include when spelling to avoid making a mistake. Spelling such a word is simple, provided you stick to the pointers we’ve given you. Also, practice spelling often.

How Do You Pronounce Adhere?

Adhere has two pronunciations. The American pronunciation is /uhd·heer/, whereas the British pronunciation is /uhd·heeuh/.

Both pronunciations are correct, so it’s up to you to choose what best applies to your context. However, it’s essential to learn both pronunciations because they sound very different. Note that “adhere” has two silent letters, ‘r’ and the last ‘e.’ Learning how to pronounce words correctly is essential when learning the English language. Practice how to pronounce the word correctly for best results.

How Many Syllables Are In Adhere?

The word adhere is a six-letter word that has two syllables; ad-here.

History & Etymology of Adhere

“Adhere” originated from the Middle French and Latin adhere, ahérer, and the Latin word adhaerēre that means to cling or attach to someone or something in the 15th century. The word comes from the Latin word ad meaning ‘to’ and haerere meaning ‘cling.’

The word also has a rich meaning of “to be in harmony, accord or to be consistent.” However, the word no longer applies to this definition. As time moved on, some meanings changed though slightly.

When Was Adhere First Used?

The first known use of “adhere” to define giving support or loyalty was in the 1590s.


There you have it! All you need to know regarding adhere definition and usage. We’re confident that you now know the various definitions, meanings, and the different uses of the word. All that remains is to adhere to what you’ve learned and practice using the word daily to become a grammar expert. All the best!

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