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Negative Effects on Copying Content

Negative Effects on Copying Website Content

While the true facts of how copied website material effects a website are unknown, it is generally thought that search engines like Google, will grade duplicate content negatively to some extent. This negative grading in turn will mean that the web page effected may not score as high as it should in regards to placement in an organic search. The problem is that no one knows for sure how the search engines work because companies like Google do not entirely disclose this information. The reasons for not disclosing are usually to keep Internet Spammers from playing the system to their advantage which in essence might allow a page to rise through the organic search ranks and find a comfortable number one position. That would be an unfair advantage over competing websites.

Search engines like Google try to pride themselves on the information returned to a user’s query having value. Consider the scenario where fifty web pages have identical content. Which one would be placed in the first position for the organic search? A search engine might find it difficult to choose.  Therefore, crunching through other things like keyword density and back links to the page for example would all be all that is left for the search engine to grade the web page on. In the end the search engine might simply grade all of those duplicate pages with a lower value in turn causing them to sink in the organic search ranks.

This becomes a very important matter for Internet Marketers. Internet Marketers will develop content for the sole purpose of driving traffic to a web page where the page can be used for a specific purpose be it the sale of a product or the collection of information. As a content writer, you are almost always going to be working on content that is to be used for this very purpose.

Traditional Research vs. Content Research

Traditional research, whether it be for academic reasons or authoring other types of documents such as those requiring fact backed up by proof, would always require very specific formatting which includes the proper citation as needed. You would research a topic and then discuss it throughout the document, listing citations at the end. There are several acceptable methods of citing other author’s works including MLA, APA, MHRA and a few others. There are plenty of examples for formatting citations using any of these methods and all can be found on the Internet.

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of creating content for the Internet is not the same as creating documentation required for some academic purpose. For example, this document cites Wikipedia as a source of information, but the citation is for recognition purposes only and because the text used was used in whole or in part without modification. The problem with Wikipedia is that they do not tout themselves as an source of authority for any topic because the topics on their website pages are created by outside users. Therefore, the material may be inaccurate to some extent. To ensure that the information you are claiming within your text is accurate, you should cite a source that has displayed the material as proven fact and is a proven authority.

When researching content for the purpose of creating content for a website like a content writer does, the sources available may or may not be based on fact. This is because a lot of the material already on the Internet is composed of material that has been hashed and rehashed so many times that it is hard to tell where fact ends and fiction begins. So as a content writer you need to be vigilant with your writing and make sure that it does not contain odd unknown facts and that those facts the content does contain are well known facts.

Plagiarism Law

How the Law Views Plagiarism

As mentioned earlier in our What is Plagiarism article , the law does not view plagiarism as anything currently being associated with any current law or statute. This brings to mind a question then. If plagiarism is wrong, why does the law not officially recognize it? The law does not view it as a black and white concept. If it did, then each single word I have used to bring this message to you might be considered plagiarism because someone else has already used them to convey a thought around each word that I am duplicating here right now. The word plagiarism has already been used by someone else originally to covey a thought and by it’s own meaning, I should not be allowed to convey the same thought based around that same word. If you think the law is confusing now, be glad that legislature did not see fit to add plagiarism to their writings when laws were put into effect. Things are messy enough.

With that said, the law uses a variety of other descriptive methods to determine the legalities of whether or not something is considered copied. For example, a piece of work that is copyrighted is protected under copyright law, but copyright infringement and plagiarism are two very different things. This is because copyrights are handled based upon legal definitions of how material was created and a record prepared to associate the material with that record as well as with the author. Copyrights protect an author’s work as far as expression is concerned but not their ideas. Ideas are protected by patents, and those are for another discussion.

When and Why You Should Cite Your Work

As far as the need to cite another other author’s work or not, you need to bear in mind this simple rule. If the fact you are claiming in your writing is a well known fact, you do not have to cite. If you are writing something that is about a fact that very few people are familiar with, then you do need to add a citation. Consider it almost like a verification process. A reader should be able to verify a fact that they are unfamiliar with.

Seriously, it is doubtful that any publisher of the content you are writing is going to want his or her article filled up with citations. To be brutally honest, the content you are writing is probably being used to draw Internet traffic to a web site somewhere for marketing purposes. The last thing the publisher is going to want is a bunch of unrelated text and links to other sites within their content. The easiest way to avoid writing citations is to avoid using unknown facts in your content.

