10 Responsive Email Newsletter Templates

10 Responsive Email Newsletter Templates

Image represention email newsletter template Even if you know how to program in HTML for web pages, making email templates for newsletters is a challenge. There are different rules when it comes to email, and sometimes it’s just a whole lot easier to buy a template. Of course, if you don’t have the budget, you can always find free email templates on the web, but if you want to avoid embedded branding that isn’t yours and/or limited functionality and options, here are some premium email newsletter templates.



litta email newsletter template screenshot


Litta is responsive for mobile platforms. It can be used for newsletter campaigns, but also for product promotion. It has a modular design so you can rearrange things easily. It’s also compatible with leading email marketing platforms like MailChimp and clients like Outlook.


Note email newsletter template screenshot


This one is a little better for product showcasing, but it works well for livelier newsletter designs. It has a large background image instead of white space or solid colors, making the design eye catching and appealing.


Market Email Newsletter Template Screenshot


Market features eight prebuilt layouts and more than 700 HTML files that include inline CSS and layered PSD files. If you are good with PSD, a lot of these templates’ images can be modified to your specifications.


Festive Email Newsletter Marketing Screenshot


Every business should have a holiday template up its sleeve. Festive features responsive design and six different templates. What’s more, it is supported by leading email clients.


Sweet17 Email Newsletter Template


Minimalist design is the new trend in marketing and content distribution. Apple does a good job of this, even in its content-heavy marketing pieces. If you want to do a bare-bones email newsletter that cuts down on the clutter, check out the Sweet17 template.


Guttis Email Newsletter Template


Guttis has an ultra-modern design, and is compatible in all major browsers. Similar to Note, it features large background images for templates.


Retinadore email newsletter template


Retinadore’s claim to fame is its optimization for retina displays on Apple products. You can also edit it using MailChimp’s template builder IDE (which requires no knowledge of HTML or CSS code).


Fusion email newsletter template


Fusion features responsive design and oodles of documentation. The Metro style design is similar to the tiles you see on Windows software interfaces.


Arini Email Newsletter Template


Here’s another template with modular design layout. It is suitable for newsletter purposes, but excels for product/service type purposes.


Flexa Email Newsletter Template


The name says it all. This theme is flexible with 7 different color schemes, the ability to delete, copy and replace table rows and 12 responsive templates. It’s also been tested with Litmus and Email on Acid testing tools.

Coming up with content is challenging enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about creating email newsletter templates. You can find these and a ton of other paid or free templates at themeforest.com.


What email newsletter templates do you use for your content? Join in the conversation by commenting below.

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