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The Best WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

WordPress is arguably one of the most flexible and widely used content management systems on the web. The dynamic nature of the popular CMS allows a novice to easily set up powerful functionality or a seasoned development professional to bend it to their will. The system has been especially valuable for internet marketers with the variety of both free and paid plugins available for installation. If you are an internet marketer or simply interested in promoting your WordPress site, the following list of plugins are handy tools to have.

Every Marketer Should have a Good SEO Plugin

There are tons of SEO plugins made for WordPress. Some free, some paid and some specialized for specific SEO tasks. If you have one that is working for you then by all means, stick with it. However if you haven’t made up your mind I’d like to recommend a few. All of these plugins are easy for novices to use yet also offer some advanced functionality for SEO professionals. The first is SEO Ultimate which is a great general SEO plugin for WordPress. It features an easy to use interface that allows you to enter meta descriptions and title tags for posts right below the post editor. You can monitor 404 error pages and apply site-wide SEO settings. Another great optimization plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin which has some great features. Users can edit their robots and .htaccess files right from the Yoast interface and permalink cleanup is a snap. Finally the All in One SEO Pack is also a great option for WordPress sites. It has good support for Google Analytics, it generates meta tags automatically and works great out-of-the-box for beginners.

Analytics is a Must

For any internet marketer, being able to measure success is imperative. WordPress integrates very easily with Google Analytics making it easy to generate actionable data. The Google Anlytics plugin for WordPress makes setting up tracking super simple. It provides an easy-to-use interface along with short descriptions on how to configure analytics to get you the data you need. Of course you can still use the traditional Google interface if you prefer but setting things up within the plugin is much simpler and doesn’t require pasting code snippets into HTML on your website. A notable feature of the widget is that you can select a check box to log outgoing links as events, a process which is much more tedious without the plugin and that requires programming knowledge.

Show Your Visitors more Content While Lowering Your Bounce Rate

Showing your visitors related content to the posts they are reading is a great way to both lower the bounce rate of your blog or website and also keep visitors there. I highly recommend Yet Another Related Post Plugin (YARPP). It has a Templating system that allows you to configure how your posts look to readers. Best of all, it has a customizable algorithm that can find related content from across your site. The plugin is especially useful if you have been blogging for a long time and have tons of content on your site that you may not even remember is there.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

If you are running a business website with Worpress or if you just want to have a way for visitors to contact you, having a good form is essential. Setting up forms with validation is next to impossible if you don’t have programming knowledge and finding a good one for WordPress can be trickier than meets the eye. If you don’t mind spending a little cash, it doesn’t get much better than Gravity Forms. Not only can you create visually appealing and professional looking forms, but layout and validation are a snap. It integrates with Paypal and Mailchimp and it also allows you to create forms where users can upload images or documents among other things. For about 40 bucks you can get an individual user license. If you are looking for something free, Contact Form 7 is a good alternative. The interface isn’t as user friendly but there is a lot of good validation and form field functionality.

Sharing is Caring

Social Media should be an essential component of any internet marketing campaign. Giving your visitors a way of sharing your great content is a must. You should make it as easy and simple as possible for visitors to spread your content across social networks. A great way to do that is with the Sociable plugin. While there are many great sharing plugins out there, Sociable is an easy to use and easy to customize option. Some social sharing widgets don’t allow you to select the social networks that appear which is important if you know where your target audience is spending most of their time.

WordPress is a brilliant platform for internet marketers because it allows those with little or no programming knowledge to build intuitive and attractive websites on their own. The best part about it is all the amazing plugins available for accomplishing your marketing goals. If you wanted to market something online in the past, it used to mean being a programming wizard. WordPress and all the awesome plugins available for it have changed all that. With the right tools, internet marketers can now easily look like superstars without a lot of effort.

What are your favorite plugins for WordPress that aren’t included in this list?

Internet Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things a person can do when developing an online business is to employ a successful internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing strategies cannot be taken lightly at any point throughout the endeavor. Some key ingredients to a successful strategy lie in a few key areas. First you find a great product you can get behind, or find a way to provide valuable information to potential visitors of your site. The website or blog must be designed in a way to either sell the product or built around providing specific information. Once these factors are in place, then you find a way to build a truly successful internet marketing campaign. If one is thinking it is easier said than done, well it really isn’t.

Well, the reality is any type of business does take time and effort. You cannot expect results to happen overnight. Profits don’t come falling from the sky, although everyone wishes they would. But understanding a few simple tips will certainly make the process go much smoother. Taking aggressive action in the areas outlined above will certainly help generate profits at some point during the campaign.

You must first begin by developing a strong product or providing very valuable information. This can easily be done by using what you already know. An example would be if one is an avid golfer, you can then start to build a solid product based on what you know about the game of golf. You can specifically tailor your website around the game and begin to gradually take it to the next level. In regards to information, once again you build a site based on what you know. Your site could provide valuable information that web users are constantly looking for. If you are continuously updating the site with rich content that focuses exclusively on your area of expertise, web users are going to want to visit the site. Believe it or not, one of the most valuable commodities on the internet today is information. And the words which back up this commodity can be described as one of the most important marketing tools available on the web. Good, solid, rich content and extremely well written articles with proper keyword usage continues to be an effective tool in the entire internet marketing world. This is an absolute proven fact.

Understanding just how important content is to your site would lead one to employ this marketing strategy. First, a very effective short term plan would be to post articles in forums that are directly related to your site. You will find that there is an endless supply of forums and blogs related to yours which can help generate traffic to your site. If you simply do not have the time to continuously post content, you may want to consider using an article writing service, such as The Content Authority. They will produce rich content at an extremely affordable price and guide you in your traffic building efforts. One of the most important factors with a service such as this is they will show you exactly what to do with the content and how it will help in your overall internet marketing strategy. Again, in any web based marketing endeavor, content is king.

A final note would be to let you know that two of the biggest sellers on the web today are software and information. Using what you already know and turning that into a strong software product would be a key ingredient to web success. Build a site that is geared around the software and continuously provide rich content about the software. The same theory holds true with information. Understanding these simple tips and using them in all of your internet marketing strategies will help lay a foundation of success for today, and into the future.

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