So if you are writing content and you catch yourself making a bold a claim that is not well known, then you should adjust what you are writing so that you are not making that claim. For example, claiming that salty water will boil faster than fresh water is a little known fact which should be cited. However, telling your reader that water has a boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit is a well known fact and requires no citation.

What is Plagiarism?

Wikipedia defines what plagiarism is in the following quote. We help you learn how to avoid it when writing.

“Plagiarism is defined as the wrongful appropriation, close imitation, or purloining and publication of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas, expressions and the representation of them as one’s own original work.” – Wikipedia Plagiarism

That is quite a mouthful and this is probably why most people do not understand it, nor do they know how to handle themselves in regards to it.

The phrase, wrongful appropriation sounds daunting does it not? The first thing you should key into is the first half of the phrase, wrongful. We all know right from wrong, or at least we should. Most parents and guardians these days do a sufficient job passing that simple concept along to their children. Appropriation can be described as the act of taking for one’s own use. Many things can be appropriated such as clothing or food for example. We do this everyday when we shop at a store. But when you add the term wrongful to that, it becomes something that you should not be doing or taking part in. So the act of wrongful appropriation means that you are taking something for your own use that does not belong to you in the first place.

What is a close imitation? How close to another author’s work would you have to be in order to have your work considered to be a close imitation? Well there’s the first rub in all of this. Considering the fact that plagiarism law is a concept and is not even mentioned by name in any particular law, it is hard to resolve the question of close imitation. Whether that answer be the act of stealing one word or ten words, there is no real succinct description.

The term purloin fetches its description from the act of taking dishonestly. This literally means to steal or pilfer something, even if it is your own property. You may have heard of the term pilfering where it refers to someone has stolen goods from stock aboard a ship for instance. That term has been around since the mid 1500s where it actually was used aboard ship. There are various other related terms for purloin, but as an act, it simply means to steal something.

Now when you tie all of this together with the publication of another author’s language, thoughts, ideas or expressions and then go on to represent them as your own language, thoughts, ideas or expressions, you would be doing something wrongful. That is all there is to it. When it comes to plagiarism and journalism, (or other things such as art, for example), you simply are not allowed to do this.

The informative video found below is about citing your sources and the use of various citing styles. This video was created by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

While on the subject of plagiarism, it might be interesting to also point out that there is also the concept of self plagiarism. If you have ever had to create a sample of your writing for example, you may have been asked to produce something new and unique. In some cases, the subject for the topic will even be given to you. This does not, however, give you free reign to pull a piece of your own work out, dust it off and submit it as new work. This is self plagiarism. You would have to disclose the fact that this piece of writing was already completed by you on an earlier date and where the piece was used. Unfortunately, if you were being asked for original work, you would have just nullified the project as a whole in doing so. So yes, it is possible to self plagiarize.



Google Farmer Tips

Hit By The Google Farmer Update? Get Tips Here

Here is a list of 10 useful tips for article marketers. The goal is to help you avoid repercussions from the Google Farmer update.

1. Spread your articles, including rewrites across a wide range of websites.

• This becomes especially important when submitting rewrites. Many content farms have set new, stricter guidelines to offset their decrease in search engine visibility.

2. Do not put all of your article marketing efforts into one basket.

• Organic search traffic is beneficial when it is executed successfully. Getting traffic from community based websites should be one of your main goals. This will ensure traffic even if your organic search results prove to be unsuccessful.

3. Do not submit duplicate articles to multiply websites. This type of duplicate content can hinder your overall search engine optimization efforts.

4. Set your WordPress RSS feed to show excerpts instead of showing the full post.

• This will help deter scrapers from republishing your articles. Most content scrapers are automated through a program. This means in order for the program to work successfully, the full articles needs to be in the email inbox for the best results. When the RSS feed sends an excerpt, the scraper moves onto a website that shares the full article under the feed options.

5. You should not approve comments from readers that are only commenting to increase their search engine visibility.

6. You should write articles that are intended to attract readers. Not articles that are intended to attract search engines.

7. If an SEO guru advises you “Do not attempt to brand your real name while using our SEO techniques,” then ask for a refund.

• We have seen major changes in Google because many of these “educational” websites promote the use of blackhat SEO methods. You do not want your real name tarnished while using blackhat seo methods for obvious reasons. These teaching methods have produced a massive amount of low quality websites. The Google algorithm change came in response to the increase in low quality content found across the World Wide Web. If you would not think of branding your name with your current marketing methods, then revaluate your methods until you are comfortable.

