22 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Webinar Effectively

22 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Webinar Effectively

Last week, we covered five tips for developing a promotional strategy that drives webinar registrations and attendance. One of those tips focused on choosing the right promotional methods for your webinar campaign. To help you out with ideas for both pre- and post-webinar initiatives, here are 22 powerful and creative advertising tactics for generating awareness and publicity.

#1 – Create a compelling announcement for your website. Tap into your imagination to create an original banner or interactive concept that gets your target audience clicking through to your signup page.

#2 – Write relevant blog posts. Developing posts around related ideas or topics and then slapping a captivating call-to-action on the end is the perfect way to drive interest and registrations.

webinar promotion - email #3 – Send a persuasive email invitation to your list of prospects and clients. Don’t bombard your lists with marketing messages, but ensure you create a series of email blasts leading up to the event so that you effectively build the urgency to register. You should also encourage any guest speakers you’re collaborating with to send a webinar invite out to their lists.

#4 – Post a series of engaging social media snippets to your feeds. While you want to avoid overdoing it, you also want to ensure you create a group of interesting messages for each webinar you promote. Social posts have very short life spans, so think about creative ways you can keep your webinar visible without destroying your credibility and reputation as a well-balanced social media user and marketer.

#5 – Produce a short, entertaining Youtube clip. A great video ad is ideal for providing extra info about your event, enhancing engagement, and adding value through additional insights. Be sure to add call-to-action overlays to your video when appropriate, as well as a link to your landing page in the description box.

#6 – Use background and cover images on your social properties. An appealing graphic with an eye-catching design ensures visitors to your profiles won’t miss the message if your promotional posts are eventually buried.

#7 – Create short, dedicated hashtags for each webinar. Hashtags offer a great way to generate conversation and build excitement around your event on social media platforms.

#8 – Leverage your company newsletter. Besides the fact that your subscribers are already interested in what you have to say, your brand’s newsletter offers an opportunity to gain exposure and funnel readers to your webinar registration page.

#9 – Solicit a guest post from your speaker. If you’ve managed to nab an industry expert who already has a large following, ask the individual to craft a post for your blog and then encourage your speaker to promote it via his or her networks. You’ll not only prompt signups to your webinar, but this tactic can help you attract a new audience to your site. Don’t forget that you can also submit guest posts you’ve written to relevant bloggers within your community.

#10 – Add a call-to-action for your webinar event in your email signature. Although you should always send out an official promotional email, your email signature is attached to all communications. This conveniently allows you to spread the word to those who might not have received your email blast, but have received other correspondence via email.

#11 – Promote your event to relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups already talking about the topic you’ll be discussing. A highly targeted campaign will ensure you drive qualified traffic to your webinar signup form.

#12 – Encourage your sales reps to contact relevant prospects and promote the webinar to them. Since your sales team is on the frontlines, they’ll know who might be interested in joining your event.

#13 – Get your affiliate marketers involved. Provide your team with compelling promotional materials and tools such as social media snippets, email copy, articles, and banners. Consider boosting their motivation with a little contest and a cool prize to sweeten the deal.

press release newspaper illustration design #14 – Publish a well-written press release. An interesting and professional piece for a newsworthy webinar can be a great way to enhance your reach and generate publicity for your event.

#15 – Design appealing and “pinnable” graphics. If your business’s social media strategy includes Pinterest, consider fun ways you can establish a board, as well as shareable images for your webinars.

#16 – Use word-of-mouth advertising tactics when the opportunity arises. Invite registrants to share the signup form for the live event and ask satisfied viewers to share the on-demand version with their peers. You’ll also want to provide links and promotional materials to any upcoming webinars you might have in the pipelines.

#17 – Create highly targeted Google Ads. PPC campaigns are extremely effective for driving traffic to a site. Be sure to set up Google Analytics so you can track the performance of your ad copy.

#18 – Check out advertising options for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Sponsored stories, promoted tweets, promoted trends, and social media pay-per-click ads are just a few of the methods you might want to consider if you have the budget.

#19 – If you’re involved in local business meet-ups, then let your group know about the event. Create a brief elevator speech and tell them where they can register.

#20 – Leverage the power of article marketing. Expert SEO articles that benefit from extensive distribution and include a relevant link in a cleverly written resource box can help you gain search visibility, topic authority, and brand credibility.

#21 – Talk about your webinar event on industry forums where you’re likely to find your target audience. While some forum hosts are strict about outright promotion, you should be able to subtly promote your webinar, as well as add links to it in your profile signature.

#22 – Advertise your upcoming webinars at live seminars, trade shows, or other industry events. Sometimes a face-to-face connection is more effective than an email or banner ad.

Although you need to keep your budget in mind when assessing your advertising options, it’s a good idea to cover all your bases in one way or another. A good mix of tracked activities through different promotional channels will ensure you reach a wider audience, as well as figure out which advertising methods work best for your business.


Are there any other webinar promotional methods you’d recommend? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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