7 Reasons You’re Failing at Social Media Lead Generation

7 Reasons You’re Failing at Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation Are you struggling to generate a steady flow of strong, qualified leads through social media? There could be a reason for that. In fact, there could be several.

If you think you’re doing everything you possibly can to attract leads, but your tactics simply aren’t working, consider these seven common reasons social media lead generation campaigns fail to ensure you’re not making a critical error.


Reason #1: You Don’t Have a Social Media Lead Generation Strategy


If you wouldn’t start a business without a business plan or implement marketing initiatives without a marketing plan, would you really expect to generate leads via social media without a strategy? When you think about it like that, the answer is likely ‘no.’ Yet, you wouldn’t be the first social media user to do so.

If you haven’t yet mapped out your approach to gaining reach, qualifying prospects, and enticing them with a compelling offer in exchange for contact details, then that should be your starting point. Plan to succeed and you probably will.


Reason #2: You’re Casting Your Net Too Wide


Social Media Lead Generation Strategy

In your effort to satisfy everyone, you may be jeopardizing your ability to make real connections with the decision makers in a business or home. While it’s great that you’re trying to reach as many people as possible, this approach is almost doomed to fail as a lead generation strategy because it’s unfocused and confusing to your target audience.

You don’t have to be on every social media platform, and you don’t have to market to multiple buyer personas at once. You do need to be where your prospects are, and you do need to deliver targeted messages that help them relate to your unique value proposition. Once you nail down a targeted approach that actually works, you can think about expanding your reach.


Reason #3: You Haven’t Mastered the Art of Persuasion


Constructing a persuasive social media message is a tough job—if you don’t know your target audience. Learn how to appeal to their reason, emotions, beliefs, interests, and values, and you’ll find yourself halfway to overcoming their resistance. Practice your copywriting skills and you’ll find your killer calls-to-action will take you the rest of the way to a growing list of leads.

Reason #4: You’re Not Being Seen or Heard


Standing out on social media platforms Almost every business has a social media presence these days, which makes it harder than ever to rise above the ever-increasing noise. The result is you have to work harder than ever to ensure you’re building brand awareness and recognition.

Besides establishing compelling social media profiles that are optimized for search engines, you should consistently share and seed content that’s optimized for the social web. An effective social seeding strategy will ensure natural influencers share your message with their communities and that your lead-generating content spreads like wildfire. Get your message found and heard and you’ll greatly increase your chances of capturing targeted leads.


Reason #5: You’re Not Taking an Active Role


Thanks to social networks, word-of-mouth marketing has never been as important as it is right now. Besides the fact that these communication channels have increased the speed at which conversations take place, as well as amplified the volume of dialogue being created every minute, they have also changed the landscape of advertising. Since people now trust personal recommendations more than they do ads being broadcast via a TV screen, brands have to rely heavily on consumer recommendations to spread their message and influence potential buyers.

As a result, you have to take a proactive approach to word-of-mouth marketing so that the right people receive the right message. It’s no longer enough to claim your social property, shoot off a post, and then hope a conversation will develop. You have to engage your community, dedicate enough time to meaningful interaction, and make sure people have a positive experience when encountering your brand online. When done correctly and used alongside other inbound marketing tactics, you’re almost certain to succeed at social media lead generation.


Reason #6: You’re Not Sharing the Right Content


Sharing the Right ContentContent is the most powerful tool you have to draw in leads and then nurture them through the sales cycle. Where most businesses fail is in the content’s focus. You see, buyers don’t want to hear about your business or its products. They want to hear about solutions to their most pressing problems. When you start to share helpful information that focuses on the needs of your target audience, you should begin to see an improvement in your lead-generation efforts. Keep in mind that your social media content strategy should link to multiple sources—not just your blog and landing page.


Reason #7: You’re Not Fully Leveraging a Platform’s Tools and Features


How well are you leveraging the tools and features each platform provides? Are you using targeted social ads to generate leads? Are you creating or taking part in LinkedIn Groups, Google+ Hangouts, Twitter Chats, or Facebook Groups to build relationships with prospects and influencers?

Your interaction shouldn’t be limited to your Twitter Stream or Facebook Timeline. Look for ways to reach out and connect with the right people on these platforms. After all, many of their features were built for exactly that purpose.

No one ever said becoming a lead magnet was easy. As with anything in life, you have to persevere before you get it right.

What social media lead generation tips can you offer your fellow marketers? Join the conversation below…

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