8. Cite your sources in block quotes to avoid duplicate content penalties from Google.

9. If your website content has been targeted then you can contact Google at Webmaster Central for help in this thread. Think you are affected by the recent algorithm change? Post here.

10. When publishing articles and rewrites use unique titles and descriptions for every separate piece of content. Using duplicate titles and descriptions content can negatively affect your search engine standings.

On March 8, at SMX West, a discussion was held about The Google Farmer. It included

Luke Beatty, VP & General Manager, Yahoo! Contributor Network, Yahoo!

Matthew Brown, Founder, AudienceWise

Tim Ruder, Chief Revenue Officer, PerfectMarket

Byrne Hobart, Marketing Consultant, Blue Fountain Media

Moderator: Matt McGee, Executive News Editor, Search Engine Land

Q&A Moderator: Max Thomas, President & Founder, Thunder SEO


Matt McGee started off by asking, what role did Google play in this?

Q: Matt McGee: What is Google’s role in this? Are they responsible for all of this?

A: Byrne Hobart: Sure. It’s not a perfect algo and there will always be an arms race. In quantitative terms, the experience hasn’t been degraded. They’re not doing multiple searches or bouncing more. CFs are probably good for Google.

We’re not typical users. The fact that we know the difference between Google, the internet, and IE probably puts us in the top 10% of Google users.

A: Matt Brown: Their business model relies on user trust and their brand. The
money coming in from CFs (Content Farms) isn’t worth compromising Google’s trust and brand.

You can find the transcript of the SMX West video below at SMX West Content Farms “How to Pour Water into a Glass Cup.”

It is worth noting that Matt Brown raises a very valid point about the intentions of Google and the recent changes made by them. Google Executives will not compromise the trust of their user’s or the image of their brand. They are willing to improve the user experience even if it means a loss to their adsense earnings. This does makes you wonder though. Bing search engine has seen a steady rise in growth over the last 6 months, and part of that growth was caused by Google users switching over to the Bing search engine. That is what the statistics are suggesting according to a Search Engine Watch article titled “Bing Grows for Sixth Straight Month.”

Over the last few months, complaints have been surfacing about Google across the internet. People are stating that Google returns poor results when searching. The statistics above provided by Search Engine Watch suggest that Bing is capturing some of the users. I think it is a combination of factors of why Google is making these heavy handed changes but we can not discount the fact that Bing/Yahoo! effort is gaining ground in the meantime.

Organic search traffic is not the only marketing component that you can leverage to increase your content visibility. This stems back to the idea that spreading your content across a wide spectrum of websites is a smart choice. Traffic gained through a search engine should be just one of the many parts to your entire marketing plan. This will keep your content visible regardless of any changes made in an algorithm.

Take part in the Google Farmer Poll below. We want to know if you have seen any changes in traffic or Adsense earnings to your content since the update was launched.

[poll id=”4″]

Google Content Farm Crackdown

How Google is Affecting Content Farms

Regardless of whether you think the Google Content Farm Crackdown has helped or hindered the World Wide Web, you will want to know how your web content will be affected. I performed a small amount of research on my own that will help you determine whether the changes will impact your web content. produced their findings in an article titled, “Google Farmer Update Quest for Quality”. They found that a popular content farm called has experienced a roughly 77% reduction in Google keywords that they originally ranked for after the algorithm update was launched.

So I set out to browse to find out exactly why they have seen such a decrease in search engine visibility. I polled five articles at random and came to a striking conclusion. Of those five articles, three of them were found elsewhere on the web.

For example, in the picture below is an article found at I copied the first paragraph in Google then clicked the search button.

wisegeek gets slammed by google farmer update Google Content Farm Crackdown

In the next picture, I highlighted the duplicate content of the same article found on other websites.

picture of Google search results performed on a article

Duplicate Content Found at WiseGeek


It is worth noting that the date is not always the underpinning factor of who created the content first. With that said, it is hard to judge who is guilty of duplicating content and only with a record of the actual dated articles can you come to that determination.

Nevertheless duplicate content was found excessively when targeting this niche. has the same question answered on over 30 pages with different keywords targeting people with different styles and brands of cameras. After doing more research and if the date has anything to do with it—the answer was first found at on Nov 9, 2009.

That would make the winner for original content in this instance and ensures they will not be affected by the Google content farm crackdown. All the other examples are simply to make money off the original article by attaching adsense to each one of them and placing them on various content farms across the World Wide Web.

It has been said that Google is attacking websites that are “Antidemand-Media” but Sistrix disagrees and has found no evidence of it. A picture is forming rather quickly here though. This same article was copied, pasted, and leeched in dozens—actually in more than 50 instances—with Google adsense attached to every article. One could easily conclude that Google was “Antidemand-Media” but I agree with Sistrix that this is not the case. I think the bigger picture is more about duplicate content period.

We have to remember the purpose of the Google Farmer update was to stop duplicate content from showing within the search engine result pages. The Google Farmer Update is improving search quality. I have a good guess on how Google determines what original good content is and what duplicate content is considered to be. Simply put, they could easily program their algorithm to do a simple search of their own index by checking for duplicate content every time they index a new webpage. If the webpage appears somewhere else on the World Wide Web then it will greatly affect how it is placed within the SERPs.

Check for Duplicate Content

How do you check for duplicate content? All you do is copy a portion of any article, and paste it into a search engine. If other websites have published the same article, the majority of the search will be in bold lettering as seen in the above picture.

It is important to note that if you quote someone from another website then you should use the appropriate block quote tags. I even go as far as to cite my sources within the quote so the search engine knows that the quotation is not original content. World Wide Web Consortium shows you how to format a block quote citation properly when quoting your sources.

Here is a visual reference on how to cite someone else properly on the Web…

avoiding duplicate content

W3C Block Quote Citation Standards

Later in this series, we will look at other websites that have claimed the Google Content Farm crackdown has negatively affected them. Plus, we will look at the top 10 Google Farmer  tips to to help you avoid fallout over the update. We will prove that this update is more about improving search results than it is about hurting unsuspecting people trying to make money online with their own original content.

Work at Home Mom

Working from home can be a great opportunity for a modern day Mom who wants the benefits of a paying job without sacrificing precious time with her family. Here is one true story from a Working from Home Mom who found her niche at The Content Authority. Faith Kaltenbach started out over a year ago as a writer and now manages client services for TCA. Watch for more inspiring true life stories from work at home moms in our upcoming Mother’s Day series.

Faith Kaltenbach’s Life Experiences

I grew up with both feet firmly planted in mid air. Life was an educational adventure as I was homeschooled, along with my 5 siblings, so that we could travel freely. Five weeks in India, eight weeks in Mexico, six weeks in Arizona, etc, along with frequent returns home to the hills of Pennsylvania taught me at least as much as the books I always had open in front of me. I found the library in every town my family visited and as much as I loved to read, I loved to write even more. It was a good way to grow up but created a sense of spontaneity and adventure that has been hard to satisfy since! Fortunately, I’ve found some great adventures, and some have found me. Do you want to offer me a typical life? No thanks! I love the one I have!

I did take the traditional route for a time. I married a great guy, had a baby boy, adopted two special needs boys and settled into life as a wife and mom. Then, in July of 2000, Independence Day hit me hard. That day found me standing with my three sons between two coffins, my life forever changed. My husband of nine years and his brother were both killed instantly when the small plane they were in nosedived into a local cornfield. Now what? How does a woman survive something like that? Me? I went to college. It was a rough four years learning how to balance life as a single mom, find my sense of independence and make my way forward on my own two feet. I was able to graduate with honors four years later, and looking out at the faces of my sons watching Mom get her diploma was one of the highlights of my life. The month I graduated, I was diagnosed with diabetes, a disease that has taken the lives of several in my family, including my Dad. That knocked me back for a bit, but soon I was ready for the next step. I bought a motorcycle since I had been forced to give up my beloved horses. I loved to ride, but a hot muffler being a poor substitute for a warm muzzle, I went back to horses, and bought two, determined to do it on my own. Then, I met a wonderful man (thanks!) married and relaxed, very briefly, back in the comfort of having someone to lean on. A month after the wedding, he lost his job in the housing industry. Then, a doctor’s visit revealed two big surprises, one – he told me I was old, two – he told me I was pregnant! My older sons were 17, 18 and 19 at the time. We survived on his unemployment through a somewhat difficult pregnancy, and I could not be happier with my fourth son, but the unemployment was running out, and babies sure are expensive!

Paving the Way for a Work at Home Mom Career

I must admit, I was a little apprehensive when I first read about The Content Authority. I was looking for work for my husband in the job section of Craigslist when I saw an ad for “Writers wanted.” Apprehensive as I was, I was also intrigued. It sounded perfect…too good to be true, actually, but what if it was legitimate? What if I really could make money from home? With nothing to lose, I plunged in. I knew little about working from home on the Internet, but I’d heard the horror stories of people being caught up in a scam and losing a lot of time and money when they were suckered into a “dream job” working online. So, with some trepidation, I filled out an application and wrote a sample article, sending it off and hoping for the best. That was easy enough to do. I said to myself, “If they ask me for money, I’m out of here,” but TCA did not ask me for a cent. In fact, they paid me at the end of that first week. That first week was slow going for me, and I must admit the paycheck was rather small as I struggled to find my footing with content writing, but I stuck with it and quickly caught on, advanced through the tier levels and never regretting taking that first step. I moved from writing to editing, to working in customer support and then to my current position as the manager of client services. I have not looked back since, except in admiration to reminisce over where I started and where I am today.

It is truly a dream job to be able to work from home, set your own hours and make money without having to spend it. With the price of gasoline right now, I could not afford to drive far. With the price of daycare, I could not afford to send my toddler to someone else while I went to work and paid a stranger half my paycheck to raise my little boy for me. Lunch is soup and salad in the kitchen with my family and the only drifts I had to worry about navigating this winter were the laundry piles I ignored in the hallway! The only downside was that the boss did not buy it when I told him I was late one morning because it was raining. My husband is still out of work three years later but that is okay. He is wonderful at raising our son, feeding the horses and taking care of all of the housework. I will not complain if I never have to wash a dish again! I’m paying the bills!

I have enjoyed every aspect of working from home as a writer, editor, and customer support person for The Content Authority. -Faith Kaltenbach

I still love to write. Though poetry is my passion, I am enthusiastic about any aspect of wordsmithing. No one mockingly asks me what I will do with a BA in English with a concentration in writing now. No one laughs at my dreams to write because I am living that dream. Though most of my writing is done in client services now, I have enjoyed every aspect of working from home as a writer, editor, and customer support person for TCA. I work with some wonderful writers and super clients! It is an awesome company. It is an awesome job. It is an awesome opportunity and it is available to anyone who can write well. If you see me duck offline for a few minutes, it may be because I am reading a quick story and tucking my baby in for his nap, taking a break to hit the treadmill for a ten minute jog, or heading to the barn to visit my horses. I log off in the evening and enjoy time pursuing those dreams that my writing allows me to afford. I can travel because I bought a laptop (tax write-off!) and just need to log in from a hotel or truck stop and put in some hours. I love being able to earn a living for my family and still be around to enjoy time with them. Being a work from home Mom has been the biggest blessing in my life. I love my job and would not trade it for any other position for any amount of money or prestige, because the chance to be there for my family financially and physically is wonderful….beyond words.

Work at Home Jobs

Work at home jobs; this is truly an exciting concept. With the advent of the internet, it is now not such a farfetched idea. Many companies are now sending their day-to-day operations through business to business and e-commerce platforms. This process allows for companies to cut many expenses, especially overhead costs. In return, many consumers and job seekers now have a truly legitimate chance at finding the perfect work at home job.

Not only are companies sending much of their work to the internet, but forward thinking entrepreneurs are creating companies that work exclusively through the internet. All operations are performed at home and in many cases they need to staff their company via the home office. Again, we find that this increases the need for more people who want to work from home. What this does is produce many very well paying freelance and contract opportunities. It also creates opportunities for those who are seeking full-time employment while working out of their own office.

Understand that many scammers understand this new online job movement, and would love to take advantage of you. That is why you must conduct extensive research on any offer of employment. Two things to keep in mind, a company will pay you, you do not pay them. Also, all legitimate work requires a lot of work for moderate pay, not the other way around.

Here are some truly legitimate work at home jobs and categories:

  • Article and content writing– Look no further than The Content Authority. If you feel you have a creative outlet, then give article writing a shot. This is a no fee, guaranteed pay company. The concept here is to provide truly unique and rich content for those who need help with their internet marketing campaign.
  • Virtual Assistants- Many well known and respectable companies are now outsourcing a wide range of administrative duties via the web. If you are skilled in any way in this capacity, then do some basic research on the rising trend of virtual assistants.
  • Freelance or Contract work- If you specialize in any field or subject, then chances are pretty good that contract work is available. Again, a large portion of truly reputable businesses are shifting their operations online.

This is a very short list of a wide range of job categories that may be available in your field of interest. Another very important thing you can do in your work at home job search is to visit forums, blogs, message boards and job sites that are dedicated in helping your online job search. This is not an easy process; the amount of scammers trying to take your money can make the search seem fruitless. However, if you truly are looking to find a career working online, then take the time to weed out the scammers.

Work at home jobs-there is no such thing as easy work for a lot of pay. Absolutely no program available on the internet can provide those types of results, no matter what they guarantee. Therefore, it is important to keep your search limited to your area of expertise and stay focused on the topics listed above. It is also important to understand the difference between a job and a business. A business requires you to put a little skin in the game, while a job is a company that employs you on a contract or full-time basis with some form of guaranteed pay. It all goes back to that simple concept, doing a lot of work for moderate pay. Do not let the scammers dissuade you in your search for legitimate online work. Although it makes the whole process difficult, it certainly does not make it impossible to find that perfect online job.

Work at Home

The work at home movement has seen an unprecedented amount of growth in recent years. It is obvious that the internet and technology have opened up doors that in the past were unheard of. The days of stuffing envelopes are but a distant memory. The movement will continue to see record numbers of people trying their hand at an internet venture. Many experts wonder how this new labor force will affect the population as a whole. Many wonder how the new social media explosion and work at home movement will affect things such as effective communication skills and actual physical human interaction. Some even suggest the work at home advantages may cause more harm than good. This suggestion is obviously up for debate.

There are obviously both advantages and disadvantages to working from home. One of the benefits that draw people to the internet is freeing up more time with friends and family. This can create a stronger bond and in many cases can heal old wounds. Another huge advantage is being able to create your own flexible schedule. Many of those who start working from home love the idea of generating their own schedule and being able to plan activities and events in any manner they choose. This is particularly appealing for those who have spent a better part of their working lives punching a time clock. Taking a break at their discretion is a completely new concept and often times takes some getting used to. Many are okay with the adjustment, having this new found freedom they once thought was not possible.

    Work at Home Advantages

  • Free up time to spend time with friends and family.
  • You become the boss of your day to day work schedule.
  • Freedom to take breaks when you need them.

The disadvantages may not appear as glaring as the advantages, but can have a big impact on one’s endeavor. One of the biggest problems in making the adjustment is for those who are used to being supervised. Many times people will have trouble staying focused on the task at hand. Not having that continued supervision and instruction can present a big challenge for those who are new to the game. This is where the person must find a way to self-direct themselves. It cannot be stressed enough how important this is in finding success of any kind with any online endeavor.

    Work at Home Disadvantages

  • You need to learn how to focus to become successful.
  • You have to become your own boss.
  • A normal job has less pressure than working on your own.

Many experts in the field of communication hotly debate the impact of the internet on one’s communication skills. Some suggest it has little or no impact on the person’s skills, and in some cases actually helps. Others state that not having that continued interaction with colleagues harms how well a person communicates. Proponents of the former state that skills are developed through writing and social media, where one has a constant source of bringing out a person’s creative side. The argument states that while human interaction is important, it is not the most important tool in effective communication. It can be agreed that each side has an effective argument, but ultimately the decision is up to people who are taking on the internet challenge.

It cannot be argued how the internet has completely changed the world. This paradigm shift has changed the way people shop, communicate and run their business. The effects will have a lasting impact and will continue to move forward in the future and beyond. The newest player in the rapidly changing technology field is mobile applications. With the power of today’s smartphone it is aggressively opening up new doors for the forward thinking entrepreneurs. This new shift is simply adding to the ever growing work at home field. Those who have a passion for technology and the internet are being presented with even more options. No matter what side of the equation one is on, the impact it has on everyone’s daily lives is undeniable.

Internet Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things a person can do when developing an online business is to employ a successful internet marketing campaign. Internet marketing strategies cannot be taken lightly at any point throughout the endeavor. Some key ingredients to a successful strategy lie in a few key areas. First you find a great product you can get behind, or find a way to provide valuable information to potential visitors of your site. The website or blog must be designed in a way to either sell the product or built around providing specific information. Once these factors are in place, then you find a way to build a truly successful internet marketing campaign. If one is thinking it is easier said than done, well it really isn’t.

Well, the reality is any type of business does take time and effort. You cannot expect results to happen overnight. Profits don’t come falling from the sky, although everyone wishes they would. But understanding a few simple tips will certainly make the process go much smoother. Taking aggressive action in the areas outlined above will certainly help generate profits at some point during the campaign.

You must first begin by developing a strong product or providing very valuable information. This can easily be done by using what you already know. An example would be if one is an avid golfer, you can then start to build a solid product based on what you know about the game of golf. You can specifically tailor your website around the game and begin to gradually take it to the next level. In regards to information, once again you build a site based on what you know. Your site could provide valuable information that web users are constantly looking for. If you are continuously updating the site with rich content that focuses exclusively on your area of expertise, web users are going to want to visit the site. Believe it or not, one of the most valuable commodities on the internet today is information. And the words which back up this commodity can be described as one of the most important marketing tools available on the web. Good, solid, rich content and extremely well written articles with proper keyword usage continues to be an effective tool in the entire internet marketing world. This is an absolute proven fact.

Understanding just how important content is to your site would lead one to employ this marketing strategy. First, a very effective short term plan would be to post articles in forums that are directly related to your site. You will find that there is an endless supply of forums and blogs related to yours which can help generate traffic to your site. If you simply do not have the time to continuously post content, you may want to consider using an article writing service, such as The Content Authority. They will produce rich content at an extremely affordable price and guide you in your traffic building efforts. One of the most important factors with a service such as this is they will show you exactly what to do with the content and how it will help in your overall internet marketing strategy. Again, in any web based marketing endeavor, content is king.

A final note would be to let you know that two of the biggest sellers on the web today are software and information. Using what you already know and turning that into a strong software product would be a key ingredient to web success. Build a site that is geared around the software and continuously provide rich content about the software. The same theory holds true with information. Understanding these simple tips and using them in all of your internet marketing strategies will help lay a foundation of success for today, and into the future.

Avoiding Scams

Learning How to Avoid Scams While Working at Home

With the rapid progression of the internet, many people are diving in to fast moving work at home market. Some simply want to take advantage of the opportunity to create a passive income, while others are forced into it as an alternative to a job loss and a poor economy. No matter what the reason, enough emphasis cannot be placed on how to spot internet scams and how to avoid scams. There are many things one can do to protect themselves from this internet juggernaut, and the tips are quite simple and easy to look for.

First, one must keep in mind that the current ratio of scams to legitimate work at home opportunities stands at 63 to 1. This means for every 64 online jobs or businesses, 63 are pure scams. These are the internet marketing parasites that prey on people who are vulnerable because they are desperate to create an internet income. They are able to present what is known as an affiliate marketing program, present testimonials from so-called consumers, and right at the end of this huge wall of text and videos expect you to dish out a very large sum of money. The only problem is, they at no point outlined in full detail how you are going to make these internet riches. It is well known within the legitimate marketing circles that the only people getting rich are the ones promoting the program. It is big business for those who sell the product, and unfortunately it comes from an unsuspecting consumer paying the price tag. This is not to say all programs such as these are pure scams, some may be very legitimate, but they are few and far between. That is why it is important to avoid them altogether.

Never, ever pay someone who promises to qualify you for a paid survey. This is an absolute no-no in any type of work at home endeavor. The premise here is you pay $75 to an organization who will place all of your personal details into a survey database, and at that point you will continuously receive paid surveys via e-mail. Rarely, if ever will you receive a paid survey. Even if a survey does come to you, it will usually only qualify you for some sort of contest where you might receive a prize. Keep in mind even these little gems are seldom, if ever seen. Another important tip is to watch out for any e-mail where the subject line states work from home or paid survey. These little attention grabbers are designed for that exact reason, to grab your attention. Unfortunately, the only thing that is going to be grabbed is your money. There are, again, legitimate paid survey sites, but they can be terribly difficult to find. That is why, in an effort to narrow it down, completely disregard any promotion that asks for your money.

The tips may appear quite discouraging for those looking for true work from home opportunities. This however, if followed will enable one to find a real job with real income from the internet. Before anyone ventures out in their search for internet riches, it is so vitally important to do a vast amount of research before any program is presented to you. Always be wary of those who are asking for money up front. If you receive a program offer where in the video the guy is pulling up in a Porsche, or sailing a luxurious yacht and that is all they talk about, run. There is a reason why they are sailing and yachting, you paid them to do it. And they do in fact say “Thank you for your money”.